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  1. For mapping on PPC ... I'm not familar with "Streets and Maps". Did you, per chance, mean Microsoft Streets and Trips? If so, Streets and Trips comes with a Pocket version which will run on your PPC. It's not a full featured mapping program with routing and such, but it will replace your paper maps.

  2. I don't have a Magellan and I'm nto sure I'm following you, but it sounds like are exporting into a file format that your Magellan doesn't understand. Hence you see it on the SD card from your PC, but your Magfellan doesn't see it or understand it.


    With my Garmin, I use the GSAK menu options: GPS->Send WayPoints to "export" the waypoints to my GPSr. Then I use File->Export->Cachemate PDB File to get the cache page info to Cachemate.

  3. Newly factory overhauled Garmin Ique 3600 PDA / GPS for sale with:

    • 1 year factory warranty
    • Auto navigation kit
    • City Select v7

    I very recently purchased this on ebay -- see http://cgi.ebay.com/Garmin-iQue-3600-GPS-i...1QQcmdZViewItem

    for the same listing as I purchased -- but have changed my mind! You can benefit from my fickleness and get this unopened package for cheaper than you can find it on eBay.


    I haven't even opened the package yet and will ship the unopened package to you for $200 (including UPS shipping with tracking number).


    I will take payment by PayPal. Please e-mail me if interested.



  4. Thanks to TheDenvernators for the IQue suggestion. I decided to go that route and got one on eBay for about $200 with shipping. This is a Newly Overhauled unit with warranty and City Slect v7. So I'll be all set on needs 1, 2, and 4. I'll probably look into addng a Wifi card for need 3.

  5. I've been using an ancient Palm HandSpring with Cachemate for a while and am thinking about upgrading. I'm interesting in the following capabilities, more or less in this order, and would like to spend $200 or less:

    1. Viewing cache pages off-line (like Cachemate)
    2. Viewing maps off-line. I have MS S&Ts, so was thinking of Pocket S&Ts.
    3. Wireless access for browsing internet at coffee shops.
    4. In-vehicle navigation with a GPS.
    5. Would be nice to replace my cell phone so I don't have to carry that around too.

    I'm ok with shopping eBay for a used or refurbished device to keep the price down. Any suggestions on devices I should consider ... Palm, Pocket PC, specific brands or models?



  6. I love GSAK and wouldn't cache without it. It is "swiss army knife" with a lot of different tools and capabilities which can sometimes be confusing. But you don't need to use all of those tools at once! Start simple -- load a GPX file, do some basic sorting or filtering, and download the waypoints to your GPS.


    Once you're comfortable with that, you can ... Export a PDB for Cachemate. Merge multiple GPX files into a single database. Print condensed html cache sheets. Setup polygon filters to filter waypoints along a route. Build macros to automatically download GPX files from your e-mail in-box and refresh your databases.

  7. To serch along a route.....


    Download a number of pocket queries based on zip codes along your route. Get 300 or so caches for each zip code - don't worry about the fact that they overlap. Save all the pocket queries in one folder. Open GSAK and open the entire folder of caches. I think last time I did it I just dragged the folder onto the GSAK icon and then when it started up I checked the box to load a folder of queries. The caches will all load in and the overlapping caches will not be duplicated. Now you will end up with a ton of caches in your database. Don't worry.


    Open Mapsource and create your route and save it somewhere that you can find it easily. Then use File, Export and export it as a .mps file. Go back to GSAK and Click on Search and then on Filter. Click on the Arc/Poly tab. Tick the spot for filter type to make it arc/line and then set the distance to something like .5 or 1.5 miles. Select Load From File and point it to the .mps file you exported (your mapsource route). Apply the filter and it will select ONLY the caches that are within your set distance from the road you will be traveling.

    Thrak is right on the mark with his suggestion. This works with other mapping software such as MS S&T where you can create and save a route.


    Note that if you have a route that you travel regularly -- the trek to the in-lwas or whatever -- you cancreate the route once and use it over and over again to filter new cache listings.


    It sounds a bit complicated at first, but it's actually quite quick and easy and well worth the time to learn how to to do it.


    So If i got something like the handspring visor or the palm III i would be able to download Cachmate to them?


    I've used an old HandSpring with GSAK and Cachemate and it worked great for basic paperless caching. It's very easy to selct caches in GSAK and download the cache page info to the HandSpring running CacheMate. My HandSpring held at least 500 cache pages which was more than enough for me.

  9. Thanks for the responses. I am mostly thinking about paperless caching. So I would still use my Garmin as the GPS and use the PPC for viewing cache pages and maps.


    Adding a bluetooth GPS for in vehicle navigation would be great, but that's not my immediate need.


    Sounds like either Cachemate or GPXSonar would meet my needs. Sicne I've already used Cachemate on my old Palm, I'll probably go that rooute.



  10. I've used Cachmate on very old HandSpring Visor for most of my caching career. However, my old Visor has bit the dust and I'm now waiting for an HP IPAQ 1945 which I bought used on eBay. I decided to go the PPC route as I found this good deal on eBay, with WiFi, and I have MS S&T and thought the Pocket S&T might work well for me.


    So what do you recommend for cahce software? I see that Cachemate is now available for PPC and I'm also aware of GPXSonar. What are the pros / cons of each of these for PPC?

  11. It took me a while to work this out, but it does work great. I use MS S&T, but I think you can use any mapping software to create a route. The key is then pulling your route into GSAK and using it to filter your caches.


    If you've got routes that you take regularly -- visiting the in-laws or whatever, you can create the route once, keep it on hand, and use it over and over again to filter updated queries.

  12. I use S&T, but without an attached GPS. As others have mentioned, you can get a copy without the GPS for less thena $20.


    I use it for caching maps. You can export a set of cache coordinates from GSAK and import them as pushpins in S&T. You can do the same now with Goolge earth.


    I also use S&T to create routes for filtering caches in GSAK. That's a topic of it's own that'sbeen discussed several times, so I'll skip the details. But S&T works very well with GSAK for finding caches along a route that you are traveling.

  13. I've got a home machine on which I use GSAK and S&T. I am contemplating investing in a cheap laptop to take on the road with me. I would like to synchronize environments between these machines including GSAK databases, settings, macros, etc; Pocket Query files; S&T route and map files; etc.


    I'm wondering if anyone has any tools or tips to help with this kind of thing.

  14. Here are some simple, step by step instructions:

    -- Open "Command Prompt" from your "Accessories" folder;

    -- change to the directory where you installed st2gpx;

    -- at the command prompt enter: st2gpx filter.est –G filter.gpx

    where filter.est is stored in your current directoryand filter.gpx will be created in your current directory.

  15. We launched 4 TBs in March of this year. One was apparently lost when a cache was muggled which the cachee owner was kind enough to report to us; one was reported to be placed in a cache in June, but was not logged into the cache and has seen no activity since then; one was picked up by a cacher in July, but has had no activity since and the cacher has not responded to e-mails; and the fourth seems to sitll be active.


    So is our 75% attrition rate over eight months fairly typical for TBs or were we just unlucky?

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