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  1. Yes the GIS maps a good but beware mistakes abound. Also even the disclaimers say aproximate on the drawn boundries. I have found that three years ago my county GIS maps were ok and boundries drawn good. But now not so good,(wed site remade) even my property line on the north was moved on the map 60 to 80 feet into my north neighbors property. Good thing that I know where my lines are. As far as right of ways go city, county, state, and township right of ways differ as to whats allowed in them. They may also differ from state to state. So while you check your GIS maps check your laws also. Some counties may not have the GIS system, I have found a few that don't. In this case a county plat map is a good source. It will show property boundries, but this is also somewhat ify due to possible out of date. But you can always check with county offices as to ownership.
  2. Sometimes you might need to check with local laws. I own the land under the road in front of my property, on bothsides of the road also. I own the land in the so called right of way. The township owns the right of way for a road and utilities (phone and power only). Snowmobile and ATV not allowed in that right of way, also not open to the general public. Geocache would be prohibited there, I would not allow it. My neighbors would be up in arms about strangers in the area. Bieng that county cops are the only cops that would come You could imaagine what the neighbors would come armed with. Different right of ways have different laws, so check before you do any thing.
  3. That being said, all parking lots are private property. Side walks in the city are as well. In Minneapolis a geocacher almost got busted by US Marshals. Cache placed in sign on side walk, US Marshal came out to confront. He said this is federal property, federal building. Cache soon dissapeared, then was archived. In the city side walks belong to building owner. The public is allowed to use them and owner Must keep clean and maintained at building owners expense. For sidewalks in front of homes is the same thing. Home owner owns all the way to the curb. If does not maintain side walk then city does It and bills property owner. Put a cache in a tree on boulevard and you might be tress passing.
  4. Easy to do. (1)Turn on the PN60 (2) go to settings (3)select connect to computer (4)Use GPS will be highlighted, press enter.(5) scroll down to open SD CARD or open INTERNAL DRIVE. (6)Make sure you have plugged it into the computer. (7) now go to the computer and open the drive through my comupter in XP or computer in windows 7. (8) open waypoints folder in the drive. drag and drop your GPX file to that folder. (9) close the drive. (10) Back to the PN60 Select connect as a GPS the PN60 will disconnect from the computer as a drive. (11) go to Geocaches and open your geocache file and go find them.
  5. When you have a bad encounter with cops NAIL them! I have known a number of guys who went through cop school here in Minnesota they came out with this attitude. The police are your lord master snd god. The police are the supperior of the people. Even though I have read the books that they are required to read. That say that the people are the supperior of the police. One of those students quoted me this. The citizen is required to kneel before the police and say AHH! when they unzip. I tried to get him removed and a drive by was performed on my house by a cop. He faild to get his target, then a death threat was put on my head by that and other cops. Upon reporting it I was told that nothing would be done because all cops stick up for all cops no matter the criminal behavior. As a result any time I see a cop I am ready for war. There are only a very small handfull of cops that I trust. I do not have an arrest record, I have been stopped by Anoka acounty deputies who refused to give identification. Upon reporting this I was told that the Anoka county sheriff approves of his deputies behavior. We the peolpe are the supperiors, any and all questionable or unlawfull acts should be reported and all bad cops removed and jailed.
  6. or pee on it OK calm down, I'm joking. So that is what the dog is with for Have him lift his leg and pee on it, cool.
  7. Depending on the type of container, Just beat it. Beat it, beat it. Smash it against a tree and beat it. I just found a picnic drink container used as a cache container with lid frozen shut. Container was good quality, so it could take a beating. The last finder had placed it upside down and threads in lid got iced. I got the lid free, SL then placed it in the correct orientation. Next finder will have it easier now. Now I would not do this to one that could not take it. But when you have walked two miles that thing is going to open. Even if I have to chip the ice off with a TOTT.
  8. There is one of these in Minnesota GC3DJ9Z I Believe in Magic. It is dissabled for now due to a wet code tag. The code tag is written in UV ink and water messed up the ink. I had to DNF due to could not read the code to open the lock. The lock did look in good condition though.
