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  1. Hi Kevin,

    Got this sad news just before vacation and checking out colleges came up. Sad to see you leave. As has been said, you have done much to foster geocaching in New Jersey, and, have planted some great caches.

    I saw the list you put out and don't know if there has been any update as to which ones have been picked up or not.

    I would hope that Petroglyph Challenge can be adopted (maybe by NNJC!); this is one of those Primo caches that make geocaching great. It is truly up there with the great ones. I hope to get out and do it one of these days.

    Best of luck and stay in touch.


  2. :blink: Sorry gang, sent out an e-mail to a number of cachers trying to get them to join the fun; these hikes area blast! I ended up with the wrong start time due to confusion over an earlier e-mail. Start is definitely 7 AM.

    The e-mail had a list of 18 caches that could be do-able with more than the hike we have planned, but, still do-able. I will have copies of the caches and coords for all for those who did not get the e-mail. You can also e-mail me for a copy; it is in Works spreadsheet format.

    Sorry again for any confusion...just wanted to get as many people together as possible; the last outing is still fresh in my mind from all the fun we had. :D:rolleyes:

    Remember to have plenty of fluids (water, gatorade, etc.) as it will be hot out!

  3. He "retired" at the end of December 2006 - a milestone! :D On Monday, February 12 around 6:00 pm, he braved no snow, decent temperatures and a senior moment :P to log a TRUE MILESTONE: Cache #200 at Washington's Totally Tubular cache! :blink: Way to go, Mark! :grin:;)B):grin::P:unsure::P

  4. :oNow THAT was a caching experience!

    Found out about it during the week and didn't know if it was going to be possible until about 4:30 pm today! Glad I didn't miss this one! Great group, fantastic caches... Great group glee-club rendition of "Michael Row the Boat Ashore" :mad: and Johnny Cash's "Five Feet High And Rising!" :) The offer of swimming lessons was another nice touch! :lol:


    Way to go, Deb, nice event! :lol: Thanks much! :lol:


    "Night Sweats" and "Unfinished Business" were true challenges that I don't know would have been successful without a group effort. :mad:


    A pleasure seeing some old friends :o , and, a likewise pleasure meeting some new ones! :o


    PS thankfully, no one got seasick! :)

  5. ...hey, it may not be ALL that bad! I need my lawns cut, leaves raked and the gutters cleaned - how's 20 pesos sound????


    Besides, don't pick on Marco - he took and passed the INS test:


    Question 1: What is the third letter of the alphabet? His reply - "Si"

    Question 2: What is another name for the ocean? His reply - "Si"

    Question 3: What do your eyes do? His reply - "Si"


    I'll recommend him for those menial tasks we all need to have done!

    ...don't forget his country cousin, Kay Possum!

  6. As Old Navy already posted, we picked up an "eerie" amount (13) for the Halloween season the other day at Ryker Lake. This didn't help the paranoia from a bite last week ;) ...fortunately that was quickly remedied and the little @#$%^* tortured and killed slowly! :ph34r: ...as they say, "Payback...."! B)

    Apparently, this is NOT the only area of prevalence - I received an e-mail from a friend looking for one of my caches (within a mile or so of where I live) who found 15 after searching...the sad part is, there is less than 100' of very light bushwack involved (trails go almost to the cache)...during which he contracted his 'souvenirs'! :ph34r:

    According to information received (from doctor & veterinarian), just because a tick is not a deer tick, does not mean one cannot get Lyme...there are several tick species carrying the disease. :D

    Maybe we can host a seasonal Tick Roundup Event :ph34r: cache where everyone can bring theirs...and give them a sacrificial and painful sendoff :ph34r: to the Tick Netherworld! :blink: Heck, we could call on our creative cache developers to use their talent in developing exotic 'TT' (Tick Torture) devices ;) , prizes to be awarded, of course, after the show! :ph34r:

    ...just a thought! As Bill Cosby once reflected in a sketch from the 60's - "Noah, how long can YOU tread water????" :D

    What do you think, "NNJC First Annual Tick Roast & Barbecue" ????????

  7. Shortly after my last post on this topic, I gave the "benefit of doubt" and checked the cache. I was not too surprised to find no log entry...of course, as BrianSnat already stated regarding his cache, the description of the cache and approach were WAY OFF!

    I deleted the entry.

