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  1. Add another nurse to the list..just passed my 10 year mark of being a nurse. Became certified (CMSRN) in med/surg nursing last year and am looking forward to doing some caching in Las Vegas in October when I am attending the annual Medical Surgical Nursing Convention.
  2. Well, you are quite an imposing and intimidating figure. I know I thought that when I met you last year at the event in IL.
  3. I had some caches that were member only for awhile (many caches in my area were getting vandalized at the time.) I was happy to change it to open to everyone so that a non member could log it, and then I would change it back after that. All the non member needed to do was email me to let me know they'd like to log it.
  4. My parents introduced me to it...they read an article in the Parade magazine (the one that comes with the Sunday papers) back in fall of 2004. Funny thing was, they were apart that weekend visiting family and they both read the article and thought it sounded cool. So they got a GPS and got hooked. A month later they came to visit me in Texas and I love treasure hunts so I definitely wanted to try. I was hooked after the first find. The next morning, we went and got me my own GPS and I've been caching like crazy ever since!
  5. Thanks for the ideas so far. Does anyone have any others? Thanks for the invite Corp of Discovery. Unfortunately, the least amount of caching I"ll be doing is in the Aurora area..family obligations. But I appreciate it!
  6. I can't really give much advice about getting your cache approved the way it is, but I have to agree with others that 17 stages is so long! A lot of people around here, if they have a bunch of caches along a trail, make them into a series of caches with a bonus. I realize that's probably not practical to change to that now but maybe in the future.... OT, by the way, I love the eating popcorn icon!
  7. Hi-- I'm planning a road trip from my home in the DFW area up to my hometown of Aurora, IL in mid-June. I'll be driving so I can geocache all along the way! I'm wondering if anyone has some really good caches that they consider a must do...will be traveling along I-35, I-44 and I-55, staying overnight in Oklahoma City, Joplin and St. Louis. Thanks in advance!!
  8. Definitely add me to the Matthew McConaughey list! Can he go shirtless???
  9. I can't top the travel nurse (that does sound cool), but I'm (obviously) a nurse and work 3 12 hour night shifts a week. I love getting off work at 7am and being able to do some caching before going home to sleep!
  10. I appreciate TheAlabamaRambler's apology and explanation, and I can certainly appreciate the time and planning that went into this. I could even look past the cachers splitting up part, but if it's been said once, it's been said a thousand times...if you don't sign THE LOG, it's not a find. While I can only begin to understand how much time/money/energy went into this run, I also think that the record should be retracted.
  11. That is so sad. I hate to hear about any kind of animal cruelty. Beefsquad, great job in keeping up the pressure. Unfortunately, a lot of people would have just turned their heads and looked the other way but you are doing something about it.
  12. I've been very interested in this record run as I live in the DFW area and I am a cacher that appreciates numbers. And I'd like to thank geopirat for the post explaining "their" side. However... To me, that post is a cop out. You can't blame the locals for not reading the forums and not providing input before the run. More importantly, a cache isn't a find without a logbook signed (unless a virtual.) Heck, I tried to place a cache without a logbook and just a code in it (to email me for a find) and was told that the rules had changed and every cache now must have a logbook. So if every cache must have a logbook, shouldn't a found cache have a signed logbook?
  13. I wait awhile before I tell people about it, since most seem to think I'm crazy. It seems that non-geocachers react one of two ways..think geocaching sounds really cool and want to try it or think I'm crazy and it's a dumb idea. Unfortunately I've come across more of the latter.
  14. When you are watching "Lost" and think to yourself, "Imagine all the places they could hide caches in that jungle!"
  15. There's a great series in the Fort Myers/Venice/Port Charlotte area, based on the Disney characters. I think there are nine caches in the series and almost every one is a multi cache, some stages even in different cities. If you have a lot of time and want to spend it on that series, I highly recommend it. And almost every cache is a different type of hide. Owners are Goofy and Butterfly. My parents and I had a great time doing it.
  16. I am planning on hiding my first micro and am looking for the logs that I see in micros everywhere..it has the "stash note" at the top followed by lines for people to sign. I can't find it on the geocaching.com website. I have the basic stash note...do I have to add lines somehow? I'm somewhat computer illiterate so help please. Thanks.
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