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  1. I got my Garmin mount at Amazon.com I also switch it over to my GSXR...but I first had to use some electrical tape to build up the bar for it to fit snugly. Geocaching at 140mph is a nice rush! LOL J/K
  2. is the whole state a cemetary, archaelogical site, or historic property of the state?
  3. GSAK has an ARC filter flag two caches at each end of a line, and go
  4. kids will be kids whoever here didn't do worse things than that, probably needs more excitement in their lives I wouldn't make much of an issue of it.
  5. cool I s'pose it was written right there in that manual that I only slightly read, eh LOL Thanks
  6. after I find a cache, I delete it....... the way I have been doing it is to go to Main menu, click on Find, then Waypoint, then Nearest and select the one I am at. Then I go to the sub-menu and click on Delete, and confirm Yes. Lots of button pushing.... sure would be nice if there was some type of a "right-click" type of function to delete the one that is already being tracked...... is there?
  7. We have a Dell Inspiron, loaded with GSAK, NG Topo, MS S&T. And Hot Sync for the Dell Axim. It is connected to an invertor. I also keep the Axim charging if on longer drives. We track on the laptop via the NG Topo. I have become more comfortable with the topo program than the MS S&T. I like how the waypoints are diplayed. With GSAK on there, we can change everything on the fly....what's loaded in the GPS, and what's seen on the Topo display. And we can change what's loaded on the Axim, too, but I usually have several types of files already loaded for GPXSonar to choose from. When we park for a cache, we take the GPS and the Axim. We timestamp the cache on the Axim, delete the waypoint from the GPS. If we need any other info, such as virtual answers, we use the voice recorder on the Axim. It works great.
  8. I was wondering the same thing last night.......and did it anyways. There are caches that have been vandalized and made temporarily unavailable....so I don't want them showing on my closests, but I want to know when something is posted on them.
  9. GSAK; ctrl + g = .gpx file copy and paste to PPC GPXSonar to view
  10. if you do a search for "paperless" and one for "pda", you will see lots of helpful info already posted in previous threads paperless is great, you'll love it
  11. Clyde, I just downloaded the latest update, and now the info at the very bottom; "subset: filter", "3943 shown.....", "center poiint = home", and "Counts:....." are too spread out, so that all of the 'counts' aren't shown. Is there anyway to compress them to the left?
  12. I did the laptop tracking with NG Topo last weekend on an extended trip through some new areas, and I loved it. I also have MS S&T, but the Topo was more appropriate for what I wanted.
  13. I found out how to geocache from the Getting Started forum that was linked to me from a friend at another forum. I took the basic concepts and went out and found caches on my own. I'll have to say, I guess I am selfish, cuz I do what meets MY needs. I write what makes ME feel good. I find caches cuz it brings enjoyment to ME. I have read lots of threads here, and some of the things posted DO have an effect.
  14. how do you do that? WAP sorry, I thought he was inferring that he used his cell phone to connect the laptop to the internet (Topic: Dial Up For Lap Tops) but thanks for the link to THAT
  15. I love the cells I have ordered from that place. They're all I use.
  16. awesome instructions, thanks I have decided to take a different route........for now, anyways. I did buy the cable to connect the GPS to the PPC, so I may add your way sometime soon. I have ALL the caches in my state listed on GSAK on my laptop, which I take along in the vehicle. I do filters on GSAK to categorize them for location and/or difficulty & terrain ratings, and make .gpx files to load on my PPC which has GPXSonar. Then I load close to 500 of the pertinent waypoints onto the GPS for where I am. Sorting for listings can be cumbersome, but with the filtered files on the PPC, it is easier to track down what I want. Having loads of waypoints on the GPS doesn't seem to be troublesome, as I use the "find" then "nearest". The way I am doing it, I am only using the PPC for viewing the cache pages, not for navigating. I hook the GPS to the laptop for that, and use NG Topo. It seems really easy to get bogged down with overkill of all the programs available for doing this stuff. So, I'm not sure about adding Mapopolis and G7toCE, with the other stuff I am already using; GPXSonar, GSAK, NG Topo. I bought Streets and Trips, and now kinda regret it, as well as Topo for PPC (waste). I have EASYGPS, but GSAK replaced it's use. I guess it's about balancing the gadgets and software with the actual actions of going out and finding and logging the caches.
  17. excellent point......everyone has the right to be harsh. or a jerk, or whatever (dead_white_man, I'm not saying you are) on the other hand, in a sport as social as this, being friendly and courteous should go a lot further than exercising "rights" my opinion; you weren't very nice I agree with what some others have said about posting little to nothing in the log if you didn't like it.
  18. check out these batteries - they are super! I have purched many and just ordered some more - http://www.batteryspace.com/index.asp?Page...TS&Category=285 cc that's the same place I linked earlier in this thread I now have 8 pairs of the 2500s, and tons of older 1800s and 1600s that I have ordered thru them over the years for my digital SLR and remotes around the house and flashlights and everything else that takes batteries. I am completely happy with the products from that place. This last weekend, we vacachened all around Moab, Utah and San Rafael, and during three days of lots of driving (probably 800 miles), we only replaced those rechargables 3 times. I kept the GPS on the whole time we drove, as it was attached to my laptop, for tracking on NG Topo. We use the 12v quick charger to always have some fresh batteries available.
  19. don't hold ME responsible for this, but how about using a food dehydrator? I tried it on a camera I accidentally dunked. It didn't fix it, but it came out dry. LOL
  20. I apologize in advance for not reading every post in the GSAK threads, and I am sure it has been answered 'somewhere'...... What items do you select to filter for caches that have NEVER been found?
  21. it might be comparing apples and oranges...... I agree that people should be allowed to be stupid, and to get hurt doing whatever they want. People can go rockclimbing, basejumping, bungeejumping, whitewater rafting, Bullet Biking, etc. and take the risks and dangers of their own free choice. But is Geocaching meant to be a sport where risks are to be taken beyond the inherant risks involved in hiking and bushwhacking to places that are already reflected in the ratings of the cache? i.e. when I see a cache listing with 4s and 5s, I know it's gonna be harder and riskier than the 1s and 2s to find. Isn't this a family sport, that is in some ways geared towards the lowest common denominator? Why throw in other unnecessary risk factors to the game, when it seems to have enough spark and interest in it's traditional form?
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