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  1. Thanks. I saw that and was wondering why I would want to delete all my symbols (duh). I don't know why it just doesn't say all waypoints. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, I have a Garmin 60CS and I was wondering if there was any way to remove waypoints en masse from my GPS via ExpertGPS or MapSource. I have filled my GPS to it's capacity and I don't want to delete them one at a time. I also don't want to remove the maps in it's memory. I searched through Garmins and this site but I couldn't find anything.... Thanks
  3. Those statistics can't be right. You were talking about the general population right?
  4. I looked over your webpage but didn't see a link for directions? Can someone tell me briefly how it works? Do I just download a .gpx file and then open it with GPXSonar? Or do they need to be converted first? How does the note decoding work? Is that a seperate program?
  5. Im let down now, thats a sucky explanation! I want StayFloopy to think up a better explanation than that! How about a Contest! Make up a meaning for the term StayFloopy! Huh. I somehow came to think he had an unruly dog named Floopy. HA! I beat StayFloopy to the first leg of a virgin cache. He then proceeded to beat me to the second and third leg. I swear that man has radar like a bat. I was always running after him too even though he was just walking quickly.
  6. Ok, I was hoping to enter the 21st century and become a wireless geocacher. I was looking to get a phone that would sync with a pda and a wireless earpiece. Unfortunately, I have Verizon as my cell phone service. I really don't have a problem with them as their service is usually very good. Except for the fact that I get disconnects in my house but that is another problem entirely. I looked at hybrid pda/phones but they are too clunky and and I find the screen too small. So I look at a phone called the Motorola 710 it has lots of cool features but it seems Verizon has crippled the Bluetooth so it won't communicate with your handheld, pda, car (BLUETOOTH CARS??!!) but will only sync with a wireless earpiece. So, have any of you solved your wireless dilemma? Got any reccomendations so I can roam the country; downloading caches at will and submitting my cache logs from afield?? Thanks.
  7. Cool! I really want a kayak now so I can go get some of these water caches I keep reading about. I've always wanted to try kayaking since I went white water rafting and our guide was on a kayak. It looked like fun. I'll get around to it someday.
  8. If you decide on a Vista I wouldn't worry so much about the backlight or compass draining the battery. I always left my compass on and would get 6 - 10 hours out of my rechargable batteries. Unless you decide you REALLY like caching it probably won't be an issue. As for memory - waypoints don't take up much space it's the add on maps such as MapSource for the Garmin brand that eat up memory. If you're going to use Maps I would go with the Vista - or something with a comparable amount of memory. I only have half of New Jersey on my 60CS and it's taking up about 30 megs of memory.
  9. Did you calibrate your compass? I had this happen to me once and a calibration of the unit seemed to clear it up.
  10. I can download waypoints to my 60cs with the beta software fine. It's when I try to read from my GPS that ExpertGPS has a fit.
  11. Umm...I'm new to GSAK and I can't figure out how to change the icons for the life of me. I looked in the help but it doesn't tell you how to get to the Change Waypoint Icon Symbols. I'd also like the cache to have their GC---- names. Help?? Please?
  12. Actually, it seems the backlight always defaults to off. It seems it's supposed to - never mind
  13. Is there a trick to getting it to remember my settings? Every time I power it off it resets to the default.
  14. Just got my 60CS! Can someone tell me if the number in the battery compartment is the serial number? It looks nothing like the one printed on the Mapsource instructions.
  15. I didn't think it was possible to hate ticks even more than I did....
  16. I ordered mine from Getfeetwet also, it is going to arrive on Friday too. That's what the UPS website says anyways.
  17. Mine is scheduled for Friday delivery!
  18. Yeah, the yellow arrows are there but then 'MAP SERVER ERROR' loads in every tile.
  19. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this. When using the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the map - it doesn't show up at every other zoom. I have contacted Dan about this and have recent versions. I just downloaded the beta and I still get the same error! Anyone?
  20. I just put up one on ebay for a reasonable price ( I thought ). The unit is in excellent condition. Vista
  21. It worked for me today. Send me one and I'll let you know...or not.
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