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  1. If that is classified as burried then so are fence pole hides. Must be a newbie reviewer. But still is a very bad spot. Hey cops somebody is messing with my neighbors power box on his house! Come quick and arrest him.
  2. One huge problem. You can not send to GPS With the browser on a smartphone.
  3. The tallest poison ivy that I have found is In the Sand Dunes State Forest. About 2.5 feet tall free standing. I carry a walking stick as I walk through it. That keeps my Hands up out of it. Poison ivy does not bother dogs. But they can get it on thier Fur. Then on to you.
  4. Once in a while I have that trouble with Delorme. I have found that it is the cable. Loose wire, broken maybe. In your case a different style than mine but most likely Same issue. Bad cable.
  5. The oils in poison ivy that cause the rash can be volatilized by burning, getting the smoke on you is enough to break out and even more dangerous conditions can arise if the smoke is unintentionally inhaled, probably not a worry for one or two plants but burning large patches of poison ivy is not a good idea Yea I am aware of that possibility. Air flow was good and patch was small, flames hot and high. Not worried about smoke, none. Hot flame no smoke.
  6. That darn stuff pops up every where. I just rototilled my garden. I found poison ivy growing at the edge. It was not there before. So I poured gasoline on it and poof it is gone. With help from a lighter??
  7. While we're discussing the misapplication of size ratings, I'd like to point out that the above descriptions of "Other" are wrong. The bolded portions of the quotes actually apply to the now-grandfathered "Not chosen" size rating, not "Other". "Not chosen" ceased to be available for use as of May 13, 2014. There is no longer a size rating available for when you don't want to reveal the size of container. The definition of "Other" is as follows (Help Center - 4.2. Containers Explained): Well sir, I stand corrected! Sorry but my statement still stands. Other fits for size not stated as well as something like a birdhouse as the container. Where I cache we use other for creative containers as well as I won't tell you how big or small it is. Size is relative.
  8. Poison Ivy don't bother me much. But some are more sensitive that others. As for Morons hiding in poison ivy. When a cache gets hidden the poison ivy may not be there. I was just informed of a new hide that I made. right in the middle of poison ivy. I did not see any when I hid it and now it is there. Bummer! Just take precautions when you go to grab the container. Also I have found a very good product that can help. Tecnu Extreme: A poison ivy scrub, I think Walmart has it. A very good TOTT when in poison ivy country. Long sleeve shirt and long pants, maybe some gloves while grabbing container.
  9. Other is for when you do not want to say what the size is. I could call a nano or a 55 gallon rum an other. I may have a very good camo job on the container. Size does not matter, I would call it other.
  10. Edge and chrome will not work for any send to GPS plugin. You need to use Firefox or Internet explorer. Install the plugin and enable it.
  11. It's worth noting that the "Caribou Park" cache is not located in a Minnesota State Forest like your cache is. So, if you're bothered by the fact that the Caribou Park cache does not comply with every provision of the Minnesota State Forest geocaching policy, that's how come. If you're bothered by the fact that the cache was wet when you found it, you were the first find after a thing in Minnesota called "winter." Report the maintenance issue in a polite, matter-of-fact way, and the owner will take care of it. Your a moderator that has called me "vindictive" and condescends me about a "Minnesota winter" The Fruitcake can be a bit testy at times. But before you gripe about rules you need to check to see what they are. In Isanty county no rules the park department actually welcomes geocaching. But the city of Isanti makes you register any hide be it in a city park or a street sign. Champlin also has this rule. Go to Coon Rapids no rule. Anoka county parks lots of rules .25 spacing among them. Just because you see something not familiar to your ideas of rules does not mean a violation. I even brought to his attention a new Blaine city parks rule that nobody knew about. The rule was written so badly that it could have banned all geocache in the city. A fellow geocacher TopGear was able to get with the city to rewrite the rule. I have had my own share of troubles with Fruitcacke. I spelled out my obedience of the State forest rules on my first forest hide and he got after me about obeying The State forest rules. He did not even read the cache page or my reviewer notes. Now a few years latter he his not so testy to me but still there is attitude at times. He tries to jump me about the law at times. Problem I work for the state and know them better than he does. So at times I have had to jump back. Before making a hide you need to check what rules you need to follow. Also the reviewers need to make sure that they are up on them as well.
