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  1. I'm using the RAM Flex Arm Twist Lock Mount with no problems.
  2. I've hit a snag with my 60Cx. I was uploading a new set of waypoints generated via pocket query from GSAK to my 60Cx and got the message on the screen of my GPSr that waypoint memory was full. How do I clear the waypoint memory?
  3. I found these spiders yesterday while caching in NW Mississppi. Beautiful but I wouldn't want one crawling on me.
  4. I use a walking stick I bought from these folks :Wilderness Walkers. Fast, friendly service, reasonable prices.
  5. I have a neoprene case with a metal carabiner for my 60Cx and have noticed no problems at all with it.
  6. Having just received my new 60Cx, I was wondering if anyone had tried a Kingston MiniSD card in a 60Cx or CSx? ZipZoomFly has a Kingston 1GB MiniSD card for $31.50.
  7. I'm considering buying a Garmin 60Cx and the City Navigator software. Is the software limited to use on just one computer?
  8. I would think that getting the property owner's approval before modifying the fence or otherwise changing anything on the property would be in order.
  9. I learned about geocaching from a co-worker and carpool mate (Mr Lost) who learned about it from another co-worker and carpool mate (JamieZ). I needed something which would be interesting and get my rotund self away from the computer.
  10. I bought a Lexar 256 mb SD card yesterday at OfficeMax for 29.99.
  11. Thanks to my loving wife, I found a Magellan Meridian Gold under the tree along with a new diigital camera to record my bumblings.
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