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  1. LOL Son-of-a-Gun, your right Mapsource will open loc files. Thanks for pointing that out. Sometimes I just make it too hard. Happy cache-en
  2. I use to use EasyGPS but this is the process I just went to. Start at the Geocache page by selecting the caches you want to down load by putting checkmarks in the boxes on the right side of the screen. At the bottom of the page select the Download Waypoints. Next I convert the file that I just downloaded from loc to gdb using GPS Babel. This utility is located at GPS Babel You can also download this utility for free. Now open the converted file in Mapsource, walla - there are the waypoints! From here you just add the waypoints to your GPS. If you look at the waypoint properties you will see that there is a URL to the cache page. I keep a Geocache.gdb file to manage my “to find” and “found” caches. By having two Mapsource sessions open I just cut and paste to add new caches to my Geocache.gdb file. I also use two categories to help manage the found and unfound caches. In text it might seem like a lot of steps but it actually works pretty nice and its all free!
  3. Mine is right on with both of my cars. You might try riding in someone else's car and see what you get. Good Luck. Tobit
  4. In Mapsource I do not see an export filter for GPX. How do you do this? Also, if I could create a GPX file, how would I get it back in to Mapsource, I didn't see an import filter for GPX either. Thanks
  5. Is there a way to convert a route to a track? Or is there a way to create a track in Mapsource? What I'm trying to do is set up different walking routes (tracks) of different lengths in my neighborhood. So far all I can't figure out to do is create the route in Mapsource and use that. The problem is that I don't like all of the directions I get when I use it.
  6. You do this at the actual coordinate location, right? I know this may sound silly, but I tried averaging the waypoint for my home at work and noticed how the coordinates changed dramatically.
  7. Can anyone explain to me how I'm to average a waypoint with the 60C? Is this something I do on location or do I do later? Thanks
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