  12. Smart phone not so smart while sinking My GPS is waterproof and floats too.
  13. Your Motorola DROID Turbo* has a GPS chip, so it will work just fine without a cell signal. See the parts of my post that discuss phones with a GPS chip. It also has assisted GPS, which will help it more quickly get a satellite lock when you do have cell reception. *You've gotta love EXIF data! OH! you must be Psycic. I never told you I had that model. Your good.
  14. More precisely, some smartphones use their data connection to more-quickly download the GPS almanac and ephemerides to speed up the initial satellite lock-on. This technology is called "assisted GPS". Contrary to popular belief, most modern smartphones aren't triangulating their position based on the signal strength of nearby cell towers. That method was used in early smartphones, but it's been many years since this was standard. You're far more likely to have an actual GPS chip these days. See above. While there may be some cheap smartphones available without a GPS chip, their number is negligible compared to the number of modern smartphones that do have one. With most smartphones, your statement is false. It would only be true if it's a very cheap or old smartphone that can only use cell tower triangulation to determine its position. If the smartphone has a GPS chip, it will be able to determine your position regardless of whether you have cell reception or not. It just might take longer and you may need to explicitly put your phone in airplane mode (I remember having to do this with an older iPhone). In your example, I suspect your phone was probably struggling to download the GPS almanac and ephemerides, but was having trouble due to the limited reception. If you flipped on airplane mode to prevent it from even trying to download this information from the cell network, I bet you'd have gotten a GPS location fairly quickly. My phone is only five months old.
  15. Some people swear by the phone. But I can tell when I go looking for a cache if a phone was used to hide it. The cords are usually off quite a bit. Not many people realize that a lot of cell phones smart phone included. Use the cell towers to locate positions. Also those that claim a GPS chip is inside are both right and wrong. Strange huh! I did some research and found that smart phones that claim to have GPS chip actually use both methods. The phone first starts out with cell tower GPS then switches over to GPS chip when it thinks that it has good location. I was recently out in an area where cell reception was very low to zero. The phone GPS did not locate me and the map was gone. That is another bad thing about phone GPS it needs the internet for the map. My Delorme PN60 kept me on track and I found many geocache. No internet needed. About Delorme, Garmin bought them. The Delorme product line is going to be gone soon. When product runs out no more GPS and no more TOPO software. The In Reach is now a Garmin product and will continue. I like to stick to a dedicated GPS then no troubles. The smart phone for calls and the internet. Just remember when no signal most likely no GPS on that phone.
  16. It could be the final to a multy. The two mile rule does not apply. Expand your search to look for a multy. Also check out the profile page of those who hide in the area. Look at there hides to help find this cache.
  17. First off you need to use IE or Firefox. Chrome won't work nor will the new edge browser. Install the plugin into your browser then enable it.
  18. Example GC46QQY. You do a canoe trip to find all. Final is not far past the end of the traditional ones. GC46QQY is the final. Since they are in a line if one goes missing it is easy to guess a good possibility on the missing number.
