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  1. Most people do not understand easement law. On top of that It may vary in places. I live in a township with township road in front of my property. Here a county road easement is public but a township road may or may  not have public easement along the side of the road. I own the land in the ditch on both sides of the road as well as the land the road is on. The township owns an easement for the road and utilities. Snowmobiles may drive in an easement along a county road but not always a Township road. So you can guess what people can do? Walk the road but in the ditch is questionable.

    So when in farm country the farmer controls access in the ditch and at times harvest the grass growing in the ditch. Farm property is automatically off limits to trespass, no signs needed to warn you to stay off, this is federal law. Farmer may detain you and place you under arrest. No hope for you. It is always a good idea to check your local laws and  not assume that you can do something. Some land owners are cool and some are not. They will come at you with a vengeance and a shotgun. There are also those who will falsely claim they own the land. If they do not they comit a criminal act. But get a cop on scene to deal with them would be slow. Gather evidence (pictures) and report them. Hopefully they get dealt with. But beware you just might be the trespasser. I am in a marsh you say, that is public you say. Then you get hauled off by the cops for trespass. Because you went right by the no trespassing signs with an attitude that marshes are public. I personally placed someone under arrest for that years ago. It pays to know your stuff

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  2. What you are really doing here is to project a waypoint. Any GPS can do that, but maybe not A phone GPS. I have a few like this one listed as a puzzle. I would make sure that the distance from stage to stage is not too great. Long distance may cause error. At each stage just give them the Bearing and distance. Make sure to tell them magnetic or true. that will be important.

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  3. I  worked at a local Vo Tech college not long ago. A geocache was published on the property. I went out there and found it and removed it. Then got into an argument with the reviewer about it not being allowed on school property. As far as he was concerned it was public property so it was ok. I then informed him that all public School property was No trespassing allowed. Students or those who have business at the school only are allowed on school grounds. Also there are signs stating NO TRESPASSING ALLOWED. Not all property is accessible to the public, that is public property, I can show you many plots of state land with NO TRESPASSING signs posted. I then ordered him to archive that hide. Yes he did archive it.  Did I have authority to do that? Oh yes I did as a state employee it was my responsibility to do so. Now as far as electric boxes go. It is unlawful for the general public to open any electric box or access panel. They do not need a no trespassing sign on them. to open one is considered vandalism and trespass. Only the owner or an authorized person is allowed to open. I will assume this to be the law in all states. Homeland security has also ordered that any person messing with a utility control device to be arrested. This would include fire hydrants, here in Minnesota we are not allowed to hide a geocache on one. Does this sound overboard? Some would say yes, but that is the world that we live in today, thanks to September 11 2001.

    So please lets all think before we hide geocache.

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  4. I have had river island hides. Sometimes the river freezes thick enough to walk on to get to the island. But I have had to put warnings out for thin ice.

    Always make sure that the island is public. I have one  lake island hide, which is private property. A very small island with no cabin on it. I found the owner and got permission to hide.

    A string of hides on a river make for a good caching trip. Sometimes you may need the long pole TOTT though. 

    If you hide on a river island stop and think about flooding. I know of one hide 12 feet to the top of the island, the cache got submerged a few times. 

  5. Right from day one of Delorme PN units they all had 4 decimal places. My first was a PN20 It was quite accurate. It even showed me the earths crust move after the Earthquake

    That sent a tidal wave to Japan. When I saw that I hit Google to find out if I was seeing things. Geologists said the crust shifted from 30 to 50 feet. People who I know that work for Minnesota and have GPS in their car asked me why it was showing them suddenly driving way off the road. Once they heard my story they they understood. It took about a month for the Satellites to reconfigure for the new shift. For now all is well. Why the 4 decimal place? Who knows. I am a machinist in my job I make parts with tolerance of +/- .0002. That is no typo, yes that looks almost perfect. In our profession decimal that far out is greater accuracy. So who knows maybe that was their same thought when it was done. But either way Just drop the fourth or round it, It hurts nothing.

  6. Very true, the fourth digit does not make it more accurate. I was just pointing out that Garmin seems to be incorporating stuff from those companies they acquire. Which is normal for any company. Garmin bought Delorme specifically to get their hands on the In Reach. They changed that a bit to suit them and dumped the PN models.

    But I really do like the things my PN unit has. Like multiple geocache files and waypoint files. Also the ability to delete any waypoint or geocache from any file without connecting to a computer. Also I was able to install maps with aerial photo overlay to my PN60. I don't think that I can do that with my Garmin GPSmap64st. I have used both units, but the PN60 more than the 64st. 

  7. I own a Delorme PN60. They always had 4 decimal places on location. Garmin bought Delorme and it looks like they are now incorporating some of their good stuff. 

    My unit is good to plus, minus 6 feet. I also have a Garmin 64st I guess I need to update that now. One thing that I wish Garmin would incorporate is the ability to delete 

    waypoints or geocaches from the unit without connecting to a computer. Delorme has that ability, it helps to declutter the GPS.

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  8. Don't think of that Snowflake as meaning available in winter. I know that is its description. Think more that it is winter friendly and a snowflake with the red slash as not winter friendly.

    Winter friendly means up a tree or above snow. Not winter friendly it is on the ground or highly likely to be buried by snow.

    Here a few years ago a new cacher tried disabling his not winter friendly hides till spring. They got archived for being disabled too long.

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  9. Some may see this as a regional thing, but it is not. Geeze the Gov. of Wisconsin just closed all State forests and State parks.

