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  1. When I click on the link to down load the macro all that comes up is a page of text is that what you copy into the GSAK folder. I am ordering my PN-20 today. I use GSAK and have been trying to figure out what I need to do to still use it. Also, how many can you send to T7 at one time?? I use pocket queries to get my waypoints from the site.
  2. Can you still put your pocket query's in the PN-20 or do you have to load them one at a time???
  3. That screen shot looks great. I would still like to know is the screen smaller than the explorist.
  4. I am really thinking about the PN-20 or the garmin. PN-20 is up by two sence Embra talks so good about it. I have some questions on it though. I would like to know is the screen smaller than the explorist 500 that I use now and will it auto-route as good and I hope better than the explorist which is not very good. I use my explorist to auto-route and it gets me there but nothing to brag about. I will use it mostly for caching but I do hunt and fish and use for that also. Most of the auto-routing is for geocaching but it is nice when you go on vaction.
  5. So if I purchase the auto-routing maps and I get the code I can load any of the states at any time like the Magellan maps??
  6. I am thinking about buying a Garmin this time but do not know how the maps work. The way I read some of the logs it sounds like you have to buy sections or states of the US at a time. I have always used Magellan ( gold and explorist 500) and have had good luck but I don’t know if I want to go with the Triton or go Garmin. Have looked at the Garmin 60csx. I use it geocaching, hunting, and for autorouting.
  7. I went back today and signed the log. Took off work and made a day of with a 13 year old boy who has never been. He doesn't have a daddy that does anything with him so he spent the day with me. We had a ball. Thanks for the help.
  8. Is there any where close to buy trackable items in SC. I live in Hickory Grove SC outside of york. I hate putting my card number on the net. I would like to buy some travel bugs and I would like to buy some coins.
  9. I got off work early yesterday to eat with some others from work for the holidays. I stopped by the park with a friend and his kids to find a cach found it and didn't have a pin to sing the log. I have never done this before and I have not loged it yet as found. Do I need to wait and go back and sign the log and then log or is it a problem to go a head and log it???
  10. My membership is up January 11 and I need to know how to renew it. Can someone help with that??? When I go to my page I don't see a place to update membership.
  11. You can post them individually, but you will not get the bonus points until you post your 'claim' for the bonus with the links to each of the benchmarks in "2oldfarts" John Can you spell this out to me what do you have to do to get the bonus points?? Give me an example. Please!! dum question I know, but I don't the answer.
  12. Thanks for the help GEO*Trailblazer 1 and Klemmer & TeddyBearMama check these out. Yall done it, it took a little while but I made it. Boyd Kirkland Thanks again. I hope the two links above work. Dwayne23
  13. I just couldn't stop my self. I had to get something Friday so I stopped and got checked two bench marks. I know they want count but what the heck I have never found one so I did it. I did learn something I am going to have a hard time loading pictures with my internet access. I have dial up and can’t get DSL so I am going to have to find anther way of putting my pictures up. I tried the other day and it just sit and sit. Any suggestions??? I guess I can do it at work I have to try it.
  14. I use gsak and have two files on mine. I gave the second file a different name and then you chose which file you want to use at that time.
  15. I just bought my 500 and got a package for 239.00 this is a bundle package comes with the mapping Direct route software the unit, rechargeable battery, computer cable, car recharge and ac recharge cable. I got it from tigergps.com. I must say I have only had mine for a couple weeks but I like it so far. dwayne23
  16. The one I looked at on the computer is Benchmark look at it. Is it the church and is it ok. I do not know if this link worked or not like I said I am tring to learn. Incase it doesn't work the number is EC1666 And yes I am glad some body likes me. dwayne23
  17. I have been looking at the bench marks that are located around where I live (on the computer) and some have been found before by others. Can I go find those also are do you want the ones that have never been found. I know it's stupid question but I wanted to ask.. dwayne23
  18. Ok!! I am going to start hunting benchmarks for the fun and just to see what I can find and would like to join the fun but I don't know anything about it. I have hunted caches off and on for the fun and the time to spend with my faimly. But I am starting to do it more and more. So how do I log these and how do I get in the fun. See I don't know what you were talking about when you said "(Post a hot link (using the designated format - listed at the time the thread is started) to your GC.com log in the proper thread here in the forums. If you need help, just ask." I don't know how to post picture either. Can you help and is there any help for me. dwayne23
  19. How do you remove the found one from the Explorist 500? I mark them found in the unit and do not know how to delet them when I get home. Dwayne23
  20. Hey fulgurite, the two below will know more than I do about gps. All I want to tell you is to look at tiger gps if you are looking at the 500. I just bought the travel bundle from them and it is the best deal I found. dwayne23
  21. I just got my 500 and was having the same problem. Embra and others pulled me out. I hope this works copy this and past in the top it will take you to the advise they gave me forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=155813. Embra sent step by step instrutions and so did others. Follow them they will lead you right.
  22. Ok everything was working but now the points are not showing up. The file is there I go to Menu/preferences/active setup and the file is there. When I go to Pts of interest/geocache pts/enter/up one level/enter/ there the file is select it enter but nothing comes up. I don't know what is wrong. They were there until I set my home in the gps as pts of interest I named it the same as the cache file but I put it in my pts of interest. I have even gone back deleted out the old cache file and put in another and named it something else. no luck. Please help. dwayne23
  23. I went with the Explorist 500 from tigergps.com it is a traveler bundle. You get the mapsend directroute, vehicle mount, cigerette lighter adapter, Ac adapter, rechargable battier. All for 239.95. You can also use for routeing while in a car. I have the Magellan Gold and it works good with routeing. I can not say how good this one is because I just got it. But so far, it seems a little easyer to use. I should also tell you I am no expert. There are a lot more people out there who know a hole lot more and can help you better than I can. That is just what I have gotten. dwayne23
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