  19. You do you, Groundspeak Forums. Well this has been a fun run here. But the main thing about it is a Mall public or private. Far too many people misunderstand the law on private property. It is thought by many that if the public is allowed to be upon the property then it is public. This thought gets many people into a lot of trouble. I own the land that the road is on in front of my home. But the township owns a 66 foot wide easement for that road. But I still maintain ownership of the land the road is on. The portion of that 66 feet that is the road surface is public trespassable But the portion of that easement that is not road surface is not. Why is it different here as opposed to county easement law or State easement law? That is how it is written. I can prohibit snowmobile and ATV travel in the ditch. Why Township easement rules as spelled out by Minnesota law. Why Am I so adamant about private property? I have been forced to arrest some even at the end of a shotgun for unlawful trespass on land that I was a manager of. They where charged with criminal trespass. Charges stuck and they paid the price. Did I get into trouble for that arrest? NO! I was legal. Private property needs permission,read Groundspeak rules. But who really seeks that in a parking lot. Until all heck breaks loose when the cops come. I have been jumped by the cops in a parking lot while I was seeking a geocache. Generally we here do not find out about a Mall banning Geocache until trying to hide one. Our reviewers know which ones prohibit it. Can you hide in a building? Yes, just not a business building. A Mall is a business building. In general we all need to be more informed of the trespass laws where we live. They are not all the same throughout the country. And please do not cite tort law. That does not cut it due to differences in the law in your local. Common law also wont cut it. Legislative and Judicial is what makes the grade. This is what the courts go by. I can walk in a stream and fish here. Land owner can do nothing about it here. But go to Colorado and do that and you get a deer rifle in your face and tossed into jail. Check your laws.
  20. Here is a good example. Trespass prohibited on agricultural land. The land does not need to be posted to prohibit trespass. Trespass on the same land is allowed if given permission, this is our trespass law here. For non agricultural land such as a large parcel of woods that are not posted. Trespass allowed until or unless verbally told to leave. This is also our law here. Read the signs om posted land you will see them say No Trespassing or No Trespassing without permission. Or Trespassing with permission only. I have found all of these. I have also posted some of these. At the Tech College that I work at. The sign says No Trespassing or unauthorized activities. This is public property, Only Students and employees or those who wish to register are allowed to trespass. Geocache is not authorized.
  21. OK then unlawful. Point is trespass can be allowed or it can be denied. Trespass is not a crime unless it is denied and you trespass anyway. Far too many people assume that Malls and parking lots are public property. They are not. Just because the public congregates in a location for something does not infer permission to do whatever. That was the beginning of this thread. Can somebody hide A geocache in a Mall. The answer would be no. Why? Our rules prohibit hidding a geocache in a business is the answer. The Mall itself is a business. The Mall of America prohibits geocache anywhere on its property. Northtown Mall in Blaine, MN also prohibits geocache. The parking lots are wide open. Can I have a meeting of a boyscout troop in the parking lot? Only if I get permission to do so. But it is a public Commons area! Some would say. Sorry that has been tried in court and lost. Private property is just that, private. You would think differently if you where a property owner or manager. I have personally placed someone under arrest for unlawful trespass.
  22. Actually wrong. Trespass is defined as entering upon property not your own. Permission can be given to trespass or it can be denied.such as a store or mall. Upon entering said store or mall and being told to leave you are now an ileagle trespasser. Stores and Malls have an implied permission to trespass. Until told otherwise. Say you are in a public park and cop says to leave. Same thing, even though it is public property you are now an ileagle trespasser.
  23. Nice oxymoron... Really. Why would that be. The reality of all stores is that trespass allowed to shop. You can be aressted and charged for trespass if you engage in activities not associated with shopping. I know of at least one mall with a sign posted in the lot says exactly that. Look around you just might find one yourself. They are only required to post one if they do post any. But even without that sign they still can Level the trespass charge. Sometimes it sticks in court sometimes it gets tossed. It depends on the situation.
  24. Public mall? No such thing. Malls are private property where you are allowed to trespass to shop. Here in Minnesota there are a few Malls where geocache is prohibited. Parking lot included. Parking lot is private property. Technical college is also banned. You might think it is public. But only a little bit. If you are not a student or employee you are a trespasser. As a part time job I work at a local Tech College. A geocache popped up on my radar. I got hold of the reviewer and let him know Of the no trespassing sign on the property. Any body caught nosing around would have Gotten a nasty surprise if they came looking. Point being the reviewers should all know the rules, so they are the ones To check with as well as ask permission Before making a hide.
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