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  1. I will be visiting Accra, Ghana Feb 6-10 for business. Looking for a local to do some caching with. PM me.
  2. I'll be visiting my brother in Dallas for Thanksgiving this year. He said we should including some caching over the weekend (I'm the cacher he just likes the walk). I'm looking for some good hiking areas and identified Cedar Hill State Park and Escarpment Nature Preserver as likinly area. I don't see a lot of trails in Cedar Hill State Park but does seem to be a lot of caches, are the caches in the camping area? Does anyone have any hiking trail maps in PDF format they can share?
  3. Check this out on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/Lot-of-60-Geocoin-Geoc...%3A2%7C294%3A50 I'm not saying this person "stole" bugs but isn't it unethical to sell the bugs one has taken from a cache? I hope someone reports this to ebay.
  4. I was working on solving a mystery cache. It is in the Florida area (I know big state). It involved looking at one of those pictures where things suddenly pop into your vision. I printed the pic so I could stare at it in comfort. I got the number but now I don't remember the cache name. I didn't go to the coords yet (I'm thinking why go there if I'll not be able to log the cache). Can anyone help me with what the name of this cache is? DOH!!!!
  5. I didn't take the time to read all the way through the thread so don't know if this was explained. here is my take on why some people pronounce it that way. I looked up cache in my Webster. It says cache comes from the French word cacher which means to hide. Cacher has an er at the end which has the sound of an A. And when you congigate the verb cacher I believe the ending on one of the tenses has the e with the little slant on the top, I think it is called an acute e or accent acute. That e also has the shay sound. Just my two cents word.
  6. I will be in Narita for one day and part of the next day (Nov 11/12). I will be staying at the Mercure hotel on Hanazaki-Cho street. Are there any quick caches in this area? I'ld like to do at least one regular or micro cache just just virtual caches. Any suggestions.
  7. You can try one of mine, a great hike but LONG and HARD. It's Signal Knob The views are great.
  8. I believe the tag with the number is what is REALLY the Travel Bug. The item or items attached are hitchikers. Like when you buy a trave bug all you get is the tag with the number. When you activate a travel bug you activate the number not the hitchhiker. Some travel bugs actually change hitchhikers over time.
  9. If you want to forego the comforts of the cabins there is a camping area near the Carranaza (?) monument. And a couple of caches very near. That camparea is also close to one of the lakes in the forest and is on the Batona Trail. Please post some feedback on the forest, the caching and the trails. I plan on going back to that area and am interested in knowing more.
  10. I've done lots of caching around St. Augustine, a bit further north than the Space Coast. It is a cache rich area. In fact Iwill be travelingback to the U.S. from Vietnam for home leave and will be in the St. Aug area between Jan 21 and 29th doing lotsa caches (and visiting family). I know there is a Fl Geocaching assoc. They have their own website but I'm not sure what it is. This is a great sport which I combine with my motorcycling tour to visit new and interesting areas.
  11. Big Meadows in not in Luray. It is further north around Paris, VA. Just west of Route 688 and south of Route 50. I haven't camped there myself but they cut backon their hours and services last year during budget cuts. I've hiked the AT which is runs just west of Big Meadows. It's a great area.
  12. As I'm going to be in Philly during January I did a keyword search on both HOTEL and PORTAL and didn't find any in Philly.
  13. There are two hikes off the Shenadoah National Park. I believe there is a BIg Devils Staircase and a Little Devils Staircase. I think they start around mile marker 19 or 20 and are on the east side of Skyline Drive.
  14. Be careful leaving TBs in Florida. I hear that area has a high instance of bug extermination. I'm visiting relatives there in January and decided NOT to release any new bugs of my own at that time in that area. If you are driving down I-95 there is a bug hotel in Maryland around exit 81 I think it is. There is a bug hotel close to JAX but the coords posted are bogus. YOu have to contact the ower to get the real ones.
