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  1. I'm considering taking a laptop on extended geocaching trips. I woud just use the laptop in the car and would use it for street navigation with MS S&T; managing cache info with GSAK; and gc.com access when wireless hotspots are available. Since the laptop is a bit old and doesn't have a great battery, I would need to recharge and power the laptop from my car. I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations on laptop car power adapters and car power inverters. What are the advantages / disadvantages of DC adapters vs. AC inverters? are their particular brands or models that are recommended? Thanks much.
  2. I have also used, and would endorse, method #2. I use it with MS S&T. With S&T, you'll need a utility called ST2GPX which converts the S&T route file into an GPX for use as a arc filter. See http://www.gpsbabel.org/st2gpx/st2gpx.html for st2gpx. One side benefit of this method that I don't think has been mentioned is that you can save your route filters and use them over and over again against updated pocket queries. So if you have a trip that you make regularly, create a route filter and save it. Then when you're ready for the next trip, re-run your pocket query, refilter with your saved route filter, and you're ready to go again.
  3. I bought some personalized wooden coins from http://www.geocities.com/geonickels/nickels I am very happy with them and they were reasonably priced. He seems to regularly host auctions on eBay, although I think he will seel direct if you contact him.
  4. I use rechargeable AAs for my GPSr and AAAs for my Palm (with Cachemate). I carry one set of batteries in each device and a spare set for each in my bag. On soem trips, I'll carry extra AAs . I'm wondering if anyone have any clever means for storing and packing spare batteries. I'm using zip locksand rubber bands, but the must be a better way. Thanks for the ideas.
  5. Thanks much! I knew it had to be easy.
  6. It seems like this should be easy, but I can't seem to figure it out ... Say I take a trip and download a bunch of waypoints to my GPSr for the trip. Now I'm done with the trip and would like to delete all of those waypoints from the GPSr. Deleting all waypoints on the GPSr would be fine, as I can always re-download those I still want -- I ust don't want to delete them one by one with the GPSr controls. I'm using a Garmin eTrex legend and GSAK. Thanks in advance for pointing out what will probably be obvious!
  7. Wondering if there are any general guidelines on how long a TB finder should hold a TB before dropping it off in another cache. That certainly depends on a lot of circumstances , but just wondering if there are any general thoughts or guidelines.
  8. Fly Tier, I am also a fly tier / fisher. Do you do anything to protect the hook point and barb? Jsut wondering of of way to do this that's safe for the visitors, doesn't destroy the plastic bag, and deosn't ruin the fly.
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