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  1. I'm trying to set up an easy-to-update profile, by means of a link to a javascript program that is hosted off the gc.com site.


    Specifically, I'm trying to change my profile to something like


    <script src="REMOTE_URL/geoprofile.js"></script>


    where geoprofile.js is a javascript file with code for a pretty list of milestones, FTFs, etc.


    When I try updating my profile, the direct method doesn't work. If I change the 'Latest News' in my profile to something like the code above and then update, the 'Latest News' seems to change to a blank.


    Is there some simple trick I'm missing?


    I requested help from Groundspeak, but they were coy. They say that

    (1) it's possible to include javascript from off-site locations

    (2) it's not a supported feature, so they can't offer any help


    (3) maybe someone on the Forums can help me.


    Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? Thanks.


    - Urubu

  2. Bug or feature?


    Some german cachers report that they can create bookmark lists although they are no PMs.


    They can't edit these list once they are there - whenever they click on "edit" a new list is created. And they can't delete their lists..  :ph34r:


    Same story, and I have just received an auto-email from one of my "listed" (but not "watchlisted") caches.


    How do non-PMs turn this off once we've made the mistake of trying to use the new feature?

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