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  1. Wow that lint roller idea sounds great! But I would still use spray and also spray inside the car.

    You never know where those little buggers can hide. Two days after caching in the Rum River State Forest my friend guardrail10 found

    ticks crawling in his truck. He did not use spray till half way through his day of geocaching. I only found one on me and none in my truck.Premithrin kills ticks, deet repels and does not work well to repel ticks.

  2. I live in Minnesota, the ticks are very bad this year. We have found that Deet does not work very well. Try permithrin, do not apply to skin.

    It is to be put on shoes socks and other clothing. Permithrin kills those bugs, You may still find a few on you but a whole lot less.

    It may also be sprayed on dogs hair to help them. Good luck.

  3. Some one asked if power poles are placed along a private drive or road who owns the poles?

    Answere is that the power company does in all cases. The ownership of power distibution changes at the house.

    In all states it is unlawfull to attach anything to a power or telephone pole. If you think that permission wil be given, forget it, no it will not.

    That lineman that planted one on a pole conned his way into it, the boss don't know what that guy did.

    As far as putting one way up the pole, maybe you should look at Texas. Some court ruled that Cache owners can be sued for injury incured by finders.

    Due to dangeros placement. things will be worse if unlawfull placement as well. I saw the Texas case in earlier disscusions here.

    I own a pole in my yard with a light at the top and had to climb it 40 feet to replace the photo cell. I used my deer stand and that was one scary climb.

    As geocache owners we all must think before placing a hide, and not be on the wrong side of the law. Just because it looks like a neat thing to do

    does not mean you should do it.

  4. Delorme has released a new batch of Geocoins. Many if not all have a big problem. They were given codes from that first batch of 250 that were

    created back in 2008. I bought one and tried to activate it and was told that it was owned by Team Delorme. I contacted Delorme about this and

    they were puzzled. They sent me a replacement and instructions to return the bad one. Well I decided to try and activate the second one before sending off the first one. The same result happened, I contacted Delorme they are looking into it. As of now their current batch is listed as on back order.

    If you bought one in December it may be unactivatable, you need to contact Delorme.


    good luck


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