  15. I have done a couple caches in WV. Big Schloss is a SUPER SUPER cache. Great views. I did it alone in the snow and it was surreal. Actually plan to do it again, in conjunction with camping, in a couple years when I post back to the states. Big thanks to Mikedx for working with the park officals on this. And to Kim for having an opening mind for our activity.
  16. I disagree. Bugs are for moving. If we follow this line of reasoning should we then NOT leave TBs in regular caches? I visited a TB Hotel and took two bugs and left one, or three and left two I don't remember. I got an email from the cache owner tell me how unfair this was etc. The cache was a good distance from my home (in fact in another state) and I was hitting it on the way to visit family. Coincidentally I was going by it again the next week so I stopped to drop off another bug to even the score.
  17. There are sooo many caches in this area. If you want a woodsy locale try the series of caches around Burke Lake, VA. There are about 9 that you can get doing a 4 mile loop of the lake. Look up Gamers Stash and then do caches within that area. May be a fee for entrance on weekends for out of towners. Also check out Accotink Lake in Annandale, VA. There are around 5 ot 6 in this area now. There is a 3.1 mile loop of the lake. No fee at this lake. Contact me off line if you need more info.
  18. I don't live in that area but I visit family down that way. One time I flew into Daytona and did caches on my way up to St. Augustine. A really nice one is Pickle 4 I think it is. It's in Bulow State Park. The hike to it is a couple of miles one way but the scenery is well worth it. Bring bug spray. You can see gators, armadillo, boar, snakes and deer along the way. The actual hiding places looks like it is has been visited by otters as there are lots of shellfish shells there. You can try Tamoka Follies #1 and #2 but read the logs. There are some "strange" goings on there.
  19. Affirm. I've done that a few times myself. Also rescued a bug JEEP which was logged as being in a virtual but was placed in a real cache, Southernmost, which was then archived. Luckily I had an idea where it was so I got the bug and got to log an archvied cache.
  20. I have MapSource and keep a map of the caches I've found. I keep a seperate map for local caches I'm hunting and another one (or multiples) for caches I'm hunting while on vacation or visiting non-local family.
  21. I have a bug circulating, DiploBear, with a bug passport and a card with her goals and yet everyone started calling her Pinkie in the logs. DiploBear is not just a name it's part ofher mission
  22. I did Micheau the last weekend in May. Sunset Rocks is VERY steep and difficult to find even when you get to the top. Halfway to AT is good and if you are doing that one you might as week be Steeple Pole and Chase to Steeple Pole (or something like that), they are quite close to it. Also BassAkwards is close to that. There is an amphitheatre at Pine Grove Furnace so youcan get the loctionless cache whch I think is called Classically Greek. I also went for Lone Pine but it had already been grabbed by DNCR. If you go south on 233 (south of 30) you can get Leaders Summit (a hard one but with a bug I left) and Raccoon Run (easy). Enjoy, this is a beautiful area. Hit me offline ifyou want more info.
  23. If you can get a taxi or some transportation go to nearby (about 5 miles from Hilton) Burke Lake. Thee are about 8 to 11 caches you can get just by walking the trail around the lake. The zip for Burke Lake is 22039. There are also amusements and a train ride for the kids.
  24. Yes, visit Pohick Bay. I have a TB in there that I want to have moved along. But be aware unless you have a county sticker on your car you have to pay to enter. I think it is $6.00. But it is a super park, lots of nice trails and you can get the locationless disc golf cache here too. There are several cches just off (1 or 2 miles off) route 95/395 as you go into D.C. Haley Park Forrest Park (?) Stick City K Town Pickles There are 8 or more caches in Burke Lake which is up route 7100 just about 10 miles off Route 95. Again you have to pay to enter this park. But it MIGHT be free during the week. Good caching.
  25. I can't go but I have done the Big Schloss cache and I can tell you all it is well worth the trip. The views from Big Schloss were INCREDIBLE. I did the hike while there was still snow on the ground but the day was a mild one. I had lunch up there all by myself (with a hawk flying overhead) and it was just so peaceful.
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