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  1. hope this isn't thread hijacking, but can anyone recommend good sites for uploading and storing pics? I have tried the free MSN Groups, and Yahoo Photos, but they resize the photos to lower resolution, and they also suck for linking the pictures to forums.
  2. how about doing two distinct queries? one for those you have NOT found, and one for FOUND then load which one you want into the GPS, or both
  3. Amazon.com when I bought mine last month, it was listed for 135 they had an offer for 30 off if you signed up for their credit card I got mine for 105 out the door, free shipping
  4. LUCKYYYyyyy.......... LOL, we had a Napolean Dynamite work party at my house last Friday for lunch. You never heard a bunch of fat old guys laughing so hard.
  5. I say you wait for it to drop at Amazon, cuz they give free shipping, and if you sign up for their credit card, they give you $30 off your order. I got my Legend for 105 shipped.
  6. I liked the Kelty child carrier for biking, I bought a trailer from Nashbar.com
  7. maybe it's about costs vs. beneifts and costs and benefits are defined differently by different people for some, placing might be a cost, for others a benefit a long strenuous hike might be a benefit to those that are looking for that, but a cost to others that just want easy ways to increase numbers but what do I know, those are just thoughts that popped in my head when I read this
  8. I bought mine at Amazon.com. It was priced at 135, but I signed up and used the Amazon card, for 30 off. 105, shipped free
  9. I have only used a Pocket PC, so I can't give a complete comparison..... with Pocket PC, when I plug it into the cradle, a screen pops up on my PC, and there are folders, just like on the PC you simply drag and drop the geocaching files from the PC folders over into the Pocket PC folders I do the same with music files and picture files. My pda becomes my mp3 player, and my slideshow viewer.
  10. amen, brotha with yours and others' help, I went paperless in my first month of joining this sport Pocket PC, premium membership and EasyGPS loads the cache pages on the PDA loads the caches into the Legend that easy
  11. if you could put it where there is also a webcam already going, then you could watch the results
  12. I'd like to try these Asolo Forclaz down from 180 to 89 at Sierratradingpost.com
  13. http://www.campmor.com/webapp/wcs/stores/s...mberId=12500226
  14. I hear ya. Most people don't realize it s against federal law to remove, move, tamper with a bird's nest, even if it is vacant. That's a fake nest, but it encourages touching (real) birds' nests to check for caches. Can you point this law out? I find it hard to beleive it is illegal to touch ANY birds nest. I can imagine certain birds, such as "at risk" or "endangered species" nests might be off limits - but any bird? sd regardless, with all due respect, I would hope that TPTB would discourage any geocaching activity that could cause harm to ANY bird or any other creature
  15. thanks for responding since the previous post, I have upgraded to premium, and now with the pocket queries and easyGPS, I am officially paperless! We went on a little mini-vacachen yesterday, and we love using the PDA for guidance. We also bought the NG Topo, and imported the caches to the maps and printed for general reference. It helps for routing out the searches along the way. I guess if upgraded to Topo for PDA, then there would be NO papers.
  16. why would you check other days than the day you are requesting it?
  17. This will not prevent you from getting the email. If the filter results in no caches being selected you'll get an email stating that the PQ is empty. Two things can prevent you from getting the email: 1. The email address in your profile isn't valid. 2. You didn't check at least one box in the day of week column. can anyone explain the reason for selecting the day of the week? I don't follow why it isn't just a one-time-deal, that you recieve the result when it comes to the email, and you use it how you use it.
  18. Being a geek, and adventurous, I am coming into this craze with excitement I have been mapping out some potential vacachens into some wilderness type areas with the intent of finding new areas to explore, and caches. I have noticed a lot of hides in Utah by DeViDe that seem to be in really cool areas. This has the makings for a fun summer of travelling and exploring.
  19. thanks Alan2 for the advice I DID get the premium membership, and loaded a couple of pocket queries to my Axim. AWESOME then I received my N.G. Topo last night, and so I imported caches to it, and have printed out some maps of areas I want to explore when I go vacachening after I get the feel for these two additions, maybe I will try the GSAK I really appreciate you guys that take the time to help out us starters. Classy!
  20. if we all chipped in a PayPal dollar for every post in an "intimidation" thread, we could easily donate a nice GPS...... oops, GPSr
  21. I have the Axim, GPX Sonar, and MS Streets and Trips. Do you see the caches on the S & T maps? If so, how?
  22. I just started here and there are sure a lot of topics about things that seem irrelevant to finding caches. I.E. threads and posts about threads and posts. But I still see lots of useful info. Just a view from a newbie.
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