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  1. I would love more info to make my Samsung Galaxy S3 work better with the compass...today I was on top of a mtn with just sagebrush around and the nearest geocache was miles away but let there was one just 800 feet away and others too. I have the regular app from geocaching.com.
  2. I don't understand but the Geocache app from geocaching.com is way off with my GPS on my Samsung Galaxy S3....I thought it would be better than my last phone but is still way off. Barb
  3. we found one that had been lost for a year too, so that was nice to get it traveling again....I have been learning a lot of late with all of these, and has started "discovering" TB's too as that is one way for the owners to know they are alive.
  4. I want to place a new cache but how to I figure out the distance from it to the nearest cache? I have the waypoint in my Oregon 550t....new to it too so that don't help...thanks for the help, I hope.... Barb
  5. thanks everyone, the travel bug that we picked up got log into the cache by the other geocacher so we was able to pick it up now correctly. thanks
  6. Even if I am not grabbing it from the person themselves that is listed there?
  7. okay, my problem is that the "Grabbed it from somewhere else" is not on the page for the bug I picked up today....I am thinking that maybe the one that placed it there just has not logged it????? But why is the Grabbed it from somewhere else not there on that page???? I only have three choices, grabbed from so and so, discovered it and write note. Just trying to do these right.....
  8. Thank you for posting how to correct a trackable log....I had one from a year ago that I could not fix for a year and I finally got it fixed tonight. I had hunted last year just a little bit and did not know it was not correct until this week when I started back up hunting. So thank you Barb
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