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  1. Here is the log from my second FTF. Tell me I'm not obsessed. LOL October 21 by LaughingTerry (318 found) Was out geocaching all afternoon, came home worn out and ready to jump in the shower. Decide to sit down and do logs first so I turn on the computer and what pops up? A BRAND NEW CACHE!!!! Even better it is only 11.1 miles from my house. SO, I grab my GPS, put in the coordinates, grab my cache bag, throw on my jacket, and out the door I go. Half way there I realize I don't have the printout AND I didn't read the entire page. Uh Oh.....I remember something about a fireroad but as I get in the area I can't seem to find one. I finally spot a place my Subaru will fit on the side of the road only .15 miles from the cache. If you want a challenge park at 44 33.007 69 53.760 and climb up the side of this mountain. If you want more of a challenge do it at night with a small flaslight. If you want even more of a challenge plug the wrong coordinates into your GPS. LOL Yes I did. I put in the North coordinates from the cache and the West coordinates from the parking coordinates. So I am sitting on the mountain after climbing straight up the side and NO CACHE!!!! So I call Loupa and ask her for the coordinates to see if I have them right (I don't). She gives me the right ones and I find I have passed right by the cache (Walked right over it as a matter of fact) by 228 feet. I give Loupa another call from the cache to let her know I found it. I also let her know I am starting back down and if she doesn't hear from me in an hour call me. I tell her if I don't answer call rescue. LOL I signed the log, took the "Burnt Offerings" cookbook. Left a Rubber Chicken and my Signature "Geocacher at Work" dash card. Then I start back down the side of this boulder strewn mountain. It looks like half the mountain has fallen down the mountain with big boulders piled everywhere. I finally got to the bottom, called Loupa, drove home, and after I got in the house realized I had blood on my hand. Hmmm, finally realize it is dripping off my forehead.(I took a bit of a slide into a tree)LOL All in all this was one of my favorite caches to date. The view from the side of the mountain of the Belgrade Lakes by moonlight was outstanding. The climb was exhilarating and the FTF was a good thing. LOL
  2. LadyBee That is an awsome picture. I wish I had thought of that one last month. LOL
  3. The first two or three bugs I picked I held for too long. I found them in the midwest and came home to Maine with them. The problem was that most caches in Maine are under a LOT of snow in the winter. LOL I finally dropped them off though.
  4. The best thing I ever found was a multi tool carabiner. What makes it even better is the inscription. "Happy Geocaching by Blueyes & Bugsy"I have it attached to my cache bag.
  5. I finished it and submitted the contest picture. Diehard Jeep fans are going to hate this one. LOL
  6. The best thing I ever found near a cache was 2 five dollar bills and a ten dollar bill. They were on the trail I took back to my car. (A different one than I took getting to the cache.) I did a cache not too long ago that was hidden near the wreckage of a plane on the side if a mountain. Seeing what happens when a small plane meets a mountain side was interesting to say the least.
  7. I was down on Cape Cod (Mass) doing a few caches. Darkness decended upon me but I headed for that "one last cache". LOL My Garmin showed a road through but when I arrived there was a gate. I had passed an officer in his car on the way to the gate and he was watching me sit there looking at maps and my GPS at the gate. I finally turned around and drove over to his car so I could ask how to get to the other end of the road. He was a little brusk at first but I gave him a brochure and showed him my printout. He told me the park closed at dusk but that he was the officer on duty and he wasn't going to come over and arrest me as I searched. LOL Turned out to be a real nice guy once he understood what I was doing.
  8. Can't you just imagine what king of a mess it would be on the cache pages if everyone had a custom icon for their travel bug. Now if you want to put out several thousand and spend that much money I am guessing they will let you have a special icon for them.
  9. What a great thread this was. I loved following the story for the first time and all the way through. I hope Geo Ho posts every year to this thread. It even gives me hope. LOL
  10. Either someone switched Jeeps or they "tricked" it out for the contest.
  11. You think it's wrong now, just wait until I am done. LOL
  12. The ones that yank my chain are the ones that tell me how to get to the spot I am standing while I decrypt the hint. "Take highway y to road x to road z. trailhead is beside sign." I ALREADY KNOW THAT OR I WOULDN'T BE HERE DECRYPTING THE HINT!
  13. The original Elvern is MIA but the new and improved Elvern II is ready to roll into a cache near.....well, who knows where?
  14. Hey! That somebody is me. LOL I stopped at Walmart and grabbed a new $2.00 Jeep for the tag. I almost put it on a white Subaru WRX instead but I figured someone would get upset about it. Of course me being me I couldn't just leave it stock. It now looks like it was sitting in a "Homies" neighborhood. LOL I will post pics soon and set it free once again.
  15. I printed up some of the Geocaching brochures I found posted in the forums somewhere and carry a few in my caching bag. When they ask what the heck I am doing I explain and hand them a brochure. What I don't do is show them where the cache actually is.
  16. Woo Hoo!!!! This is awsome. Thanks from a newbie. Making life easier for me already. LaughingTerry By the way, I also use Thunderbird e-mail and love it. Never a problem at all.
  17. It never ceases to amaze me what people will drag into the woods. One day about 200 feet into some woods I came upon a section of an aluminum extension ladder. I was going to drag it out on the way back but the multi took me back a different way and I just had my Subaru anyway. Another time I found snow shovel about 10 feet from a cache. I carried it back out and dumped it in a trash barrell.
  18. I had just started geocaching and was searching for a micro I had looked for a couple weeks before. I was back because other people were finding it so I knew it had to be there. As I was looking a woman with her two kids and dog came walking up. I tried to look nonchalant but she walked up and asked if I was geocaching. I admitted it and she looked under the picnic table I had looked under and told me the cache was missing. She had brought a new one just in case so I signed the log and she put it in place. I had some cool frog clicker key chains then(Cool if you aren't the parent LOL) and gave one to each girl. It was great to meet someone in the hobby so soon into it. I later found one of her signature items. It was a great piece she made herself.
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