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  1. http://www.cacherstats.com/LocationIndex.html Here is a link to the website that works for me. I had saved my location as a bookmark for Minnesota. Then when I clicked on location index it took me to the main page, I then copied that address bar and tried it alone. It took me right to it. Funny though if you do a google search you cant get there. Also when I use my smartphone It takes me someplace else .
  2. Missdirected; Not really it seems that Microsoft is not responsible for this. The link is on Groundspeak and they messed it up before. So who do you think did it. I vote for the source. I know a number of others also having this issue. Different operating systems, but all on IE11. Internet Explorer 11 is not an older version. It is the highest version. It is also the last version that will be made. In my circle outside of geocaching, there are programs that require IE, Edge nor Chrome will work. That is just how some things go. You want or need send to GPS then the function needs to be maintained. Some I know have said this broken feature now makes it to cumbersome. They speak of quiting due to this issue. I try to get them to change but Groundspeak is pissing them off.
  3. Different in this case due to the fact that Internet explorer still supports this plugin.
  4. True that is why they(veterinarians ) Say do not spray on cats.
  5. Well now maybe everybody understands what happens when you drag and drop a gpx file into an existing listing of geocaches in a Delorme unit. If the file has stupid symbols that it don't like it can trash out a whole list. I see that even the Garmin unit renamed that cache to protect itself. That cache name is not the correct name. That is what happens when I do pocket query. Name change to protect the unit. Name change does not happen with individual gpx drag and drop. Nor with send to GPS. Well like I said I guess I am going to have to stick with pocket query method. My computer updated last night and that did not fix the send to GPS. So I guess Groundspeak did the dirty deed of killing it (the send to GPS). It would be nice if they would have said so. As a side note, I just found out that the name translates to mean three. As for language, I don't know. The hider is a principal in a school. Stinker is showing off his brain. ?
  6. Yes kill them ticks. I spray it on my dog. Any ticks that get on him die. I find then on the floor wiggling as they die. I spray it on my clothes as well. I then find dead ticks on the floor of my car. On that note also spray it on the carpet and seats of your car. Those that get off you will get killed there. Beware though, do not spray a cat. Permithrin kills cats.
  7. Well we have one thing clear my Delorme handles geocache a bit different. I can load geocaches into different folders. That is where some of the file loss issues come from. Have a screwy cache in one file. Then switch to another and poof I loose some. So today I went looking, but the send to GPS still dead. I did pocket query. A cache came in with screwy name, lot of symbols. The name got converted to???????????. How would a Garmin unit handle that name issue? GC7PD8D
  8. I was told they only handeld one. Some friends have Garmin units and that is what they told me. I also have a Garmin GPS map 64st. Given to me by an uncle. That thing is very complicated. I have loaded some puzzles in that. I have to use Garmin Express and the lists page in Groundspeak to load geocaches into it. It is not designed to use the communicator. Express only. I am still learning that thing. Ok I am wrong about the quantity of files unless you mean folders. I can have many folders with 500 geocaches in each. Can the Garmin do that too?Yeah some friends have tried to get me to do gsak. That may be what I may try. But I also have the option of TOPO North America (TOPO 10) mixed with pocket query. I have done that a few times. This only works with Delorme units and only if you have the patch.
  9. Since Garmin bought Delorme you will not be able to find anything regarding Delorme units. The removed and blocked anything Delorme. Delorme units have a duo core processor. Also not programed up the same way a Garmin is. Garmin can only have one file of GPX geocaches. Delorme can have multiple. Example: file name April hunt. In that file I could place 500 geocaches. May hunt. In that file another 500. I could place then in the unit with pocket query or the send to GPS button. If one of those geocaches were to have bad code such as a symbol.#&$¥£π¶. Those are examples then the hexadecimal 1A issue would wipe out a bunch of geocaches when you switch from one file to the other. Those symbols also could cause route calculation issues when you tell the unit to lock on to a geocacher and route to it. Now if you use the pocket query method to bring in a list of geocaches chest then some how the goofy symbols are converted and or deleted from the cache description. But not if you used the send to GPS method. The send to gps button is only supported in internet explorer. I know some will say also in a certain version if Firefox. But that version is scheduled to be eliminated. Delorme does not use the Garmin communicator. It uses the Delorme send to gps plugin. But due to that now not working I tried to place a gpx file(geocache) into an existing geocache file with others. Then when I opened that file, poof! 150 geocaches gone. But the cache that I had placed was there among the survivors. Maybe it is a good thing the send to GPS not work now. I have tried it on other computers that I know have the plugin. Windows 7, 8 and 10 using internet explorer. All do not. Work now.
