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  1. On the lines of getting a cache approved I have a question: If your cache submittion gets archived for some reason, mine was deemed dangerous which I agreed with and decided to move the orgiional location to a better location. The question being: once a cache is archived is it dead? or can you resubmit the same version with changes? I ended up submitting it again as a new cache request. -Geoff
  2. Yup I have a cache that has been in the queue for about a week now too. I also have one that was posted last night.. Neither of which have been looked at to my knowledge.. -gkuchera
  3. I have an idea for a premium membership benifit. The ability to printout a full page(8.5x11) area map with the caches noted on it. I have seen at least one cacher using a fullpage map printed off GPS software. He used it as a way of quickly locating other caches in the area that he could hit. Just a thought. -Geoff
  4. gkuchera

    Aprs Anyone?

    Hello Everyone, I have been running APRS at home and in my car for many years now. At home I use KC0FXY-8 - which is a pc running windows and running UI-View. It's connected to a Yeasu ft-2500 through a Kantronics TNC. In the Car I have a Kenwood D-700 and transmits as Kc0FXY-9 And I also have a Digi-peater soon to be moved to a different location that ID's as KC0FXY-7. APRS has been alot of fun. -Geoff KC0FXY
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