    While here in Minnesota our Gov. realizes that to hit the woods and parks is a good thing. We just have a few cities that are having a knee jerk reaction.

    The city council of spring Lake park saw the error of its ways and reopened all their parks but with covid19 guidelines.

    Our stay at home/ safer at home order has a wide berth with it. Geeze 80% of us still get to go to work.

  10. 19 hours ago, MtnGoat50 said:



    It's been a couple of weeks so maybe the parks have reopened. When I looked just now I don't see an mention of them being closed. They have canceled in person events but that's it. Here's my link.

    Yes the hide happened after the park was closed. The Chief of police talked to me about this hide. He tried to contact both the reviewer and Groundspeak about this hide.

    Both refused to respond to him. And also there was a sign posted by the police before the cache owner made the hide. Should the reviewer have known better?

    In my and the Chiefs view YES! due to the fact that our reviewers claim to have such good relations with all the parks. We have many parks here with rules about placement of geocache.

    As far as the city of ST Paul parks go, they had closed their parks as well but also seem to have opened them back up. The parks in Spring Lake park have also reopened.

    Also Bflentje I would suggest you check my finds again. Not one find in any park after a closing. My log in the hide in question is not a find. I still have not been there.

    A former Reviewer brought the closure to our attention, I then went to the city to find info and posted it to the cahe page.


  11. Every city and state are responding differently to this covid19. Such a shame. But the chief of police has spoken to me about this issue. He tried to use the lawenforcement link on the cache page but got no response from the reviewer nor Groundspeak as to the criminal act of placing and publushing that geocache. He is not happy with what went on there. Now their name is mud. Both the reviewer and Groundspeak. I don't really agree with closing the parks but that park was posted with no tresspass signs by the police. The park is now open though. Fat lot of good closing it does. Getting out helps healing.

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  12. Yes i did contact them with no response or action taken. I have also been told by our reviewers that they have a very good relationship with all of the parks departments in the state.

    Cough cough! Do you really think I believe that. I have had my own talks with some park departments. Response, who? Huh?

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  13. I just found that the city of Spring Lake Park, MN has closed all parks to visitors. Any body caught in the park will be arrested as per the police.

    So I looked around my area and find a miss mash of closures and partial closures. So I suggest that those of us that have hides check and disable to prevent arrest.

    And those that make new hides check and check again. This popped up due to a new hide published yesterday. I see on the cities web site that the order went out on the 16th to close the parks.

    So that means that neither the hider nor the reviewer checked. An extra note here the police have posted signs at the parks stating this fact.

    Also the city of St Paul has closed the parks there. These closings are the actual grounds not just any buildings.

  14. Yah know i have no real idea that they got hacked. But this thread was to make you all think. It is a very good idea to check. Like i said i have been getting emails from geocaching friends. This usually contain a link that will infect.

    How did the knowledge get out about their link to me. Some are not even on my friends list. That scam blackmail email had a noreply from an Indian (east) clothing line. And the 810$ is how it was stated. I knew right away it was a scam. All of our data is for sale on the dark web. Phone numbers, email accounts and sometimes passwords.

    How those two of mine got there is anybody's guess. 

  15. 1 hour ago, MartyBartfast said:

    Then I think you're mis-interpreting the info you're getting from haveibeenpwned.com.

    If you go to that site and use their "pwned passwords" checker and you stick in the password you use for geocaching.com and it says that password has been seen 5 times,  that doesn't mean YOUR account password has been seen 5 times, it means that password has cropped up somewhere, on someone's account, 5 times.

    Well those were the only ones that faild that site of all the ones that i use. Too much of a coincedence that only Groundspeak passwords faild on that site for me. Better safe than sorry. I try to keep tight security. Even CIA cant get into my stuff(they tried). I backtracked on them once when i detected thier attack .

  16. I never use the same password.

    I have a long list that i keep at home.

    The only passwords compromised where associated with Groundspeak.

    Funny they wanted 810$ in bitcoin.

    Hah! Hah! That is .064 cents.

  17. Click the icon that says browse geocaches. The map will switch back to the original map format.

    The search geocache map stopped showing location icons a few days ago. I use a Motorola phone.

    I think the problem is with the map software at the website. Mine does it too now.

  18. I got my first blackmail email  yesterday. It is a scam! But of course I figured that.

    Why am I telling you all about it? During my search on this issue I found a website that can tell you

    if your password or your account name had possibly been compromised.

    My email and password had not. As well as many of my other web sites that I use.

    All except one. Geocaching .com and the geocaching store. My password had been viewed five times to my geocaching account.

    My password had been viewed once to the geocaching store. Geocaching.com has not told us about any attacks!!!!

    So last night I changed them. I would suggest that everybody check thiers as well.

    I have also been getting scam emails from caching friends. So this may have happened quite some time ago.

    Who knows this may have happened during the fake geocaching accounts created by that BOT.

  19. The way I do it is to just create the cache page. Then before submitting it I upload the image to that cache page.

    That way you don't run into problems with the image disappearing from the web.

    Then I open note pad. I then paste this into notepad. <center><img src="code goes here "></center> 

    Then I open the link on that cache page to the file image that I uploaded before. Then I copy the address bar information.

    This is the location of the picture. Now close that with the back arrow, your cache page will now be in front of you.

    Open that notepad file you still have open. In the spot on that html code line between the quotation marks " " you will paste that address that you copied.

    Now high lite and copy all that info you just created. Now go to your cache page and edit the page. In the story area paste that code.

    Your picture will now be in the center. I would suggest that you save my html code line for future use. You can also paste giffs in that area. I have done that to.

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