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  1. I have a 60, love it. Havent tried the HCx I bought a 4 GB memory card for $1 on eBay but the gps would only use 2GB of it, I think. I was still able to load high res maps for most of Wa, Ore, Id and N. Cal. From the way people talk, the Colorado is better. No matter what you will still need to buy the mapset after the GPS. Get that from eBay also. Get the older version, detail is nearly the same and price is half
  2. Is there a functional limit to the size of a micro sd card you can stick into this unit? I have a 128 mb card now and want a bigger one.
  3. There are differences, but for my money I tend to buy previous-generation software at a bargain price. YMMV. Hard question to answer if we don't know what you are going to be doing with the unit. I run MGv8 in my 60cx. I mostly do general backcountry navigation on forest roads. However, when I hunt I tend to wander waaay off the beaten path and let the gps take me back. I also like to search for old mines and such by entering coordinates and following the gps arrow. I need high detail topo and coverage in national forest lands. I dont think the 24K will work for me because it will not cover many of the areas I like to go. Is the scale on the older mapsource the same as 2008? 1:100,000? I would donate a body part if I could get washington state on 7.5 minute quad maps for the gps...
  4. Santa brought me a 60csx and now I am about to buy topo software for it. Mapsource 2008 is a little expensive but I can get a mapsource topo v 3.07 for about 1/3 the cost. My question is: Is the 08 version enough of a upgrade to justify paying 3x that if the older version? Are there any other topo software packs out there I should consider? Thanks!
  5. How about third party software. Is there anything useful out there?
  6. I peeked and I am getting a Garmin GPSMAP 60csx from Santa! I do a lot of hiking and hunting and I usually wander and let the gps take me back. One of my favorite things is to locate an old mine or something on a map, enter it into the gps and let it take me there. What is the best software to get for what I do?
  7. I have a GPS 3+ and I am addicted to it. I am looking get mapping software. Trouble is...there are a lot of choices. I have done a bit of research and in my slightly educated opinion, the National Geographic Topo looks like the best. I an into hunting and prospecting for gold so I am looking to select spots or routes on a PC (WinXP) based map then download to the GPS. I would also like to upload that back to the PC to track where I have been. It would be cool to link digital pics to waypoints. It is very important that I get the most detailed contour and land features available. I would like some feedback on the best software to get before I burn $100 or more. Thanx
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