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  1. Very cool coin... Just ordered the blue one. Thanks!
  2. This is my reasoning as well... I don't always have the time for an awesome hike (or even a nice walk in the park), especially during the school year. If I get out of class at 7 or 8 pm and feel like grabbing a few caches, I'll hit some micros that I know are in parking lots or on guardrails. The thrill of the hunt and find is still there for me with micros. ...But then again... I've only been caching for a few months. Who knows how I'll feel about them in the future...
  3. Sweet design! How about "Royal Cache of Siam"? They look like Siamese cats to me, and they were known as "Royal cats of Siam"....
  4. Voted again using my laptop this time. confirmation animal was a fish.
  5. Voted again from my Droid... Confirmation animal was a bear.
  6. I voted, my confirmation animal was a tiger. Awesome idea to raise awareness for this worthy cause, hopefully all the votes will help put Rolling Dog closer to the top of the list.
  7. I'm pretty new to caching, and I wasn't sure yet whether I wanted to fork over the cash for a handheld, so I downloaded Geobeagle on my Droid. It works fairly well, and the closest it's gotten me to GZ so far has been within 8 feet. The only issue that I have with the app, occurs when you are looking at the "radar" screen; the directional arrow may be pointing directly behind you, but the number of feet remaining until you reach GZ is still going down while you're walking forward. Because of this, I ignore the arrow most of the time, and just watch the numbers. It hasn't prevented me from making a find yet.
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