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  1. Same problem here.

    Clicking on forums gives me the same page as previously posted. Error in both Firefox and IE6.


    I do have the standard Geocaching signature, no funny characters I am aware off.


    Don't have a clue how to enter the forums. Quite annoying. :)



    Boswijk Posse


    It seems that the problem may have been fixed (as of Tuesday night, Feb 14, US Eastern)? I was able to log into the Forums on this attempt while logged in to geocaching.com.


    It's nice to know that someone was paying attention after all. :D

  2. From the Knowledge Base of Contact@ support.




    These are some common issues (and possible solutions) that can help you get logged in:


    1. The quickest known fix is to log into geocaching.com and click on the "forums" link on the left hand side of the page. [...]


    While this is not the answer to all problems it does seem to solve almost all of them.


    Thanks, but in this case this is not the answer.


    In fact, it's a good statement of the problem: when logged into geocaching.com (and only when logged in), we cannot log into the forums with that left-hand link.

  3. What browser do you use?


    I see the same problem in either Firefox or MSIE 6.0


    Both of those work for me


    So the problem (which is still there as of Sunday morning Feb 12, US Eastern time) seems to be something about IDs or profiles or some other user-specific data, rather than browsers.


    Here's a screen capture of what I see in Firefox when I click on the [Forums] link on the left-hand navigation bar, when logged in to geocaching.com:




    [edit: added some details for clarification]

  4. Both of you had garbage in your sig line. Once I removed it the link went through. I'll have to figure out how to check for bad links or stuff that isn't supposed to be in the sig line.


    I had to log in as both of you so you'll have to log back into geocaching.com if you had your cookies turned on.


    I have had the same problem, despite clearing the cache, etc. I can still only log in to Forums if I'm logged off gc.com .


    What is a 'sig line', and how can I cleanse it of 'bad links and stuff' ???



  5. Thanks, Keystone!


    I asked because I want to contact the current reviewer about a problem that, while important, does not merit a "Should Be Archived" -- the cache is still in good shape and well worth visiting, but the hider seems inactive and the published coordinates are more than 800' off.

  6. Is there a way to contact reviewers when the cache predates the new system of "Published" logs?


    In my specific case, I'd like to get in touch with the reviewer (or currently responsible party) for this cache in the Custer, South Dakota area. But I'd also like to know in general -- is there a way of going from a specific cache to the reviewer on these older caches?




    [Edited a minor typo]

  7. Forget Google or any other automated online translation service if you really would like to look for a cache. You might get an idea of the cache, but in most cases you hast have no chance.

    Remember that you'll have an exact latitude and longitude, in addition to the (possibly) oddly translated text. <_<

  8. Why should German cache pages be in anything but German, or Brazilian caches be in anything but Portuguese? After all, we don't expect to have to include Spanish or French translations on US pages.


    It seems to me that non-US hiders have no obligation to write anything in English at all, and if they do include English it's very thoughtful.


    That said, Google includes some nice translation features. Use the more>> button above the search window and then look for Translate. It's pretty cool, although the results are occasionally comical. :rolleyes:

  9. Just a suggestion... to clarify whether the displayed bookmarking information is or isn't available to others, maybe you could make it similar to the Watchlist information.


    When I see 'You are 1 of 5 users watching this cache' I know immediately (because of the word you) that this is private information being displayed for me only -- others can't tell that I'm watching.


    Bookmark lists are trickier because they may or may not be public, but you might be able to find some similar language that clarifies what part of the displayed information is private. For example, maybe


    This cache is on your private bookmark list xxxx

    This cache is on your public bookmark list yyyy


    and then information about any (public) bookmarking by others.



  10. Ah ha! This explains an earlier question I saw about "Ignore" lists showing up on the newly-designed pages. If I go to a cache page for a hide I'm ignoring, then I will see that information in the new BOOKMARK LIST section, but others will not. Correct?


    It's a little odd to have the cache listings display different information to different users, but I guess I can adjust.


    Thanks for the help.


    - Urubu

  11. Thanks, maingray and Jeremy. This behavior persisted over several hours, but in any case I think I may have misunderstood a fundamental point.


