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  1. Use airiel view on map. Look for possible spots out to 500 feet radius around yours. You just might get lucky. I had same problem once. Chose three possible for the puzzle and bingo on my third choice. Problem solved, kill two birds with one stone. Hide a cache and find a puzzle.
  2. Been so long I did not notice it. But still our activities are already regarded as suspicious. Why add a strongly possible criminal element to it? When I asked a cop who helped using his slim Jim to get into a car. About that tool be said meer possession of such a lock picking device is considered intent. If you are not a locksmith or cop why the need for lock picking tools.
  3. Here in California, mere possession is not illegal. The law requires "intent feloniously to break or enter". Is mere possession of bobby pins and safety pins unlawful? Because I've used them as lockpicking devices. (Although it wouldn't be my first choice.) I found a web site that shows the law in all states link http://toool.us/laws.html Those laws are so ambiguous as to let the cop decide your intent. Just being in the area of a lock while possessing lock picking tools could get you arrested. The cops jump us enough about geocaching do you really want to give them something real strong to toss you in jail. Suspicious behavior while possessing burglary tools. There are cops among us. Please give your opinion.
  4. I do not know where some of you live. But Mere possession of lock picking devices is unlawful. Even possession of an item known as a slim Jim is a crime. The only people that can lawfully posses any kind of lock picking equipment are Police officers and Locksmiths.
  5. There is ambiguity built into all puzzles. That is the nature of them. Such as what is 1 and 1? Some will say 2, others eleven, but yet it may be 3. Why? 1+1=2, 1 put next to another 1 is 11. Then there is binary in which 11 is 3. Now that is ambiguous ain't it or is it subjective. Recently I solved a puzzle in which there where multiple possibles for many of the coord numbers. Now that was a pain, many different possible answers to the same question. Different sources of info had different answers, UGH! Ambiguity is something to just live with and deal with.
  6. Whatever I use (rope, zip tie, bungee cord, Velcro straps, wire, or some combination of them), I'll likely check on it more often than most other caches. I'll attach it to a hardwood rather than a pine. I hope to do the low branch idea. The park managers hang bird houses (not caches, actual houses for birds) with piano wire. Yep, thin one-stranded steel wire, twisted by hand at each end. Looks terrible. My cache won't be like that. I won't use nails or screws, which I think would be no good, even from a maintenance standpoint. The caches I've seen attached with nails are almost always loose or about to fall. The trunk grows, and the nail is pulling through the back of birdhouse. Nails seem to be considered maintenance-proof. But when the tree "eats" the nails, even more nails are required. And COs wait til the cache falls off the tree before fixing it. Or it gets archived. I have one ( bird house) in a tree. I used a rope and hung it 10 feet high so as not to draw muggle attention. It can be lowered and raised back up with that rope.
  7. One: did you use a phone or did you use a real GPS? Two: go back to GZ and take a new hit. My GPS PN 60 has the average function On it. I let it take 30 to 50 hits durring average function. Three: go to cache page and log a visit. Choose update coords. Write some BS about it. Then on that page there will be a spot to change the coords. Put in the new coords and submit that log. The cache page will be updated.
  8. Easy to find the TB code. You actually have it. When you log a cache, below the logging story box is a list of Trackable with TB codes. Find the code in question and write it down. Get a metal tag and engrave that number onto the tag you could also Put trackable at geocaching.com. I lost a TB item and the tag. So I made a new one with item and released it. Now the owner can track it.
  9. I did a puzzle just like that. SoCaTo GC39WWF. I used a scientific calculator and the sin cos and tan buttons. You can do similar just figure out the numbers that would coincide With angles. Now I am a machinist so my numbers do not agree with High school math teachers. They tend to round way off. In my job I carry out to six decimal and hold tolerances of plus minus .0001. So do some trig and build a puzzle.
  10. One thing that the OP could try is to take a picture of the log sheet. Then compare that to some nearby cache pages. To see if that sheet coincides with it. When you find one, there is a darn good chance that you have found it. SL and make a claim to the find. I have seen this work before.
  11. (1) slyuso starts out with thinking this is an abandoned cache. (2) BC & MsKitty points tword this being an unpublished cache. (3) cerberus 1 also points that way. (4) hzoi (you) point to it is possible archived. (5) Manville Possum points to possible another geocaching site. I have read in these forums that the other site (competitor) has closed down. So yes nobody thought to mention a possible muti or puzzle. (7) Pup Patrol came close to mentioning the multi or puzzle posibility. But in my experience the reviewer will not give identity of the cache in the area unless CO says they can. Trying to place one will get you info as to something too close though. That happened to me, I was able to force find stage one to a 10 part puzzle multi. About 300 miles of driving to find the final, which was 50 miles from stage one. I also have found unpublished ones though. It was too close to another that I had found. The CO failed to come retrieve it, 6 months later I found it while on a cache hunt. It sat there as geotrash for six months, the log book was dated. I thought it was a piece of trash. A Duff beer can game can, it is now a geocache someplace else.
  12. All of you have neglected the obvious one here. A stronger possibility that it may be the final to a multi or the answer to a puzzle. Stage one of the multi may be miles away, I read of one that was 1000 miles apart. However stage one of a puzzle will be within two miles.
