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  1. hopefully soon we will find someone to go with us. As of right now we havn't found anyone. Thanks
  2. So far we do love it. We tried one today but by the time we actually got out there it was dark out. WoW it is very hard to find anything with a flash light! We'll try again on saturday. We never found it but boy it was fun ! Thank you everyone for all your help!
  3. thank you all so much for all your help and kindness of wekcoming us into the community!
  4. I just recived mine today for x-mas! Very excited yet totaly lost if anyone can pleeeeeeeeease help I would love it!! Thanks. Or use the AIM Pickleklk thanks !!!! Happy Caching!
  5. You need just need alittle a bit more information. <img src="c:\My Documents\forest.jpg">. Is not enough. You need to have something in the general area of c:documents and settings\(the computers name)\my documents\forest.jpg. It depends on what operating system you have also. Hope this may help
  6. Know that ihave figured out how to enter cordinates I need to know how to find the caches. I mean if I dont know if it is in a park, how do I know im getting close? Do i just go by getting closer on the cordinates? I really am VERY. Knew to this.
  7. My friend and I just recived a new Garmin 72 for Christmas after telling the whole family about Geocaching. But, I seem to be having several blonde moments. I cannot figure out how to enter in cordinates. I know how to 'mark' points when I am there but not how to get to cache's. We were wondering if there is such a thing as some caching folks who know what they are doing getting together with us (who just started).
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