    When I look at a cache page I've bookmarked (even in an unpublic/unshared bookmark list), should I see an indication that I've bookmared it in the new "BOOKMARK LIST" section? And is that information that others CAN'T see when they view the cache page?

  12. I did a brief experiment by selecting the 'public' & 'shared' checkboxes on one of my bookmark lists. It worked as advertised: the pages for the caches on my list changed to include a "Bookmark Lists" bar with an indication that they were on my list.


    However, once I had seen how it worked, I wanted to reverse the experiment and change the list back to unpublic and unshared. That did not work as expected: the list now says NO under SHARED? and the 'public' and 'shared' boxes are unchecked when I edit the bookmark list, but the cache pages that STILL include information saying that they're on my list. Here's one of the caches included on my list.


    Is this a bug?? It seems that the decision to make a bookmark list public should be reversible.


    - Urubu


    * On further checking I have to add an amendment that makes this a much smaller problem: the "Bookmark List" information on the cache pages only seems to appear when I look at them under MY account. It seems that other users can no longer see that I have the cache bookmarked.

  13. You're right, PS, and that's what I meant by 'security' and 'good reasons to "tidy" the HTML that the cache owner inserts into a cache page'.


    But "tidy" is doing more than advertised. It's not just cleaning up bad HTML. It's also putting a new restriction on what can go into a page, and it's imposing that restriction retroactively if you edit. That issue was the origin of this thread.


    I understand that this is not a problem for the vast majority of users. But for hiders who have crafted puzzles that depend on sounds, it's pretty irritating.

  14. Everyone should be entitled to their own opinion about background sounds.


    I usually hate them. They're often used unwisely and unnecessarily. But different users may have other opinions. That's why we can choose and control our browsers.


    We can use Firefox. If we use MSIE, we can turn sounds off: Click

    Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Multimedia,

    then uncheck the box that says "Play Sounds in Web Pages", and you'll never again hear another unwanted, unexpected howl or shriek from a cache page.


    On the other hand, there may occasionally be good reasons for a hider to include a background sound, even one that plays automatically. That's why hiders could (before "tidy") decide how to set up their cache pages.


    That seems like an appropriate model: hiders control page content (within broad limits necessary for security, uniformity of look and feel, etc.), and page visitors choose their browser and control its settings.


    But that's not how "tidy" is currently working with respect to background sounds: it imposes new limits on hiders constructing new pages, and changes existing pages when they are edited (without any warning during or notification after editing.)

  15. Thanks for the pointers to the announcements page. I didn't know about it, and I'll try to keep an eye on it when I have questions in the future. But I don't withdraw my "Grrrr" about the system changing my existing cache page without telling me that it had done so.


    It also looks like even if I had been very attentive and actively noticed the "tidy" change, I would have had to dig pretty far into the links to discover its effects on embedded sounds.

  16. There are good reasons to "tidy" the HTML that the cache owner inserts into a cache page. However, it's not a particularly good idea to add unannounced features that retroactively change pages without notifying the owner.


    Despite the understandable hostility that some users feel toward embedded sounds, there are a exceptional occasions when they're ok. One exception might be puzzle caches based on sounds.


    I have a puzzle cache, Tallahassee Blues, that is very sound-oriented. The music was an integral part of the puzzle. I had a <bgsound> tag for MSIE users, and a backup clickable link for others. I did a minor text edit after "tidy" had been implemented (without any notice...) and when I saved the page an important part of my puzzle (the <bgsound> tag that worked for 90+% of users) was irretrievably gone. Grrrrr.


    I can live with "tidy", but I wish that I had been told about it beforehand, or that it would at least let me know that it was changing the content of my page without asking. :blink:

  17. The site behaves slightly differently (and works as I hoped in the first place) if I add some little bit of html in addition to the <script>...</script> part.


    Initially, when I pasted the <script>...</script> stuff above into the 'Latest News' area and updated, the 'Latest News' changed to a blank.


    Now, when I do the same thing with the same text but add a <br> at the beginning, it keeps what I pasted and adds type="text/javascript" inside the initial <script> tag.


    I'm baffled, but it seems to work if you put a little standard html into the profile in addition to the javascript link. :unsure:

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