  13. With permission, that hide is legal. It probably doesn't have permission,but there is nothing wrong with the hide per se. In reality that hide is not legal. That is a utility access box. Either cable or power, you can see that the CO has placed rocks on top of whatever is in that box. There was a box just like that in my yard where I used to live a few years ago. Utility company was pissed when it looked like some kids opened it. Current Federal law unlawfull to access utility access boxes of any type. I have even seen a sign to that effect by an access box.
  14. Solution: fill pole with water! Cache float up, if pole not drain then cache Stay up! If CO is lazy then tthtppt on CO. Announce easy cache to world and watch the fun.[]
  15. Go fill said pole with water, container pop up. That is what I did, only mine took 7 gallons to bring it up. I have one hidden that needs about 60 PSI to get it
  16. Internet explorer and Firefox still will work with the send to GPS function. The send to GPS is not a Groundspeak issue. It is an issue with the GPS manufacturer and the web browsers. Chrome stopped allowing add on's. Firefox and IE 11 still do. I use a Delorme PN60. My windows 7 laptop Just died. So I went and bought a new laptop computer with Windows 10. The new browser from Microsoft, Edge (the new browser)also will not allow add on's. But I can run Firefox and IE 11 and still use the send to function. You may also need to make sure that the USB port is turned on. I have never had that problem, but for some reason some people Are having it. For some reason that port is getting turned off.
  17. Humans need to get dirty. We all need to get exposed to many germs. Most of the problems with kids illness today is from lack of exposure to the microbes in our environment. Granted some are real bad but exposure to the mild stuff makes us stronger. Soap and water is all we need to wash. far too much antibacterial stuff is used and is making supper bugs today. I was hit by one once July 1996, an unidentifiable fungus combined with Strep A and Staff. I got it in the worst place possible. My sinus, It almost blinded me in one eye and as the medical staff told me it was the worst that had been seen in the hospital ever. Five years earlier and I would have been dead. I was on antibiotics for a year and a half. I also had two surgeries and have minor nerve damage. The bacteria ate some nerves. Don't help those germs to get stronger. Just go get dirty and use soap. As for me I play in the mud the blood and the crud. Only the real strong bugs can get to me.
  18. I got out before turkey, found three DNFed one. Snow about half inch to 3/4 inch deep. FUN. []
  19. Oh now!! It won't be that bad. In the 30s and only an inch or two of snow. I planted one once in a blizzard. People came looking for it in that blizzard. The only way to get over the climate here is to dive in. Try walking across a frozen lake at 20 degrees below zero towing an ice House. Or going through the woods like that. Dress for it and have fun. I think that I will sneak out and get some. MN Treker means you're probably in my 'hood. It was probably ME that went looking for that thing out in a blizzard. See? I get out once in a while. I did go out one Christmas and the snow was up to my hips and it was blizzardy. (granted I'm short, but c'mon!) I thought when I moved here I WOULD dive in. Even joined a Snow Lovers Club and never went to one event. So far. Hehe. H A P P Y T U R K E Y C A C H I N G! Ya gota love Minnesota! I hid that thing in an April Blizzard. No you did not look I placed it in Brooklyn Park, MN I have now hidden it again in Cambridge, MN Bring a longggg TOTT. I think that I ran into you at a Happy new year guardrail10 event. Have fun today. Happy Thanks giving
  20. Oh now!! It won't be that bad. In the 30s and only an inch or two of snow. I planted one once in a blizzard. People came looking for it in that blizzard. The only way to get over the climate here is to dive in. Try walking across a frozen lake at 20 degrees below zero towing an ice House. Or going through the woods like that. Dress for it and have fun. I think that I will sneak out and get some.
  21. On wooded property the owners may not live nearby. A plat map/book or GIS online at the county website. But beware not all counties are doing GIS.
  22. I would never look at Google Earth and say that what I see is correct. Those images can be up to five years old. It is a big misconeption that the images are current. Today there may be homes or a business where a field or woods once stood. I once made a hide at a culdesac. Google Earth showed a farm field. Two months latter image was updated to show the road. The Feds do not want current images on Google or other such map services. That would be a big security issue at this time.
  23. Well, it is part of the guidelines, and a potential guidelines violation. You assure us that you have the landowner's and/or land manager's permission before you hide any geocache, whether placed on private or public property. By submitting a cache listing, you assure us that you have adequate permission to hide your cache in the selected location.[...] I agree. There was a cache discussed recently that involved some alledged permission issues, including the posting of a no trespassing sign and property maps. Here's one with a twist on the permission issue. The cache is behind the Posted Private Property sign. The sign above it shows the property with hiking trails. It is not, in fact, private property but the CO nailed the Private Property sign to the tree to create the cache. He posts a picture of lack of permission. The placement of this geocache would get you thrown into jail in Minnesota. It is unlawful to post a no trespassing sign on property not yours. Be that property public or private.
  24. Well this Taco Bell issue must be regional. I just went to one in Coon Rapids Minnesota and was blocked again. When I first reported this it was in Blaine Minnesota. So I would guess all the local Taco Bells are doing it. they may have the right to do it but it is very bad business to do so. When you offer a service you need to make sure that you do not block out non harmful stuff. After all the library does not do it.
  25. I wouldn't, either! ... But I think you may have missed the actual topic here. It's the alignment of overhead imagery we're talking about, not the overlaid location of streets, borders or businesses on the map view. In fact, GE makes it plain that there are still quite a few minor (and some major) street alignment issues --- you see this when you overlay the streets on the more accurate satellite imagery. Actually this is on topic. If they can get all that I have spoken of wrong then they can get cords posting wrong too.
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