  9. while hunting you look for your prey as well as looking for other hunters. But try geocache while you are being hunted. In the areas that hunting is allowed the animals might be hunting you while you seek the cache. Cougars Bears and Wolves Oh! MY!.
  10. Do not assume geocachers are doing the muggling. LPC hides are on private property. I have seen some that were muggled by the employees of the stores that were with the parking lots. Also by cops who knew that it was a geocache. I have seen some lots wih sign stating no unauthorized activities allowed. Also stating that only parking of cars is allowed in the lot. At this lot cop pulled the hide and said do not come back. The CO did not ask and did see the sign, he did not care. So if you have LPC series that get muggled over and over. Then you are just asking for it. Best way to avoid this is to sak for permission.
  11. Peronaly I would stay away from airports. Here in Minnesota we had some trouble. Blaine MN Anoka county airport. Not even on airport property but near it. A device shaped like a pipe was found in the woods near the airport about .2 mile away. Big freakout I don't remember if they blew it up. But I do remember they did not say what was in it. I had found all standard geocaches in the area. I had not found any of the ? mark ones, there were about 5 within the radius of the trouble spot. But this showed that they go nuts over any thing not normal any where near the airport. Granted if you look you will see a bunch of geocache near by. These are marked on the website and visible to law enforcement. Those ? mark ones are not. By the way this was about a year and a half ago.
  12. Thanks for sharing! That's probably the best post we have had all day. Yep there is cacher ghosts and non cacher ghosts that know about this hide. That are pleased with it. Because after all the owner of this cache dedicated it to those that have passed and are forgotten at least to us. Again thanks for sharing. The ghosts here were probably using the energy from the GPS in a a certain way or sending it energy in a certain way to make ground zero move on you like it did. If of course it was ghosts. I do have to ask was there any power lines nearby? I have been to few cemetery caches and nothing strange has happened to me. Some experts say that strange lights people see around cemetery's are luminous gases that rise from decaying corpses. Maybe that could also be the factor in the moving ground zero. Do you recall the shape you made trying to get from 1 ground zero to the next? There were no power lines. My path was almost at right angles. At the GZ in front of the obolisk the next GZ lock was a straight line to the final GZ.It was almost like a bread crumb trail was placed in front of me to get to the memorial. Then after seeing the memorial the final prize was pointed out to me. From what I see on other logs later some had almost the same, GZ moving around. There is a railroad about .2 miles away any power near here may be underground.
  13. I once went after a cemetary hide. It was in Minnesota near highway 35 and highway 23. A memorial obolisk was in the center due to the Hinkley fire many years ago having burned all the markers out. As I drove down the road folowing my GPS it said GZ here on the side of the road. I got out, then GZ moved to the other side. I cross the road and then GZ moved again, to the left. I folow and again it moves, now to the right. I am now at the enterance to the cemetary and looking right at the memorial. Then GZ moves big time about 90 feet away to my right. I go almost right back to the spot where I crossed the road and make the find outside of the cemetary. I have never seen a gost but have walked where many would be if they exist. On this day I did not see any gost but this was freaky. Almost like they wanted to say hi. Cache name: Remember the Forgotten Ones GC1BCG3.
  14. Alien Hampsters have made another attack
  15. The attack of the alien Hampsters from an alternate geocaching realm have been thwarted.
  16. All photos are gone, including background images for cache pages. Avatars and all the photos that we all have uploaded. Maybe something new, or maybe the hamsters have died that powered that server.
