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  1. 12 are already archived. 1 of them is the previously mentioned event Can you please provide me links to these ?
  2. If anyone want from Bulgaria, let me know
  3. dakich

    Reset TB

    How can I reset the km and the logs of a TB ?
  4. I was wondering for some European sites maybe ....
  5. Anyone who knows from where i can order to create flag micro geocoing with Bulgarian flag ?
  6. Before when i click on search in a country : I can see all caches there and the new one... now i can`t
  7. nah, not working like before
  8. Hello, I am wondering how I can search caches by Country, i can`t find this options with the new search ... ?
  9. dakich

    Mail TB

    btw I am from Bulgaria, if u want it there
  10. dakich

    Mail TB

    Hi, I am not sure that i get right u will mail a tb and then u want it back by mail again ?
  11. Hello everyone, I am coming to Amsterdam in April, and I am looking for some cheap hotel there, can someone recommend me something. And i was also wondering is there any TB hotels? thnx in advice
  12. If you want in Bulgaria let me know
  13. dakich


    If you are somewhere in Bulgaria and want to meet some of the local geocachers, find some caches or just a friendly chat, You can always find the latest news on our web site http://geocaching-bg.org/ or contact us at FB : https://www.facebook.com/groups/geocaching.bulgaria/
  14. Some ppl set a mission ot their TB to collect beers caps or coins , or something like this personaly i like this idea
  15. So many caches, where i can get a beer now! (local geocacher in Bulgaria)
  16. If you want in Bulgaria, city : Plovdiv , let me know
  17. I`ve never got answer from geoswag.com so i was wondering if anyone know another site where i can ask if they can make such a coin ?
  18. Thnx mamoreb, I`ve already checked that site and going to send a mail
  19. not so helpfull info so far
  20. Yes, but I want with Bulgarian flag
  21. I saw that there are a lot of that kind coins. And i was wondering where i can order or someone to create such for Bulgaria. Can someone give me some site where i order(prefer EU sites)
  22. You can always find us also in FB Geocaching Bulgaria - http://www.facebook.com/groups/60295485889/
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