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  1. I have been at several Geocaching Events where cachers have displayed their collections, both collectable and tradeable. Many have discussed deals with others for different coins and or currency. My opinion - Hey folks, it's just Supply and Demand. As long as someone is willing to buy something which there aren't many of, or, are of high demand, so be it.

    Ebay is basically an international garage sale for many oddities. I include geocoins as "oddities" because not that many people out there know what they are (besides 'cachers, of course, and 'cachers make up a minute part of the world's population...for now anyway!)

    If people aren't breaking the law or the rules of geocaching, so be it. There are deals made here on the forums for geocoins, etc. There are parts of the forums to sell and buy gps and geocaching related equipment. Don't see a difference.

  2. As of 5pm (give or take a little) on this date Ramsey LtD :D attained his 100th cache! :lol: Treequest's "Weldon's Up There Somewhere" was the victim :D , uh, I mean, 100th!

    Ramsey LtD has weathered it all after taking up geocaching :D - work getting in the way, that pesky Mother Nature, the dreaded "killer" 4"-6" garter snakes, Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall, G.O.N.E., putting up with Klizich, being aged over 50......

    Well, well done! (not to be confused with "Well Done" cache; he did that earlier in the afternoon!) :lol: ; an event worthy of notice by Kings and Queens of far off lands, beasts of the land and sea to pay homage, Holiday(s) to be named in honor of this great event...................and..................

    good luck on many more caches!


    :D Way to go, Mark! B)

  3. Just shy of 31 years, :blink: retired at the end of June 2005. Patrol, Community Policing, D.A.R.E. officer for 6 years, OC & Firearms Instructor, EMT. 10 years volunteer FF and 3 years Rescue.

    Miss the people I worked with and the community, not the paperwork and scum of the earth.

    Only profession where you can retire and automatically be certified in the medical field as a proctologist...guess all those years of working with A**$#@^'s paid off afterall! :lol:

    A fair number of other retired and active LE 'cachers here in NNJ.


    As Phil Esterhaus used to say, "Hey, hey! Let's be safe out there!"

  4. ...can't forget musicians Jerry Only, his brother Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (yep, he legally changed his name to this!) and Dr. Chudd of "The Misfits".

    One could also be in keeping with the state by naming coins "Fageddaboudit" or "The Toxic Avenger". Keep the creativity coming, folks!

  5. ........and you thought the scopes on the weapons were for aiming at game!


    Actually, any hunters I know or have met casually pride themselves on being the poster children for safety. Even commuting through hunting areas, I cannot say I have observed anyone unsafe. I tended to keep my eyes peeled after 25+ years experience in firearms training. The only unsafe incident I know of involved hunters being robbed at gunpoint exiting the woods somewhere on Canistear Road about 5-8 years ago, never solved to my knowledge.


    Play it safe but don't prejudge the hunters. If you ever notice the hunters' reaction to anti-hunting demonstrations caught by NJ News or other services, it's not the hunters that are loud, obnoxious and out-of-control.

  6. :( Sniff! You should feel SO guilty for that poor garter snake...if you had only loaned your cell phone to the black snake, he could have ordered a pizza or something for delivery! "Oh, the humanity!" (well, almost!). ...could've been worse............
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