    ...THE VERY NEXT DAY the cacher re-logged it with another phony date (over a year IN THE PAST!), again cutting and pasting his info (some of which was not even correct!).

    An e-mail with factual and log content to Groundspeak was sent as well as an e-mail to the cacher inviting him to visit the cache during his next trip and honestly log it...otherwise any further log entries would be deleted. This cache (for anyone who has visited it) has a bit of uniqueness...I added a note that, if this uniqueness could be accurately described in detail, I would honor an entry.

    No response from cacher but e-mail from Groundspeak said everything was handled the way it should have been.

    While geocaching is a 'game', if you will, there will probably always be those who need or want to cheat...but, as a cache owner/hider, I do not have to accept or tolerate it - if dishonesty is encouraged or ignored, it will flourish and detract from the fun for all others who DO follow the guidelines.

  8. Mine was one of the caches "visited". The cacher had the same entry as the others listed (1 on one date, 4 on the next date). In fairness, knowing of course, that the cache was around .25 miles away from trailhead, I did a check. No log entry...no surprise. Deleted his entry...next day, he re-logs it with a date over a year ago and did so by the cutting/pasting method. I am going to delete his entry again and possibly submit all applicable info to Groundspeak for possible suspension, account closure or whatever they do under the circumstances.

    Guess it takes all kinds to make the world go round!

    The other "chuckle" was, he was supposed to be visiting family in the area. There are many other, easier caches nearby that no one would probably question. He even missed out on some very close by...if you are seeking numbers, you hit 'pockets' of caches and not piecemeal.

    Oh well.

  9. :unsure: On September 22, eleven days after hitting 200 caches, Danb101 hit #300 while at "Sheperd Lake 1".


    He then went on to bag 2 more caches towards his next milestone - 400!


    Being a bit of a 'slacker', Dan ONLY hit 98 caches the previous week while on vacation!


    Way to go, Dan!




    :ph34r:PS Dan's vehicle is in the background showing all the wear put on it from geocaching expeditions! :laughing:

  10. Done! Pushed geocaching wherever possible. Thanks for the "heads-up", Brian.

    Oh, by the way, I did request the planting of wild eggplant along as many trails as possible to accentuate the beauty of the trails! :ph34r:

  11. On Monday, September 4th (aka Labor day), Danb101 hit find #200 at "Needful Things", GC1037. On hand to witness the event were Walkin' Ed and myself. Thought it fitting that a very energetic and relatively new geocacher would have a milestone at one of Helmut's caches.

    Way to go, Dan! Many more good finds to you! ...and, 'yes', next time we'll find the elusive Tubular cache! :)

  12. ;) YGBFKM ! B)


    B)B) O F F I C I A L - N O - W H I N I N G - Z O N E ! B):D



    Geocaching vocabulary lesson for today:


    WAA'S: (not to be confused with W.A.A.S) - term used in geocaching to describe the sound emitted by Gurks [sic] when 'things' are not they want them.


    Patience is a virtue...we all need it. Even doctors need patience [sp]! :D Relaxamundo!

    Not that long ago there was a similar post regarding approval of caches in PA, although it was closer to the 72 hour suggested window. Keystone politely and professionally responded explaining that, [1] he/she is a volunteer (i.e. has a life other than geocaching...sound like the rest of us?) and [2] what a typical daily workload he/she had to contend with as a geocaching volunteer reviewer. Can't say I was envious.

    Take a look at the amount of caches in a state or area. Each has had to be approved; prior to that, the volunteer researches them to make sure they are in compliance. They also have to "keep tabs" on existing caches (maintenance needed, changes, etc.) I was glad to see Keystone got some help. It is always exciting to have one's caches published [mostly awaiting the comments and 'sporadic invectives' to come from the FTF or subsequent finders, especially if YOU have put a lot of work into your cache(s)]. Know what? THEY'LL GET PUBLISHED...

    Consider giving the volunteers a break and let them do their work rather than have to waste precious time to answer or defend their actions in the forums...this really doesn't get caches published any more quickly!

    If you want to give them anything, a "thank you" is appropriate...without them, we really wouldn't have our hobby...

    ...and there are other hobbies - for those who don't get their needs fulfilled or their whims answered immediately!

  13. Uh, like does this really count? :rolleyes: I mean, you got #600 at the Secret Agent caching event so shouldn't Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 get the credit??? :laughing: (just kidding :laughing: )

    Congratulations! Many more to you!

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