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  1. Thanks to everyone for their recommendations - back now having done the Cotswolds Lions Tour, Westcote Wander, TheSlaughters, Many Steps Through Old Times, and Belas Knap - all highly recommended. Can't wait to ge back again for some more!
  2. The exact same thing has just happened to me, so while browsing the forums to see what to do, I came across Mrs Blorenge's excellent example, and have followed suit - I have left a note on the cache page where the Proxy was last placed, asking the next finder to bin it/take it out of circulation. Then I messaged the finder of the Original, asking them to wait until I know that the Proxy has gone, before they put the Original in another cache. This is for Little Satellite Mermaid geocoin TB295FE. The Proxy is in Wales, the Original is in Australia! Thanks Mrs B for your post, without which I wouldn't have known what on earth to do! Incidentally, I loved the idea behind your Bright Blessings - I had one similar called Satellite Star's Lucky Star, but I think someone thought they could have exclusive access to it's lucky charm, because it hasn't left their possession for over a year now! Hey ho! This time I am not going to send out a proxy. I think the message is - have faith in your lost trackables - you never know when or where they will show up!
  3. I want to do them ALL Griff Grof !!! I wonder how many can be done in 3 days ... will def have to come back and finish off if we cant get them all done in one weekend. Appreciate all your tips - including bog alert. (wont be packing the stilettos !)
  4. Thanks Team Airtomoreira - I did notice your logs whilst researching - good to know they're all there - thanks for adding to the recommendation ... I like interesting caches, so am keen to do them x
  5. Oh yes, I did like your cheeky interpretation of the rules for orange number 4! Intrigued now ...
  6. Hi I! Thanks for your reply - will def bear in mind, probably when we are en-route back home, (hopefully we will have a pound or two left after doing the Bourton pubs!) If not it will be a perfectly good reason to come back again as we don't really live very far away so have no excuse! Thanks, I really appreciate your local knowledge x SatelliteStar
  7. Hi Gackt! A zillion years ago I was at boarding school in nearby Lechlade, so it feels like I will be returning to some old haunts and I have always been fond of Bourton. We are staying overnight by the Motor Museum, so perhaps we can sneak out in our pyjamas when everyone has gone home so we can do any tricky ones in town! The Westcote Wander series will be a definate must-do then - thanks for the tips x
  8. Hi Tarmac! Hope you're keeping well and please send regards to Omis - thanks for the tips here - Moss8945 is researching the Westcote Wander series - it looks great - I can't wait - I will remember to take my camera along and get Moss to put something on Every Trail. Oh yes - I recently came across an hilarious photo of you on the W Mids forum - looks like a film shoot for a shampoo advert under that waterfall - I laughed out loud!!! Loved it!
  9. Thanks K9 Crew - I shall look forward to curling up on the sofa later to browse your website and blog - both look v good - thanks for replying x SatelliteStar
  10. Thanks Griff Grof - will check these out ! Much appreciated x x
  11. Three whole lovely days booked at Bourton on the Water in early September and I can't wait! Does anyone have any particularly good cache recommendations? Circular walks?
