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  1. I believe that you can have multiple caches in a LOC file by going to Your Profile page and using the Search Options. You can pick caches individually or Select All. You can only do one page at a time (20 caches), but that's twenty times better than one at a time. The search is centered at your home location. The real problem here is Microsoft. With the IE update to IE 11 you need to enable the plugin. Then you need to turn on compatability mode. Both are found in the tools tab In Internet Explorer 11. This problem is hitting all makes and models of GPS units. Look in the How to part of the forums I have posted info for some one else about this and what to do.
  2. This problem has been popping up with many different brands of GPS and the pluggin. It is usually caused by an update with windows IE.(1)Enable the pluggin (2) turn on compatability mode. That's under tools in Internet Explorer.
  3. Your problem is most likely caused by an update. You installed Internet Explorer 11. (1) make sure that the add on is enabled. (2)You will need to turn on compatibility mode. (3) You may also be able to use Google Chrome to load up geocaches or Firefox. I never have my computer set to automatically install updates. Some will give you a major problems till bugs are worked out. You should set your computer to ask first.
  4. These plugins usually only work with Internet Explorer or Firefox. In Internet explorer go to tools on the menu bar. scroll down to manage add-ons. Make sure that your send to add on is enabled. Then when you go to the geocaching website you must use IE or firefox as your brouser to send caches to your GPS unit. Good luck. quote name='Cynthia08180' timestamp='1388279874' post='5334470'] There we go again.. someone else with a problem that you see everywhere on the forum already. We are new to Geocaching. Bought today a Magellan 610 and we are premium member of the Geocaching site. I did want to put some coordinates into my new GPS by: send to GPS (found a great one on the map and we would love to try out!) After I click on: Send to GPS .... I get a screen with: Magellan Communicator not found. Please click here to install the latest PC version. Please click here to install the latest MAC version. Click here to learn more about the Magellan Communicator plug-in for PC. Click here to learn more about the Magellan Communicator plug-in for MAC. So tried to install the latest PC version of the Magellan Communicator. And yes, it shows up on my computer under the software. But whatever I do... Everytime I click on: Send to GPS... I get this screen again and again... I just can NOT get the coordinates into the GPS! Yes, the GPS is connected! Yes, premium member! I do use Google Chrome. And did try.. IE and Firefox also already... NOTHING seems to work! Please help? (And please not in to difficult English please as this is not my first language)
  5. Hey NeverSummer I think that your info is wrong here. Minnesota State parks do allow geocache placement. Permit required (free) and I do not know of any county park that has a fee for permits for geocache placement. There are many county parks that require nothing at all and welcome geocachers. It gets people into the parks, one city parks department even had prize for finding all in a series for a particular cache series.
  6. I agree it should have been removed. We don't need a bad name for this game. I know of a cache up here where the home owner behaved just like that. He came out dressed in army camo and banged on the truck of a fellow cacher. To play it safe I told him he should just pull it rather than deal with a crazy man. It is best to just go find another place to hide. Some home owners get a kick out of watching geocachers look all over for these things. just look carefully, you might find a snake, muskrat, beaver infested marsh or woods to hide in. Or maybe a Wolf, Cougar, Bear occupied area like I did. Amo cans can take a real beating.
  7. Before people get too far into this talk about right of way you need to check with your state, county, city, township. Here in Minnesota the right of way laws are different in each of those areas. Example I live in a township, I own the land on both sides of the road. I also own the ditch and the land under the road. The township owns the right of way for the road and utilities. The county owns nothing nor does the state in this. The general public does not have right of way to be in the ditch, they must stay on the road. ATV and snowmobile are also prohibited from the ditch. Along a county road with county owned right of way it is different. The public is allowed to be in the ditch. But the land owner may be the owner of the ditch that is in the right of way. Right of way laws do not give property rights to the owner of the right of way. They only gives limited right of way rights to the county or state. I still have ownership of the land under the road and pay property taxes on it. I must allow car travel due to right of way, but may stop anybody from the ditch. I generally do not though, when somebody comes and asks to harvest some grapevine or take pictures of plants I say ok. but when somebody drove a snowmobile across my drive way I put up a very hard wall. State law prohibits travel in my ditch by ATV and snowmobile. Bottom line check your laws, don't assume.
  8. This happened to me also. It was a puzzle multy. I used my mapping software that came with GPS. I had arial photo overlay of area, and drew 529 feet lines out from my rejected spot. Then looked at features in the are that would make a good spot for that size in the multy. I then loaded up three posibles and went to look. Bingo got it on number three. Which was only about 50 feet from the spot I wanted. Multy stage one solved, brute forceed. Now to find the rest, state wide total 9 stages. So try guesstamation based on size you might get lucky.
  9. As far as the rules go if you have to dig to hide you can not hide. If the hole already exists then the hide is good. You hide is in a pipe in the ground, good to go. Do it!
  10. What was that pipe for? Is it an abandoned well? You say it is pretty deep. It sounds like a well pipe to me. If it is it was to be capped and plugged with concrette and left capped. You need to find out. If it is a well you need to finish closing to prevent contamination of the ground water.
  11. It does not matter what you hide somebody will call it a bomb. I have a number of PVC pipe types made up to look like Wasp nest or bee hive. HMMM!! Buzz Bomb? some even look like an egg pod from Aliens. Look out for Sygorney Weaver something might explode from her chest!
  12. Mn-treker

