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  1. Okay! Friday night it is. Since you're driving through, we could even carpool if you're willing, and I'd be happy to give you a little cash for the gas. We could meet you right on the highway, at the Scappoose post office. Or we can meet and drive, either way! Anyone else want to join in? You'll be a part of Navdog's Wooden Nickel completing it's journey, if you do!
  2. Well, we're going to try! That's why I want to get some people to come along.. to make sure we can actually get it into the cache.
  3. We're looking for some company on our first try at a night cache. Friday the 27th, or Saturday the 28th. The cache isNightwalker. Just looking for some nice people that want to have fun and hopefully have a bit more experience than us. Maybe we could get a little group going? Let me know if you're interested! Kristin (and David)
  4. If the price per can does stay around $1 each, we'll take 40-50. I want some for caches, David says he wants some for organizing things in the garage.
  5. I wanted to go out today, but here in Scappoose I had to crack the sheet of ice that was on my mailbox before I could even get it open... so I think we'll see what it looks like in the morning.
  6. I'd have one right now if I had the cash! I want one really bad, gonna have to save up though.
  7. Thanks for the welcome, everyone! Sparrowhawk, the breakfast sounds really fun! Any chance that we could get some more info about the location since we're "GPS challenged" right now? Think I might have it figured out after looking at the event pictures, but I wanted to make sure. Anyway, thanks for the invite!
  8. Thank you dasein and and marathonman! I'm checking out the PDX site right now. I'm definitely planning on caching in Portland, and Beaverton, etc, etc... can't wait!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm Kristin. I'm a newbie, along with my fiance David, and sometimes my mom, Pam. We all live in Scappoose, OR. I discovered caching about 2 weeks ago, finally got to go out and loved it. Though we don't have a GPS unit yet, we were still able to find 2 local caches, and I even picked up a TB! I can't wait to go hunt for more, and place this TB Patches in a new home. I know it will be even better once we manage to get a GPSr - for now it's kind of rough being limited to the basic ones since we can't solve any of the puzzles. Hopefully that will change soon! Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself! I hope I'll have a chance to meet some of you locals eventually. Have fun out there! Kristin
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