  17. I have a PN-60 also. This model is great but does have a few known quirks. (1) The send to GPS add on to use with your browser will cause a minor bug. If the name of the cache is too long and there are a series of caches with same name but diff. number you will wind up overwriting the last one sent. But if you do a pocket query this wont happen. Somehow the pocket qwery gives each one a different name. (2) If there is some kind of symbol in the cache discription or a log then it will cause some kind of hexadecimal code issue and wipe out all geocache loads past the problem cache. I once lost 500 geocaches from that. Exampel the Registered mark an R in a circle. The trademark symbol A T in a circle. Again these issues only pop up when you use the send to GPS add on. They do not happen if you do a pocket query. When you do get your PN-60 get it with TOPO 9 or TOPO 10. Update the firmware for the PN-60 right away. Best to do it with the TOPO software. Dont do the pocker query through TOPO do it on the Groundspeak site. Then send it to your email address, connect your GPS to the computer as the internal drive or as the SD card and drag the pocket query into that location. (3) Some times when you do a sinc to TOPO an alarm may pop up unable to analyze GPX file no object identifier. Delorme still has not figured out how to fix that issue. Work around is to resave the geocache file in the GPS unit as the same name. Esentialy overwritting the file then Sinc will work. check out the forums page on the delorme website for lots of help from users. I am running the highest Firmware on mine and still get these issues. I just work around them when they pop up. I store my geocache files in Topo in case that hex issue pops up then I can reinstall them back into the GPS unit. Welcome and have fun.
  18. Every one has their own idea as to what rating a hide gets. The person that hides it knows the terain, just because it is only.2 miles from a bike path doe not mean that it is .2 to get there. And that bike path is not a city bike path, it is an old rail line converted to a bike path. In winter it is a snomobile path, and when winter hits here it will be even harder to get to the hide. I have found many lpc hides only because they were close. I would rather stay away from them, too many cops and too many cop wanabees. To each his own. The original topic: Are geocachers getting soft. YAH You Betcha, lets hit the woods and swamps !
  19. Hey this is the north woods of Minnesota. Any place in the woods is a great place to hide one. This gets you off your bike and but to get in to the woods. I once had to climb up a 400 foot high 45 degree slope in very dense woods to find one in a rock pile along the north shore of Lake Superior. You could not see the lake or anything due to the dense woods. What was the reason for the hide? just to do it! Why else!
  20. Question: Are Geocachers getting soft? Answer: We will soon see. I am currently hunting in northern Minnesota and am planning a Geocache placement up here Laporte, MN. I was going to rate it a 4 by 4, but after what I just saw it will now go to a 5 by 5. It is a typical woods hide, no trail about .2 miles off of a bike trail. Why so high a rating? I have just encountered a large pack of wolves. 130 to 150 lbs each also there are Cougars and large Black Bears up to 600 lbs. All within one mile of this hide, recomened tool Pistol! and a bike.
  21. Log it as needs archived and call the police also. This site is deadly
  22. I have been having same problem. Just go slow over the icon when you see the name pop up, click left click the icon. The finger won't show up but a good chance that the bubble will open. Slowly! just be patient. Hey Groundspeak somebody needs to look at this problem.
  23. YEA!! The Google maps are back and with satalite view.
  24. There is no way I would tresspass. I do have a cache placed on private property. It is on an island in a lake in Minnesota. the island is not posted, but I checked anyway since it is possible to own an island. The owners told me that a cache had been placed there once before without permission. That one got archived, he did give me permission. I posted this fact on my cache page along with his name thanking him for permission. As for parking lot hides you need permission for these also. There is a cache placed somewhere in Blaine, MN in a lot that has a sign. the sign says all unauthorized activities are prohibitted the only activity authorized is shopping. It then gives the property owners name. I did not see that sign till after I got jumped by a cop who pointed it out. That cache is still there, the cache owner just does not get it that he can't hide one there. When his cache went missing word went out that the CO was going to muggle my cache hides, he thought I took it, the cop most likely took it. The CO replaced it and I am not going near that lot again.
  25. I and many others have the same problem. you can still use the pocket query function though. Either through Topo 9 or on the geocaching.com website. if you do it on geocaching.com and get it through e-mail do this. On the PN-60 go to settings conect to computer click on use GPS press enter. Select open sd card or open internal drive. Then open that drive in your computer and drag and drop the pocket querry .gpx file into the waypoints folder in your PN-60. Then go back to your PN-60 and select use GPS and you are back in the game. I have e-mailed Delorme about this problem. I am waiting for response.
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