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  1. Well, so far the ones I have encountered here in Northern Utah have been nothing more than driving up to a sign and finding an answer Seems more suited to a high school history treasure hunt than the concept of geocaching that was introduced to me. And do the originators of virtual caches have any part in actually PLACING the "cache" (sign)? I see some other virtuals, such as going to Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, and having your picture taken with your GPS visible in the picture. LOL People seem really eager to have credit for "hides", when they haven't hidden or placed anything. I have hiked to Delicate Arch numerous times. Why? Because it is an attraction, independent of geocaching, or someone trying to take credit for it being there. If Nat Parks allowed real caches, great, I would love to detour along the trek and seek out a cache. In the end, it seems to really be all about numbers, and I am guilty too, for logging them, even if it is just to clear them off my lists and maps.
  2. Who would feel robbed if there were no virtual geocaches, or never were? When you look at user stats, do you weigh anything on the percentage of virtuals logged? i.e. if you saw someone's stats and saw only virtuals logged, would you consider them a 'true' geocacher? I am brand new to this, and I can already attest that clearing virtuals off my list of closest doesn't feel the same as finding hidden containers.
  3. we went out vacachening today, and we tried the notes logs on the GPXSonar, and we also used the voice recorder on the Axim we like both of those ways better than writing stuff down thanks for all the ideas
  4. I made a whole bunch of images before I went out vacachening today. I like that feature. It's really surprising how well those pictures zoom in.
  5. thanks! what a great trick I was surprised at how detailed the zooms were
  6. I had previously created folders on my PPC named "GPS" and "Streets" that I dragged corresponding files to. When I followed your directions, it wasn't working....then I noticed that it had placed the pushpin files in the core PPC files. So I dragged them to the Streets file, and then it worked. Thanks for the detailed help. Nice addition to my tools to use with the PPC.
  7. so far I don't see the point in having it if you want to load the level 5(1:24000) details onto the PPC, then you have to go to that level on your PC screen.....so once you export THAT screen over to the PPC, it isn't a very large area. and no, it doesn't export the waypoints that are showing on the map or maybe I am just not doing it right
  8. simple and fast, eh? ok, I just downloaded GSAK I opened one of my query files in GSAK so I do Export, and create a .tpg file? then on Topo, I "merge .tpg"? the window for creating the .tpg seems kinda overcomplicated to me but I like the waypoints having names on the map shouldn't be a problem finding them by name on the GPXSonar when we want to see the cache page now if the pocket topo only let me see the same maps with the named waypoints on them.....I could forget about ANY paper
  9. I must not have done it correctly. I guess I might be confused on the "export from GPXSonar" part. I drag and drop the original .gpx query files into a folder on my Axim. So I copied one of the .gpx files over to the Street folder, and renamed it the same name as one of my corresponding maps. Then I opened that map on S & T.....no waypoints. Help???
  10. holy crap great job to all of you that saw it through to fruition they should be very happily surprised
  11. I use a Legend and an Axim PPC with GPXSonar. What is the easiest way to keep track of your finds/not finds when you are out geocaching? I have been printing out NG Topo maps, and crossing off the caches. But I am looking for other possibilities.
  12. presently, I run my queries thru EasyGPS, to my GPS, then to Topo is there a way to bypass going thru the GPS?
  13. I have an Axim, and am learning how to use it paperless. Do searches for "axim" and "ppc" and you can see the latest threads. They will help a lot.
  14. About 5 years ago I ended up with a basic GPS from a surplus auction, can't even remember which brand, and I fiddled with it, and kinda didn't really get into figuring out how to use it. So I sold it on ebay. This winter I thought about getting another GPS after seeing the map display on one in a Cabelas catalog. Then someone posted a message about geocaching over at a techie forum I frequent. So I ordered an early Christmas present, and decided that I would try out finding some geocaches as a way to learn how to use the thing. Now I am kinda into it, and have added NG Topo, GPX SOnar to my PPC, and paid for the premium membership. SO I guess I have become a geocacher. My original intent for getting a GPS was for hiking and exploring, and finding places that I see on maps, but have worried about getting lost in. I hope geocaching doesn't consume me and distract from doing that. LOL
  15. how do you transfer the waypoints? are they .gpx, or what?
  16. I, too, would like to be able to store tons of waypoints in my PDA, and sort them there, and then load to GPS as they become pertinent. If the GPS had a sorting feature, then I could see the redundancy of having them stored in both. For instance, I do queries for easy caches for when I am out working and want to grab some when I have mere minutes to divert. So I end up having to erase and reload the GPS with just those waypoints when I know I am going to be doing that. I would rather have them ALL loaded (somewhere) with me, and then show just the ones I want to see as I am driving around.
  17. I wish I had paid more attention to this thread BEFORE I paid the 24.95 to upgrade to Topo for Pocket PC. I have really enjoyed the TOPO on my PC for uploading geocaches and printing out maps for the road. I erroneously assumed that going to Pocket PC would eliminate the need for printing out maps with the geocaches shown on them. The maps are kinda nice, but not what I wanted.
  18. exactly or......a seperate category for stu.... errr..... different cache types of this nature Said by someone who is most probably a lousy dancer . ever since that incident in the 70's when I tried to boogie in some silk pants.......well, we won't say anymore of this
  19. exactly or......a seperate category for stu.... errr..... different cache types of this nature
  20. so how long til you realized you weren't wearing any pants?
  21. folks seem happy with Photo Bucket. thanks, robert, I appreciate the response. I signed up for it and will see how it works.
  22. I hope this isn't the direction this hobby is going. Seems like people placing those kind of expectations have some serious control issues. Maybe inside the cache should also be a copy of the placers last psychological.
  23. is there a way to make it so garbage caches like that NEVER appear on your queries?
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