    New format

    Must be something goofy in the script they are using. It takes a few log ins to make it work right. Wednesday screen 3/4 white on main page on smartphone and PC. Then after a few trys at log in then out suddenly all ok on PC. Phone not see it right till this morning. But all ok now, I use IE 10 on PC not sure what IE on the phone.
  13. Mn-treker

    New format

    Ok so now the new page shows on my smartphone and on my PC with internet explorer. I did nothing to help it, They must have fixed the bug.
  14. Mn-treker

    New format

    On my smartphone and on my PC I cant see the links such as Play Community and so on. Also the background picture is gone. If you use Google Chrome all is there, I see the new format. Somebody goofed big time here with the new design.
  15. The 2 mile rule aplies to puzzle caches only. It does not apply to multy cache types. I have one where stage one is 15 miles from the final. Total drive is 28 miles to do this five stage multy.
  16. The problem should not be the browser. His trouble was that he got alarm about the send to plugin could not be found. My added info is about troubles with PN60 and the send to plugin. This is a known problem at Delorme.
  17. Here is a bit more on the PN60. If you create more than one Geocache file this is when the loss of downloaded geocaches can dissapear. Lets say you name a geocache file on the PN60 NEAR HOME and use the send to GPS function on the cache page. You load up 200 geocaches in this folder. Then you create another Geocache folder VACATION and load up 300 using the send to GPS function. When you switch from one to the other at this time you might loose a whole lot. If a Geocache is named Come and get it, and that file has a hexadecimal code in it (you won't know it till it is ,too late) then when you switch to the other Geocache folder. Every Geocache below that one will be wiped out. But if you create a pocket query using the Geocaching web site and give it a name. Then send it to your email, you can open that attachment and drag it into the waypoints folder of the PN60. Now if a Geocache there did have that Hex issue it would be fixed and not loose any thing. To move it over you connect the PN60 to the computer. Next take the PN60 in hand, on the main page select settings. Then scroll down to connect to computer. Press enter, a green bar will be on Use GPS. Press enter, Use GPS, open SD Card, and Open internal drive will be there. Since you do not have an SD card installed, scroll down to Open internal drive. You now have it set up just like a USB stick. Put the PN60 down. The usual stuff will pop up on your computer about how do you want to do this. Choose open files foldes. One folder that you will see is Waypoints. Open this, now find that attachment in your email and open it. You will see two files one is the Geocaches. Click on it and drag it to the way points folder of the PN60. The othe file from the attacment is extra waypoints such as parking. I don't use it because you will not be able to see it at the same time as the Geocache folder. When done pick up the PN60 and select use as GPS and press enter. The drive is now dissconnected and the computer sees it as a GPS now. I learned the hard way noew I have one file for send to and other files from pocket query. PS the pocket query function in TOPO software that came with PN60 no longer functions. Ground speak and TOPO no longer play nice together. Good luck and have fun. I do recomend that you put an SD card in. You will be able to load up lots of maps. I have 16 gig and have all features and roads for three states loaded in mine and still have lots of room. I also have about 9 pocket queries on that card as well as color arial photo overlay.