  10. An example would be GC7PD98. Those symbols would drive Delorme nuts if sent with the send to GPS button. Delorme also can have multiple geocacher files. So switching to another file then back to the file with that one in it would wipe out all files below it plus that one. One time I lost three hundred cache loads due to that. But like I said the pocket query method will fix it and all would be well. It is just a bit of a pain to have to create a new guery when I want to go find a new cache publication.
  11. The cache in question did not cause the issue. Some other cache did. Evertlything below A went poof gone. A cace beginning with the letter B must have been the problem one. This has happened before. Symbols ,not all just some symbols cause it. However the fix is to load them up with pocket query. The symbol issue is fixed when you do pocket query. Then the Hex 1A issue is canceled out. But if that send to gps was working then that method will not fix the Hex 1A issue. Delorme was never able to fix that before Garmin bought them. Most of the time you could not tell if the cache page was going to cause an issue. But now it may not be an issue any more. Even a fellow cacher is telling me that send to GPS is not working for him now. Did Groundspeak cause this? Or did Microsoft cause it. That is still unknown. The plug-in is still in my Internet explorer. It just won't work now. I almost forgot. Delorme units organize geocaches by alphabet, not by GC number.
  12. tried to load a single gpx file. it wiped out the whole list of geocaches in my unit. That is caused by a known bug, the hexadecimal 1A issue with delorme units. If there is any goofy symbols in the cache name the Hex 1A can trash out things. This morning I see that the whole send to gps function is not working again, both from map page and the cache page. I also checked with another computer and got the same thing. I even tried updating java and flash, thinking that a windows update trashed things out again. But the problem seems to be at Groundspeak end.
  13. Sorry but you all seem to think I have a Garmin unit. I do not. The gpx button can not send the gpx file directly to a Delorme unit. Only a few ways to load. One: pocket query. Two: send to GPS button. Three: using a special function in my TOPO 10 map software I can run a pocket query and import that into the map software. Then upload that to my unit. Not every Delorme owner can do this. I managed to get the patch before Garmin closed it down. So for most Delorme users. The send to GPS button is the best for single cache loads. Pocket query with drag and drop from the zip file that gets sent to your email is the next best. But this is all pointless now. Groundspeak has fixed the problem. The send to GPS button now works from the map page.
  14. Well that is the first I have heard of CNC machines being infecetd. I have been in this field for over 20 years. I also teach this.The dos system on these machines is not the same as on a computer. But as for the gpx button. I was given only two choices when I clicked on it. Open with notepad or go find an app online to open it with. So it is not possible to send the gpx file directly to my GPS. Maybe this is a windows10 thing. I would have to change it (my GPS unit) over to connect as a drive. Then drag that file to the waypoints folder. This is the same way I would have to load a pocket qwery. Or I could get gsak. Some like that but so far I am not sure.
  15. Yes I Know of pocket query. That is for a bunch at one time. send to GPS is for one at a time. As far as firefox, very soon even that other version of it will disallow That plugin. P.S. my unit is Delorme, even though Garmin now owns Delorme no Garmin products work with these units. As far as download GPX file. I do not know what you are talking about. The GPX button that I see only says GPX file. Using that gets me a copy of the GPX file that I have to use notepad to open. That is no different than the pocket query. Pocket queries are a large GPX file with many geocaches. That I then drag and drop into the waypoints folder in my unit. What you are saying is that I would have to do that with each individual cache. It seems that Groundspeak has caused this problem with the map page since the other buttons work. Why cause the pain in the rear? HUH? put it back the way it was. As long as Internet Explorer still supports this it should be usable. And no it can't infect the computer, this is no different than when I send CNC milling programs to my CNC machines. Those can't be infected either. GPS and CNC are not windows based so no infection possible.
  16. Well like I said Internet explorer still supports this function. As far as I know this will not change. Since Microsoft has no plans to do anything with it. It is also the only browser that supports the send to GPS function. I know all about the other methods to transfer a file to my GPS. But why go through all that crap. When the send to gps works.
