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  1. What about the fact that when I copy a cache name and paste it into the search it comes up with nothing found? Where is the old way where I can go down the list of caches putting them in my GPSr without opening each page? So far I am very unimpressed with this "new" search.
  2. If I don't hear from them them I grab it, log it into the cache I found it in, log it back out to me, and then log it into the cache I put it into. If you want you can then delete the grabbed log. That way it gets the correct mileage on it.
  3. Well. I have climbed a cliffside in the dark with a little flashlight for a FTF, climbed another cliffside covered with ice and snow, climbed 30 or 35 feet up a tree, skinney-dipped across a lake to an island in April in Massachusettes, driven my Subaru down quad trails and through flooded roads, walked across a swamp to a cache meant to be found by boat, and probably others I have forgotten by now. I LOVE IT!!!!! LOL
  4. One of my caches has the "Geo-pile" of sticks at the base of a tree. The cachers lock onto that pile walking up and then when they find nothing under it they look and look and look, on the ground. The whole time the cache is right over their head. LOL Another one of mine is close to a lamp post. When they pick up the cover they find lamintaed cards thatr say "Nope, it's not under here. Keep looking" On another one I hollowed out a tree stump and carried it into the woods. The cache is under it but they always find that geo-pile next to it first.
  5. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...4e-8b03cefbfd01 This is the "rock and roll" TB. It is a granite core piece and I carried it along a pole line and then bushwacked quite a ways to drop it off where no muggles will spot it. It is now sitting right beside the cache waiting for someone to move it again.
  6. Some of my puzzle cache ideas were bere born as I tried to solve other puzzle caches. I would think I had it but then realize that although I didn't figure it out I had a great idea for a new one. I did some (I thought) simple picture puzzles. One in particular seems to deal people fits. It's called "Splat" and I really thought it was way too easy when I came up with it but a lot of people e-mail me for help. I also thought my cache "Thank a Teacher" was pretty easy but I get more e-mails asking for help on it than all my other puzzles put together. Just use your imagination. That and look at other puzzle caches for inspiration.
  7. People like you are why it's quite likely that a different distribution method will be used for this year's contest. It really doesn't matter what method of distribution they use. Some people will take them and keep them just because they don't care what anyone thinks. They are the same people who park in loading zones, "No Parking" zones, and handicap spaces with no permit. They are the same people who won't walk 25 feet to return a shopping cart corral so you get a dent in your car. They are the same people who walk in front of you in line. The only people who matter to them are themselves. Personally I was raised with manners and courtesy so I move along any and all TBs I pick up. I met a cacher last year who told me he had grabbed 2 unlogged YJTBs at a cache meet to keep. He didn't care that others might miss out on the fun or the contest because of his actions. I found a WJTB tag with no jeep. $1.98 at Walmart and the tag had a jeep once again and was on the go. But that's just me. I learned a long time ago that everyone wasn't raised to give two hoots like I was. Is there anything we can do about it? I just figure that if someone doesn't care about others there is nothing I can do to make them care.
  8. When you climb the side of a mountain after dark with an itty bitty flashlight. When you climb 30ft up a tree after a cache. When you strip down naked on the side of a trail and swim to an island on a lake in early April. (In Massachussets) Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. When you bushwack 3/4 of a mile across a thorn and vine entangled swamp with occasional knee deep mud trying for a shortcut back to the car. When you chase another FTF cache hound down a four wheeler trail with your Subaru trying for another FTF. When you make a 3,000 mile round trip and hit at least one cache in every state along the way. (and back) Yep, I've done all that. LOL
  9. I am sure a lot of us have done some strange, dumb, crazy, or just plain hilarious things to get to a cache. I have climbed the side of a mountain in the dark with the wrong coordinates for a FTF, climbed 30 feet up a tree for a find, driven my Subaru Impreza down jeep trails, and other fun stuff but I went off the deep end for "Who pulled the plug?" (GCHQGB) So what have you done for a cache?
  10. I can see it now.... "Ok one bolt out, two, three, the last. Pick up and ........UH OH!!!!!!!!! TIMBER!!!!!!" "Dang, wrong bolts......" I actually have one parking lot hide but the best part is when they pick up the light pole cover. Under it I put a card on each side that says "Nope, not under here. Keep looking" LOL People get a kick out of that.
  11. What bothers me isn't so much the compass as the screen spinning. It will tell me the cache is in front of me, then beside me, then behind me........... One of the reasons I got this new 60csX was because unlike the Legend I had it was supposed to keep track of where I am pointing the GPS without having to keep moving. I'll play with it some more later thios week when I get a chance.
  12. Does anyone else have to calibrate the compass constantly? I get out of the car with my 60csX and have to do the hokey pokey. LOL Then I'll walk into the woods a ways and my screen starts spinning again. I'll stop and calibrate again and it is usually ok to get me to the cache. Usually... Then after I find the cache and stop the navigation I will watch the screen as I am walking out and it is spinning again. It acts like I am turning back and forth like a washing machine as I walk.
  13. I save the graphic and then use my photo program to save it as a jpeg file. I place that on my web space and use it for a banner. Works for me and when my stats change I save the new one and then name it the same thing as I already have online and replace the online one with the new one. That way I don't have to change anything else. Sounds complecated but it really isn't.
  14. Caching around Boston I ran across a TB tag for a white Jeep but the Jeep was missing and according to the logs it had been missing almost from the beginning. I drove to a Walmart and looked in the toy section. Wouldn't you know it there was a white Jeep! I hooked the tag on and sent it out as a real Jeep once again. I found 2 or 3 more white Jeeps at different Walmarts but gave them all away.
  15. Depending on the area I will normally hang it up after 30 to 45 minutes. I have searched for over an hour before though when I was absolutely sure it is there and just couldn't seem to find it.
  16. I would love to have a tab on one of my pages to check and see how other people are doing on caches I DNFd on. I don't want to put them on watch and get a bunch of e-mails. How about a tab along side my caches and bugs? Thanks,
  17. I like puzzles that aren't rediculously hard. I have done some that took me a few days of going back to look at until finally it dawned on me how simple it really was. LOL I did one that gave state flags to figure the coordinates. The name had something to do with chemistry so I checked the periodic table and figured out the puzzle. It was fun to do.
  18. Personally I don't have a problem with it as long as you don't tell me I have to log a prayer to log the cache. Some people are hyper sensitive to religious things and others are just plain hyper religious. Pray for me, don't pray for me, I could care less. Just don't come to my doorstep to do it. If both sides would stop trying to push their views on the others it would be so much easier to get along. That's my opinion and I am sticking to it.
  19. I have found 2 or 3 cahes hidden that way and few more in holes with a rock or wood slab over them. I have one hidden that way too. You don't need a shovel to find them so I figure the guidelines are met. Mine is on private property so I had permission to hide it that way.
  20. I was on Cape Cod Mass. one night trying to find a park where a cache had been hidden. The GPS said a road went through but it didn't so I drove over to a cop sitting in his car and asked how to find the park. After I explained what I was doing he told where the park was but that it was closed after dark. I Thanked him and said I would caome back another day but he grinned and said he was the officer on duty and wouldn't be coming to arrest me if I went on over. Now if I was over there having a party I imagine he would arrest or cite me.
  21. I once found $20 on my way back to the car from the cache I had found. I went back by a different trail and the money was just laying in the middle of the trail.
  22. Here's my Subaru Impreza Outback Sport. Yes that is the road. I had to stop because the road was washed out to about 2 1/2 ft deep with big rocks at the bottom. Bog Road Log
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