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  1. See if they have a send to GPS plugin for a browser. Internet explorer or Firefox only. Or you can do a pocket query. Then connect the GPS to the computer as a USB device. Then drag and drop the file into the correct folder in the GPS device. Now this is how I know for a Garmin or a Delorme. Will the drag and drop method work with Magellan? I can only guess.
  2. When you do get this correct you may need to see if the placement fits. A year is a long time to wait. something may now be too close to yours. Good luck.
  3. A few days ago I encountered some hunters in Blaine, MN. Now you might think that is not unusual. But Hunting is not allowed there, except deer by archery and turkey. Both by special permit only. Both seasons are closed. These hunters were using high powered air rifles with scopes on top. By high power I mean they were as powerful as a .22 cal. long rifle bullet. 1200 fps at the muzzle. Kill a human at 50 yards, seriously harm a human at 100 yards. They were using these hoping not to get caught, very quiet. But they were caught by me, I called the cops with GPS coords and they met me to get more info. I told the cop where the home was that the hunters came from. I saw the cop go to that place.My guess is that the cops went to put one heck of a scare in them since not enough info to arrest them. Case in point don't be afraid to call the cops when needed. Now that home is marked.
  4. I see that you are from deep in Wisconsin. Did you recently move to Minnesota? If not then you might not be able to hide one way over here unless you have a maintenance plan in place with a local. You need to look into that as well.
  5. Just know this you may have special rules to obey that are larger than 528 feet. Parks run by Anoka county have rules of .25 mile spacing. And must be registered. Blaine, MN parks also must be registered with Blaine, MN parks dept.
  6. I own a multy that has five waypoints. The final is number five. Total milage about fifty. From stage four to the final is 15 as the crow flies. KB has one with about 300 miles of driving.
  7. Back in October I also had some trouble. Suddenly no notifications and I could not log cache finds. There was a Monday component to this. On Monday after 8:00 am My email preferences on my profile page went blank. I was forced to re- validate my account. This happened two weeks in a row. I did nothing to cause it. After bringing this to groundspeaks attention it stopped. I do not know if they fixed it for me or if it stopped on it's own. Try this go to your profile page and Click edit your profile. Then click Email preferences. Make sure your email account is validated. If not you will need to do it again. Also maybe give a second email account but only one may be set as primary. Durring my issues I created a second email account to fix it the first time it went goofy. The second time it went goofy I put my original account back in and set it as primary. Things have been ok for about three months now. Good luck.
  8. You found the god of Zoroastrianism in the woods? Now that's impressive. Was he caching too? Oh wow I will have to ask him if he knows that about his name. Yes he was caching too.
  9. Please take this discussion someplace else. Let's keep it to the strangest thing found while geocaching. Once I found Sasquatch in the woods 😂😎 no really a big hairy guy. Oh wait that was just Khoda.😂
  10. I made a puzzle with only pictures once. Multiple choice. The data was hidden in the link to the picture. That cache is now archived due to animal activity at the site. Animal kept muggling it, then ATV drove over and crushed it. The FTF crew drove through a blinding blizzard for 15 miles to get it.
  11. Try zooming in, the street names will show up.
  12. Which evil local cacher did this??????? TheCachin8tor
  13. Look for an individual pixel that may contain all the data. There was one like that in my area once. Check the most center pixel. Just because the coords end in .000 does not mean you need to find only six numbers. You may need to find the whole coords. N45 23.000 W093 52.000 Just might be N45 21.568 W093 51.689.
  14. I like this new feature. I have used it also. A traditional cache placed by newbie was way off. Another experienced cacher placed note of correct coords in thier log. Rather than wait for newbie to fix it, I fixed it at my end then sent it to my GPS. Very nice feature.
  15. Today when I entered the woods not far from the Blain, MN small aircraft airport. I found a three foot tall rocket with parachute. I citoed it out nosecone and chute in good shape. Main body cardboard tube no good now. Hmm maybe a geocache later.
  16. Fire hydrant! In my area highly unlawful To hide on a Fire hydrant. Our reviewers Reject any like that.
  17. I know caches who use stamps. They have different sized ones For different sized logs. But nano Caches get the pen. This person also has a stamp for some Double or triple team caching.
  18. That car reminds me! Up north of Grand Marks, MN. I found deep in the woods no road to it a Chrysler of unknown model. Year class some time in the fifties by the body style. It also had a hemi in it. The whole thing was crushed under a very large boulder. I would bet it has a very interesting story behind it. Especially since no other rocks in the area.
  19. What is the strangest thing that you have found while looking for a geocache? Once I found a butcher knife stuck in a T shirt in a stump in the woods. This weekend I found a wicker basket hanging in a tree. In the basket were a pair of galoshes. These where a few miles back in the woods. Strange indeed. It gave me an idea to name a geocache. A Basket of Galoshes. Maybe I will go hang them deep in the woods again.😎
  20. What if you put the phone in airplane mode, so it no longer accesses the internet while being used as a GPS? (My phone caches the route and continues to provide directions even when I lose my data connection, as long as I don't deviate too far from the route that it expects me to take.) Well good luck with the judge. The cop won't care what mode you claim to have it in. You still get the fine for using the smart phone/ hand held gps. Remember you may only use it as a phone in the car if you are the driver. You may however give it to the passenger and they become your Navigator.
  21. Here in Minnesota you may not hold a GPS while driving. You may hold a phone only if you use it as a phone. You may not use the GPS on the smart phone. Due to the fact that it accesses the internet while in use. You may not even put it on the dashboard, mounted due to the fact that it is still accessing the internet while being used as a GPS. You may however use a dash board mounted GPS such as TOM TOM. Many here have found the hard way when they got a large ticket for using the phone GPS.
  22. You need to click "view photographic evidence" to see each of the images that create the encoded message. B. Yeah I am viewing all the "Evidence" and nothing seems to reveal the code word. I sent you an email telling you what you need to do. I sent that a few days ago. Flag color means nothing here.
  23. The e mail that we all got was an advertisement. The third email mission will go out Friday the 19th.
  24. Do a search for "garmin communicator" There are plenty of threads about this + sollutions. Also do not use chrome or edge browser.
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