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  1. I will go and get some sd cards the old computer is barley making so I will try and load them on sd cards quickly. There is 4 CD's and one of Canada.
  2. The software is for loading different maps Mineral2. dprovan, I think I kept the firmware up to date. Capt. Bod I will look and see what version but I looked on the box and it didn't say anything about windows 10.
  3. I had to get a new computer this weekend and it's windows 10 and Topo North America doesn't work with windows 10. I also didn't know Delorme was part of Garmin now and Topo is not supported. Does anyone know of a fix or I will have to figure out another good GPS to get.
  4. Happy New Year to everyone and I hope everyone finds the caches and numbers they want in 2015.
  5. I use a delorme PN-60 how do you load bench marks to it.
  6. Question a friend and I were out caching today and found an area were the cache was the reason I know is because someone took the ammo box but left the log book and swag on the ground. I have contacted the owner told him I would mail it or meet him to give it back.. My question is do I log it as a find or not????
  7. Can someone help me and tell me where to get the papper that goes in the caches box that tells people what it is if they find and don't know. I have been looking and can not find it any where and I am looking for the logs. Thanks.
  8. dwayne23


    What happen to the icon for pictures in the navigation section on the cache page???
  9. Thank you for the help I would like to know what the URL is for the smart phone I use androd through not the Iphone.
  10. How do you load them to your GPS and I don't see where you can load them in a query. So do you have to load them one at a time?? My wife and I are going to San Antonio in January and I want to do some caching and I am going to try Waymarking.
  11. Is there a Breast Cancer Coin?? My daughter has ask me about a breast cancer coin ten or more times. I have never bought any coins so I don't know a lot about them.
  12. You could look at the Delorme PN60 you get the maps with it. You get topo 9 and the PN60 for 299.00 through Delorme. I use the PN20 and thinking of moving up to the PN60. I can also tell you you can't beat there tech. support I called them Friday about my PN20 and they helped me and I have had mine for I think around 5 years now. Just a thought.
  13. The most important thing to know and remember it's all about family and having fun. I can't wait till spring I have a two year old grand daughter and a one year old grand son that I want to take with me. I took the grand daughter a few weeks ago and she had a great time.
  14. I use the 255 to take me to the area then use my hand held to do the rest. You can load files to the 255 using a point of interest down loader from the garmin web site. I loaded 700 on mine today using a pocket queries.
  15. I am a premium memeber and I have gsak and i have down loaded the macro but I can not get it to install or work.
  16. How do you load caches on a nuvi255 to use in the car?
  17. Just got the nuvi 255 for the truck and want to know how to load caches so I can use it driveing. I have the PN20 for the field.
  18. I would like to know which is the best GPS to buy and use in the car to get you to the caches. I have been useing my handheld and want to buy one for the car.
  19. That is my primary use also and it works great. You can input up to 800 carters and that for me is enough to be paper free on most caches. I still us my palm also I like using my palm so it will be hard for me to give it up. Like I said you get the maps and unit for the price the others you have to buy it separately if you want the maps for auto routing or hiking or what ever else. Delorme looks at the post here and at www.forum.delorme.com and if you ask a question and they are in there they will give you an answer also. If you want more information you can call them and talk with KevinBe ext. 2199 he will help you with any questions. Their web site is www.delorme.com you can look at the units and packages and for premium members they did have a sale on I don’t know if it is still running or not. The software is good but for me it has been challenging like I said, but I am not one who can set look at it and it works I have to work at it. There people on the forums that is more than willing to help with any questions. You can try it for 30 days if you don’t like it send it back that is their policy. I like it and I love the tech. support.
  20. I just switched from the Magellan explorist to the PN-20 and I like the PN-20. The maps are great and you don’t have to buy them separate they come with the unit. The have Topo and you can auto route with it also. It works just a little different than the Magellan as far as the file system but it is not hard to figure out. The auto route feature is a little slower but it gives a good route. I have tested it against the 500 and it gives a good route. You can use the software to route you any ware and put it on the SD card. You have to load the maps to the SD card because they have so much information in them. You can build trails, routes and you can make them auto route. The PN-20 will also take other types of maps. You can down load aerial maps, usgs quads, and satellite imagery and load them into the PN-20. The software for me has been a change but I am getting it as I go. One more great thing is the customer service there is nothing like it. I have called Magellan on different occasions and it was horrible but I have had nothing but great customer service from Delorme. The sales person I bought mine from was KevinBe ext. 2199 he is very knowledgeable and will take the time to answer any questions. I call Saturday and the person who answered the phone then was very knowledgeable and helpful. Oh yea you can try it out for 30 days and if you don’t like it you can send it back and that is what I was going to do but needless to say I am keeping it. I like calling and having someone who knows what they are talking about and that I can understand. This is my opinion.
  21. I have loaded some caches in the T7 but how do read any of the descriptions, change the descriptions, and how do you read them on the PN-20. The way I loaded them was from gask: from file, export / delorme topo USA, sa plus etc. it made them a text file and then I imported them to the draw tab and they show up on the map and then I sent them to the PN-20. This was painless to do but I am missing something and let me say thanks to DeLorme for the customer service they have been great.
  22. I received my PN-20 today. Can someone please tell me how to get it to do driving directions? I want to load some caches in and I want it to give me directions to them. I have tried and it keeps telling routing failed.
  23. The PN-20 is on the way $352.00 travel kit and I ordered a case with it. I am trying to find the unlock code to the explorist 500 for the maps so I can sell it if I like the PN-20, I have high hopes. What I do like is every one I have talked to there speaks english... Darn that is good. Talked to Magellan people today to help me get the code and I just got tired will call back tomorrow. GSAK I have down load the lastest ver. so I can get the macro.
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