  12. Goodness, I never imagined that this post would still be active after 12 months - but I am really glad that it's now possible to remove the spoiler photos. As someone said earlier, we all play in different ways, and ... there's no accounting for some folk - Personally I agree with Mrs Blorenge ... Let's keep guessing about the "bump in the curtains", it's much more fun that way! And thanks to everyone for expressing their opinions -
  13. Yes... BUT... the only way to do it is to remove the whole log. It's not possible to remove only the spoiler photograph. We've had some experience of this problem with one of our own caches which has a particularly interesting container. As an owner, one doesn't always notice immediately that a spoiler pic has been added to the log. I recently checked up on some logs from the last 4-5 months and found 4 pics of happy finders with the container. I emailed each one very politely, asking if they would kindly remove the spoiler photo to keep the surprise a secret for future finders. Three responded along the lines of, "Oooo, sorry, yes, will remove it - We just didn't think..." and from one I got a slightly snotty response along the lines of, "Well, there are other such photos on the gallery page already so I'll just remove all three of my photos on the log then I won't be treading on any toes, will I?" Over in the Feedback Forum there's a suggestion that owners should be able to remove spoiler pics so you might like to vote/comment on it here: Ability to remove spoiler pics attached to logs. MrsB I think you can now ,, delete only the photo.. Ive just done just that ,, a new cacher local to me has taken to uploading photos of caches in the hiding positions .. I sent a polite request not to do this ,, the next cache he logged was one of mine ? yep it included a photo ,, and in turn I deleted it ,, and will continue to do so if he repeats it on any others I own ,, shame , he also fits in to the bracket of the sort that can only ,, type TFTC .. Yes, it is now possible to delete only the photograph from a finder's log - This feature was introduced about 6 months ago, I think. I can't imagine why anybody playing a game which involves hunting for containers which have been carefully and/or cunningly hidden would think it's fine to post photographs showing exactly where they're hidden. (Maybe when they played Hide and Seek as a child they were always the one who jumped out from behind the curtains shouting, "I'm here! I'm here! It's me!") MrsB
  14. Hi and apologies if this has been posted before - I was just wondering why, all of a sudden, the TBs' default photos have disappeared from the stat boxes and been replaced by the "Bug" logos. Is there any reason for this ? I used to enjoy being able to see a little pic of my TB's on my public profile page - Can anyone shed any light ?
  15. Hi there! We've just returned from a week in Perranporth (this might be outside your 20 mile limit though) Memorable caches are Cave Cache GC1FMXE, and Rusty's Revenge GC2MW8E, but there were lots more around there. There is a cache at The Eden Project, which is fun. (GC1WVR5) We also did GC2R0V5 on the day we went to the lost gardens of Heligan. There were some great views of Mevagissey from there. Have a great time!
  16. --------- hi dfx and good idea However I just asked a friend to log in and try to grab it, but all he got were the options to Write note Or Discover it so no joy, I'm afraid :-( hey ho
  17. Just added my votes to try and get the problem sorted. It's kind of nice to know I am not the only one with the problem - was beginning to think I was being stupid! Thanks once again for all your replies, and esp to BlueDeuce for recognising the exact problem. Fingers crossed something will happen to correct this .. Meanwhile my reincarnated TB will have to stay in limbo for a bit longer.
  18. Thanks everyone for the replies. I am just about to check out BlueDeuce's link I really appreciate your quick replies!
  19. Hello - I have had a TB go missing for a year, so I thought I would use the COPY dogtag and send out another. This time I have edited the TB's name, photo, mission and description. I have not deleted any of the original TB's logs (well there was only one, because it went missing immediately after it was first placed!). Now I am trying to put the COPY TB into my Inventory, so that when I am ready to put it into a cache, I can do so. The problem is, I can't get it to go into my Inventory. A week or so ago I thought I had moved it into my Collection, but it is not showing up there. It is not in my Inventory. On the TB's page, the only options that I have under "Actions" are : Move to last location, and Recalculate distance. I marked the Copy TB as 'Collectible' to see if it made a difference, but it didn't. So I unticked the checkbox to make it not collectible, and this doesn't make any difference either. I changed the Date Released from when the Original was released in May 2010, to today's date (27 May 2011) but this hasn't altered anything either. (should I change the date released back to May 2010?) So I am left with the problem of what to do, when I am ready to set this re-incarnated TB off on it's travels, if it is not appearing in my Inventory, how do I release it. So sorry this seems to be such a complicated question ... But I am sure there must be a really simple solution and I have got myself really confused about what and how to do it ! Any ideas? BTW the public reference number for this particular TB is: TB3EJXZ. I would appreciate any advice. Many thanks
  20. It's great to hear about lost Travellers being found after months of MIA .. I can only imagine the delight ! My grandmother would have exclaimed "Well I NEVER !!" Both Nick & Ali's and t4e's stories are amazing ... Just goes to show that there CAN be unexpected reunions and geocaching is always full of surprises.
  21. Thanks to all who replied .... It's really good to know that old bugs can 'go round again' especially in this age of recycling and austerity. I think the one year rule is an excellent idea and probably goes a long way in preventing duplicated numbers. Thanks to all once again for responding. :rolleyes:
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