  18. I also have a PN60 Every so often this happens to me. The plug in is in your browser. Every so often the plugin needs to be updated. Also some times it just goes buggy. Just download and install the pluggin again, the link should be on the send to box. After that all should be ok again. A large note here though, some cache pages have screwy code and the send to function can wipe out most of your geocaches in the PN 60. Later I can explain how to install a pocket query, pocket query eliminates the send to wipe out. Now I have to work.
  19. Are you sure your GPS on that smatphone is acurate. The vast majority of smartphone GPS is not true GPS. The GPS function comes from the cell phone towers possibly 3 to 4 and not from GPS satellites. It is much better to use a true GPS, these get thier locations from GPS satelites 5 or more. Mine gets me to within +-6 feet, Delorme PN60. I do have the GPS function on my smartphone, no geocaching app. I have seen that thing put me about 100 to 300 feet from where I really was. When no cell towers around then zip on location. When I find people having trouble finding one of mine, I find that they are using a smart phone. When they use a GPS I get coments about how accurate my coords are. I would go buy a GPS unit and use the smartphone app as a backup.
  20. I have found a few of these green box hides here in Minnesota. None of them a a good idea to do. When you make a hide you should be thinking about the cops vs the geocache seeker. I have seen it said here that the transformer is underground. It is not, it is in the green box. Department of homeland security has told LEO that all utility control devises are to be watched. Any one hanging around these are in for a world of hurt. Why lure your fellow cacher into this kind of trouble. Think before you hide, all utility property should be off limits. There are lots of other places to place a hide. This is not a spot to make a hide and those at Groundspeak know it. That is why it was archived. In one city here child playground hides are forbiden by city ordinance. Why? Because it is not safe for the kids that an adult is poking around. Can you say pervert? Just use plain common sense in where you place a hide. Ask yourself could this cause a problem? If even a little of you says maybe then don't do it. Go hide someplace else.
  21. I have had family that served over there. I have been told that when the soldier is on mission and is not allowed to comunicate with loved ones. They find a geocache or just simply log one. This lets those at home know where they are. It looks like the Taliban has caught on to this and is using it against our soldiers. To them this is an unlawfull activity. A violation of Islam so they booby trap them for two reasons. warning to all soldiers stop finding geocache in muslim countries. You are being targeted through them.
  22. Maybe he wants to delete a geocache from his GPS unit. If Garmin it can't be done. If Delorme it can be done.
  23. Wow what a whiner RhizomicSearcher is he has only found one cache and gripes because he can't log it. So he plays the brat! and throws a fit! and keeps the trackable. I hope he reads this and decides to grow up and move that bug. About 98% of geocache hides are available to all users
  24. Cool! A walk in geocache Add spray foam and paint and a few other things Throw some dirt on top maybe. Leave the ends open so it will pass the buried rule. grind out a hole to hide the container in and your good to go.
  25. Oh! just use some comon sense and don't let them look like a pipe. Spray foam and paint and you have a bee hive. I like that log, I have one about 4 feet long. Of course I have them out in the woods, not near city. One still looks like pipe but is stuffed into a tree so only geocachers can see it.
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