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  1. I'm never ashamed of my DNF's! Most times there is a pretty good story to go with the dnf, and I enjoy reading them. If everyone found the cache every single time, then the hides must be pretty obvious! If I don't find it once I make it my mission to return asap to get it!
  2. If you are referring to "dipping" as temporarily placing the trackable into a cache to get the miles, and then moving it along, then it is almost as simple as it sounds. Though not a practice I partake in, you would essentially drop the bug into the cache you are at via the cache page, then take it right back out. Many people do this with the TB's that are the vehicle clings on the cachemobile that they drive from one cache to another. That I don't mind so much since they are driving that vehicle to the cache, but the practice of putting a bug into a cache only to get the miles, when you never actually place the bug there, I don't get. But to each his own! Play the game the way you want! Happy caching.
  3. While still new at this, with only 111 finds under our belt, I have found that our Etrex Vista HCX has been adequete. I would like to be able to do paperless caching, but am satisfied with what we have for now. I will probably upgrade before too long to something better. As far as the caching vehicles go, I would have to stick with our 2010 Honda Pilot. 4X4 when needed, Comfortably seats 8 cachers, has 110 plugs for plugging in a laptop, and a rear DVD system for watching movies while on those long caching drives for the kiddos. Love it!!!
  4. I can see GZ from my front door to the closest cache from me. About 500 feet away. Funny thing is, I had 2-3 DNF's on that cache before I finally found it. I was getting a tad angry about a cache being just feet away from home and not being able to find it!
  5. Army cacher here. Well make that National Guard Cacher. I am going to be making a few trips in the near future, and look forward to getting to cache in some new spots! In July I am heading to Ft. Sill for a few months, so you Oklahoma cachers watch out! Then after that I am making a trip overseas. Should be fun!
  6. My fiance uses the marsmallow based fondant. It is VERY good. We have had people tell us that they normally do not like fondant, but love hers.
  7. Ok, Thanks. looks like I need the SD card.
  8. I don't want to hijack this thread, but how many waypoints did it hold before you ran out? I have the same GPS, and don't have the micro SD card
  9. My fiance can make some amazing fondant cakes. We are going to an event later this month. Maybe I will have her make one!
  10. Welcome! Now you are going to be hooked!
  11. I don't get it. What does being armed and being confrontational have to do with each other? I can answer this from my point of view as a LEO. I carry all the time, and it does come with a certain responsibility. Now I do not normally get myself into situations that would require confrontation, but if it were to happen, one has to use caution to not escalate things to the point that the weapon would become an issue. Some gun owners do take this to an extreme though. You can be yourself and still carry a firearm. So in all actuality, it doesn't have much to do with it.
  12. You should do it. It would make for an interesting thread here!
  13. Ahhh yes, That seems to be them making good on taking something from the cache. I do appreciate it indeed.
  14. So you are saying that, if a police department were informed of geocaching.com's free premium accounts for law enforcement that they do actually have time to look up the location to see if it's a geocache or not? Did I miss something here?
  15. Yes, Sorry for that. Again I would delete his find... in my head. (sorry for derailing your thread.) No apologies necessary. I am used to my threads spiraling out of control!
  16. and........ the thread spirals out of control.
  17. I have 11 years in so far, with a 4 year break in service in the middle of all that. If I would have stayed in the whole time I'd be at 15 (woulda coulda shoulda). Did my enlisted time as a 14S (Avenger Crewmember) in the ADA. Now I am an ADA Warrant. 1994 - 1995 Korea 1995 - 1998 82nd Airborne Div. Ft. Bragg NC 1998 - 2002 Ohio Natl. Guard 2002 - 2006 out of the military 2006 - present back in the Guard in Ohio Full time I am a Police Officer.
  18. I have a couple rite in the rain notebooks that I plan to put in a cache or two to see how they do. Maybe I should do some testing on them first. I got them free so I can't complain.
  19. Thanks for the replies. I decided to let this roll off my back. Not worth getting upset over! I'm happy with where my cache is, and I'm going to leave it just the way it is. Thanks for helping me keep my head screwed on straight! Now I have warrant officer business to attend to. Somewhere there is a coffee pot calling my name.
  20. I placed a cache recently (GC27294) and made it pretty easy. Today I got a log from a cacher who found it and basically complained about the hide saying it was too easy. I did make it a 1 star difficulty, and intended it to be this way. Then they removed something from the cache and left nothing, even stating this in their log of the find. Sorry for the rant on this, it just kinda rubbed me the wrong way today.
  21. I will take a stab at this one, not meaning to answer for "themood", but I will answer as a law enforcement professional. There is not set size that a potential bomb could be come neligible. Common sense will dictate that mostly, as it isn't going to be printed anywhere in any SOP. I think those that have said people will call if they are suspicious have it spot on. I am fairly new to geocaching, but I have been a cop for a fair number of years. People will call us about some pretty strange things, and it has gotten worse over the years. Seems we are the catch all number to call to solve any of life's problems. It is going to be reliant on some young patrol officer to not make a huge stink about a 35mm film canister placed on a lightpole. My advice would be to either not place caches in areas that are going to be MAJOR muggle problems, or if you choose to do so, use stealth or do it outside of peak muggle hours. Most people are afraid of their own shadow anymore, and will call the police at the drop of a hat. We have a lot of suspicious package calls at our own PD, and if some common sense was not used, we would have blown up some really worthless things, and wasted extreme amounts of resources. However, there are some times, when you have to play it "by the book" and blow up little johnny's lunchbox. I hope this answers your question.
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