  17. Recently I have noticed that the send to GPS button in the cache bubble on the map no longer works. But if I go to the cache page the button works there. Internet explorer still allows this function. Have you disabled this ability from the map page? The other buttons work in the bubble but not send to GPS.
  18. I don't see why not. I have found CDs in amocans. Make a hide and leave it as a first to find prize.
  19. A good way to launch them would be to go hide a container large enough to hold them. Mabe hide three. Get all published at the same time. Worked for me.
  20. One possible reason for my TOPO is working. I also have IE 11 installed.
  21. I am not sure why topo won't work on your windows 10 system. I have both topo 9 and topo 10 loaded and working on my windows 10 computer. An update knocked my topo 10 out for a bit. But a reinstall using the repair option fixed my topo10. Funny though that windows 10 update that knocked out topo10 did not knock out topo9. But yes TOPO 10 Northamerica should work on windows 10.
  22. If you use Garmin express it is also easy to do that way. Download Garmin express to your computer. On geocaching .com create a list, not pocket query. After you have the list you can send that list directly to the unit. On the right hand side of the computer screen, your right hand side that is. You will see some buttons one will send the list to your Garmin unit. I also have a GPSmap 64st. That is how I did it. Beware that sending a new list may wipe out the old and replace it with the new. I also have a Delorme , those units can have more than one file of geocaches. I do not know if Garmin can.
  23. Sometimes the puzzle cache may be a multy also. I recently found one of that type. It took me on about 200 miles of driving. The to the final about 70 miles as the crow flys from the ? icon. But stage one was within the two mile limit. That cache was not too old.
  24. Mn-treker


    Sorry that still is not fully correct. That is for the Firefox extended release version. Which also stated that some problems will be encountered with that version. Which will also end support of plug ins in early 2018, that is what the website said. I do not know were your info comes from. I just opened my Firefox and it updated again. Still says plug in is not supported. So as I said before IE 11 will support the send to GPS plug in. This is what comes from the Web page regarding this issue. Also a screen shot of my Firefox stating the fact that the plug in is not supported. Why do Java, Silverlight, Adobe Acrobat and other plugins no longer work? Beginning in Firefox version 52 released March 7, 2017, installed NPAPI plugins are no longer supported in Firefox, except for Adobe Flash. Some of the plugins that will no longer load in Firefox, even though they may be installed on your computer, include Java, Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Acrobat. See this compatibility document for details. Over the past few years, Firefox has implemented various Web APIs so that websites can do the same things they’ve always done without plugins, so you will most likely not notice any change to your browsing experience. Why did Firefox do this? The internet is full of websites that go beyond static pages, such as video, sound and games. NPAPI plugins, especially Flash, have helped enable these interactive pages. But they also make your browsing slower, less secure and more likely to crash. Over the past few years, Firefox has worked hard to build replacements for these plugins. Together, they are called Web APIs. They are designed to replace the function of these plugins without undermining your internet security, stability and performance. Before, these Web APIs weren’t quite ready, so Firefox started the transition by making plugins load manually (click to activate). Today, they’re ready. Many sites have adopted them, and almost all your favourite pages can be enjoyed without using old and insecure plugins. Firefox joins other modern browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to remove support for these NPAPI plugins. I’m having problems In case you’re not yet ready for this transition to happen, the ESR (Extended Support Release) of Firefox 52 will continue to support these plugins until early 2018. Click here to download Firefox ESR. Important: The Windows 64-bit version of Firefox 52 ESR only supports the Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight plugins. If you also need support for Java or other installed plugins, choose the Windows (32-bit) download. By default, Firefox 52 ESR will use the same user profile data as other versions of Firefox. Installing Firefox 52 ESR after using Firefox version 55 or above can cause problems such as loss of browsing history, error messages, breakage in portions of Firefox and issues with some websites. You should either create a new profile to use with Firefox 52 ESR or else refresh Firefox after installing Firefox 52 ESR.
  25. Mn-treker


    Well you must not have updated your firefox. The latest firefox will not support plug ins. I had the plug in in my firefox. Then when it updated it got removed. Firefox also would not let me reinstall it. It said that plug ins are no longer supported. So no I am not wrong.
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