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  1. Is there any way that I can delete the image that I uploaded for my new and as yet unreleased TB? I have changed my mind about the item I am going to attach to the bug but I can't see how to delete the image in the 'Edit Trackable' option. Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)

  2. Hi,

    I've never had any problems with the mileage of my TB's updating but the last two which have been moved will not update with the new mileage even when I click 'recalculate distance'. Is everyone having this problem at the moment or is it just me? Any advice would be appreciated.

  3. I'm eagerly awaiting delivery of a Garmin Dakota 20 and I wonder if anyone could advise me on the available UK maps for it. I am aware of the Garmin Discoverer maps but they may well be more than I require and I don't feel I can justify the expense at the moment. I believe there are 'opensource' maps available? However where you find them and how useful they are etc. I'm unclear about. I'm a real newbie to geocaching and GPS. I discovered geocaching through the iphone app but have decided to treat myself to a dedicated GPS unit as I'd like to do more geocaching and the iphone doesn't take kindly to being rained on and dropped in the mud :-) Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Hi and thanks for the reply.


    I'm referring to new TB's that I have activated today. I've never noticed this 'Collectible' box option when I have activated TB's before.


    Regards, Jacksters



    If it is YOURS and you want to move it from your profile inventory, click it "yes"


    If it is NOT YOURS, select "no". It isn't yours to keep and collect! It will remain in your inventory to be dropped off.


    EDIT: In checking your trackables, and rereading the post... Do you mean your activated new TBs today, or logged (as in retrieved? from a cache)?

  5. I've logged some new TB's today and have noticed that there is a choice of two boxes to tick by the word 'Collectible'. You need to tick yes or no. I'm not sure exactly what this means, if I tick yes am I giving people permission to keep the TB? Hope someone can help as I'm a little confused! :)

  6. Hi, I'm a newbie to geocaching and think it's great fun! I have sent my first TB's out into the big wide world and the person who has picked one of them up has kindly posted a photo and promised to move it on for me in the next few days. I just wondered whether it was 'the done thing' to send a message to the person who has done this to thank them or whether it breaks any geocaching rules of etiquette? Any advice would be appreciated.

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