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  1. Is there a resource for 7.5 minute maps that can be installed? Is it possible to install 100k maps for the entire west and then also install higher res 7.5 minute or 24k maps for the areas you commonly visit? Scenario: when I travel interstate I like to track with the GPS but when I an hunting I usually go somewhere in western washington. 100k is fine for travel but the highest res possible is best for in the woods
  2. Dare I speak this aloud...I really have little interest in Geocaching. Tried a couple and just wasn't all that impressed....thats just me. I mainly hunt (wandering in the middle of nowhere) and I use it to map out mining claims and explore prospecting sites harvested from old paper maps. My 60CSX works flawlessly but the screen is very small and the user menus are not friendly. Hence my desire for a upgrade. I find myself fiddling with my GPS constantly when in the woods and the bigger screen would be a huge benefit for me. I think the bulk of the Montana is not a big deal. I usually wear pants with cargo type pockets and my GPS is on a short lanyard with a carabiner clipped to the chest strap on my pack. The lanyard is just long enough to allow me to pocket the GPS or bring it to viewing distance without unclipping it. In a perfect world (probably in the next 5 years) we will see a ruggedized Android type phone with all of it's inherent features PLUS a high end GPS chip set bundled all in one package. I would expect this to be powered by Google (because they power everything) and you could plot your position directly on Google earth and upload your coordinates to Facebook with a single screen tap. This is like porn for techno-outdoorsy types
  3. One thing to never forget... No matter how confident you are in the CB radio and fancy the GPS...they are battery operated and they are useless when the batts die. Always start with fresh batteries and carry spares. I make sure my flashlight, GPS and everything else possible uses the same size battery so I can swap in addition to carrying a spare set. There is no technology more reliable than a map and compass. Get both and know how to use them.
  4. The cool thing about sale prices is that there always seems to be a sale somewhere. I will return my Oregon and sell my 60 CSx and be ready to pounce on that Montana when it shows up There was a 650T on Craigslist for $475 but I was not prepared... There was a zen-like saying I used on my teenage son just to confound him... The ox may be slow but the earth is patient
  5. Thanks all for the excellent advice and opinion. Extra thanks to AtlasCached. I found your advice to be well written, complete, prompt and respectful in this thread and others. I posted in a different thread and apparently wandering away from the purist geocaching path is to be discouraged. I appreciate the unbiased responses Now...I need to find a good deal on a Montana
  6. I usually have a dedicated camera or my phone on me for the photo ops so a built in lower res cam is not a huge feature for me. However, taking a geotagged pic would be cool so I can navigate back to that old cabin or whatever. I own TOPO but they are only 100k so I would definately buy into the 24K My main priorites for choosing the Montana would be larger screen and better user interface than my 60CSx Does anyone know if rain on the screen will flub the use of the touchscreen?...rain drives my droid crazy
  7. Ok...I am upgrading my 60CSx. I dont believe the Oregon will help me because I really want a larger screen. I believe I have decided that I need a Montana, now to choose the model The way I understand it is, with a few exceptions is: 600 is the base model 650 comes with a camera 650T comes with a camera and 100K maps If I want aerial that will ding me for Birdseye @ $30 So...if I dont care about a camera in my GPS and I plan to buy the 24K maps so I can have the higher detail, then a 600 is my best choice...right? Did I miss anything?
  8. maybe you are right but I only noticed the same features with a bit better interface. I will keep playing though....
  9. I just bought a Oregon 450 to replace my 60CSx. I am so far disappointed and will probably return it. the screen is only a fraction of a inch bigger and the interface only slightly better. I am researching the Montana now to see if that is a upgrade or just bigger and more expensive
  10. is Montana worth the money? I don't mind paying if it is truly worth it and is a remarkable improvement over my 60csx
  11. I have bumbled around with projecting a waypoint and the process is very painful with lots of trial and error. Can you give a short tutorial on how it should be done?
  12. I do a lot of prospecting for gold. This includes navigating to locations harvested from old maps and the staking of actual mining claims in the middle of nowhere. I have a Garmin 60CSx with Mapsource topo maps and it serves me well except I cannot easily make it do one important task I need to create a calculated way point, plot it on the map and then navigate to it so I can plant a post in the ground. Here is the scenario. I am standing at a post in the ground (or working from a saved waypoint) and I want to create a new way point which is 1320 feet away on a heading of 90 degrees (due east in this example). Then from that way point I want to project the next way point 660 feet @ 180 degrees (south. the goal is to create a rectangular area which is 1320 x 660 or 20 acres in size. being able to do this both in the field and in the office is a huge benefit. How is it done?
  13. I wish my android had a Garmin chip...life would be good
  14. I have seen the Montana and I can live with the bulk because of the big screen. does it have better features and performance than the 60?
  15. I have a 60CSx which has literally saved my life and never once let me down. however, it is older and I know how new tech brings improvement. I bought a Oregon 450 today and so far I am disappointed and am considering taking It back. I was wanting a larger screen but the Oregon is almost exactly the same. I was hoping for a smarter easier interface but it is only slightly better because of the touchscreen. I was disappointed (not surprised) that I would need to shell out another $100 if I actually wanted a GPS with a map...apparently my mapsource is obsolete. my questions: 1. is th Oregon truly better than my 60CSx and I need to give it more time? 2. should I sell my 60 and return my Oregon and buy a Montana? I don't want to replace my 60 if I am only swapping apples for more expensive apples. please help
  16. Well...that sucks. If it doesnt have a bigger screen then one of my main reasons for upgrade will not be met. Maybe i will wait for the next generation. Anyone hear what is on the horizon?
  17. Well...that sucks. If it doesnt have a bigger screen then one of my main reasons for upgrade will not be met. Maybe i will wait for the next generation. Anyone hear what is on the horizon?
  18. The screen size on Oregons are only slightly larger, roughly 1.5x2.5 inches versus the 1.5x2.2 inches of the 60csx. The Oregons will display the subscription birdseyes maps. There is a way of putting aerial maps on a 60csx, but I have not tried it. Well...that sucks. If it doesnt have a bigger screen then one of my main reasons for upgrade will not be met. Maybe i will wait for the next generation. Anyone hear what is on the horizon?
  19. I really like the features of my 60Csx but the small screen is a hinderance. The Oregon seems to be the answer. Will it display aerial photos?
  20. It will be hard to talk me into anything other than a Garmin. I will listen to any advice but in my experience, Garmin sets the standard to which all others strive to copy. The touch screen is a nice touch so I would lean toward the Oregon. Is it possible to download aerial photos and overlay a topo map? It would be cool if I could interact with google earth in some way.
  21. I have a GPSMAP 60csx and I love it. I have been thinking about upgrading to something even more amazing and have been looking at the Colorado or Oregon. There are a half dozen model in each line to pick from and I need help wading through all of the details. Most of my use is hunting or exploring for old mines in the Pacific NW. My priorities are: Topographic detail Battery life Signal acquisition Waterproof Ease of use when cold or gloved Any suggestion or horror stories?
  22. I checked and the basemap is turned on. I toggled it a couple times but nothing came back. no luck Cant find a hard reset procedure in the manual.
  23. I have a Garmin GPS III+ and it has lost it's basemap. It will show position and saved waypoints but on a blank screen. I have Mapsource but the maps are much too detailed (large file) for this old device. It there a way to download the original low resolution basemap of USA?
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