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  1. what about this, another ftf question. mom and son are heavily envolved in caching. they both have a good amount of hides to their names.. but it seems mom is the ftf to find the sons and the son is the ftf to find moms . it is like this 9 out of 10 times (ballpark figure) is this fair?

  2. i just had to restore my computer :unsure: Now i have to set everything up again. when i try to export from gsak to my cachemate, i get "cannot create file from here.that folder does not exist. how do i make a file for them



  3. I just picked up a Sony Clie PEG SJ20 It has a Palm 4.1 O.S and 16 mb memory. I got it on Ebay for.......are you ready......$31 shipped!!!! :D:) it should be here wednesday. I cant wait.. im making sure it works before i buy cachemate and go premium.


    steve :rolleyes:

  4. the children, the children, ohhh, what about the CHILDREN?


    oh, seriously. i'm tired of the cache degradation topic being framed in terms of children. i like to see good stuff in a cache whether i take any or not. it's just nice to open up a box full of little treasures or quirky items and paw through it all like it's a little museum.


    while this is and should be a family-friendly activity let's not forget that it is not FOR children.


    a clean, well-stocked cache enhances everybody's experience.

    I do have to agree somewhat with this post. It's just that I can't imagine an adult getting too upset that there wasn't anything they wanted in the cache. I have seen adults throw tantrums over trivial things but never the lack of swag in a cache. Also, adults and children have different needs and if an adult wants something they can go out and buy it.

    if it wasnt for the kids, trade toys wouldnt even be a problem. i'm a dad of 3 and the only way i get to cache is if i have them with me. im there for the hunt . i could care less about trading (except for sig items). now, my kids are in it for the "treasure" . and if they arent happy they wont want to cache and then i wont be able to go cause the wont want to and whine the whole time.


    I think most of us with kids are in the same boat.

  5. I went on e-bay and got a set of 40 different Mc toys for $.99 plus shippng and i got some matchbox cars that are brand new in package for $.25 each i think these are very kid friendly. i know cause my kids want to keep em. now im working on a signature item that the adults like to collect.



  6. or maybe everyone is away from their computer while caching! :laughing:

    the only reason im sitting in front of this machine is cause my kids are sick.....otherwise, id be out getting wet and cold and sick!!!! Good times :huh:


    28Degrees and snow



  7. Enjoying the thread...but should this be in the "off topic" forum?

    No more than the 'Why did you choose that screen name?' or 'Who's lurking?' threads.

    Gosh, people take this whole 'stick to the topic thing' a little to seriously. Relax, have a good time and enjoy the conversation. i mean really, have you ever been outside and talked about a project you did indoors? isnt that the wrong place to talk about that! if you're outside talk about outside stuff, lol



  8. OK, so, there are a lot of topics asking for a pic ..............i think i just answered my own question.............were can i upload pics for free so i can link to them here? my answer is geocaching.com im gonna check if im right





    *****nope, only ones attached to a cache can go there help!**********

  9. OK, Kinda new too but, i thought they were written in degree, minute.seconds thats why you see dd mm.sss so, ive always read N47 56.113 W081 73.928 as............north fortyseven degrees fiftysix minutes onethirteen seconds. and west 0 eighty one degrees seventy three minutes nine twintyeight seconds



    anyway thats what i do.



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