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  1. My wife and i are going on a cruise in april. It is stopping in Jamaca, the Cayman Islands, and Cozumel. I already did the search for caches in the area! i told her i need to log at least one on each stop. i cant wait. but for your question, i would go to the Dakotas. its beautiful up there.



  2. [sarcasm on]Cool, it has a patch antenna AND a quad helix antenna.

    [sarcasm off]



    You could use shtml for that (sarcastic hypertext markup language):







    January 22, 2005 @ 5:41 PM

    N40°46.565' W073°58.756'

    :ph34r: see what?

  3. Me too

    and the winner is top pin!


    Congrats ;)


    Top pin,

    Check your email. I emailed you from your geocaching profile page.

    Wait, i have a Supreme court order for a recount. there is something wrong with the selecting method in which the odds are not in my favor. There must be a recount. :huh: lol


    steve ;)


    but seriously, congrats top pin

  4. honestly.. i think they are cool ideas.. but it really upsets me when i look for hours and can't find a cache... hiding a cache cleaverly is one thing.. but making me search and search while the wife is calling the cellphone really annoys me! :rolleyes:

    OMG we are married to the same woman! my wife is the same way. i would go play 9 of golf and never fail, on the seventh hole....ring....

  5. i just got the Kodak DX6490 for christmas and love it. you can find it online for around $325 now. here is my understanding about the digital seen....i went for more optical zoom than megapixels. optical zoom is true zoom. digital zoom takes the original image and crops it down so, if your camera is a 4 mega pixel and you digital zoom 4x you are really seing 1/4 of the original picture. and only getting 1megapixels in that picture. Hope that makes sence. i could have gotten a 6.31 megapixel camera with only 3x digital zoom but like i said optical is better



  6. I'm new to caching too. 16 finds in 2 weeks. I really never take anything. maybe signature items. The only time i take anything else is if my kids are with me. they love the "treasure" they find in the caches. my son took what ended up being a ear form a broken bunny statue. The kids love the "junk" or the "cheap stuff" i also leave matchbox cars cause i know some kid will be thrilled.


    keep on keepen on.

    Happy caching!!!!



  7. And if you don't want to see them simply uncheck the box on the mapping page legend that says "You found/Own"

    or you could click on filter out finds and you will just see the caches you havent found yet! Happy Caching!!!



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