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  1. We work with http://www.my-geocoin.com/.
  2. Yes, the first Belgian geocoin is born! You can order here: www.geocoin.be Just click on the link! Thanks and greetings from Brussels, Belgium. BARONTOO
  3. Belgium is not yet on your list! BARONTOO
  4. E-mail sent for 2 sets. Thanks! BARONTOO
  5. I am just back from my local post office. 6 coins went out at the same time. For Part 1: 3 coins to PLEM45 - Marc's GE Not another Micro; - Marc's GE China Geocoin; - Marc's GE USA Geocoin For Part 2: a spawner coin go to: - Windrose (USA)- Not another Micro Nickel 2006; - Phillimore Clan (UK)- Maine's First Geocoin 2005; - Fundamental and Venlis (Finland)- Made in China Polished Gold 2006 So, the requirements are completed. Who will be the first to receive my package? Thanks to all! Marc
  6. Ordered 2 of each. Thanks BARONTOO
  7. Barontoo

    Spanish Maps

    Dear garri Thanks for your reaction and the links! You are right: there are not many caches arround, but still ... It would be great if you can e-mail me cartograohic map of this area in 1:25000 scale (Oziexplorer format). You can use this e-mail address: barontoo@geocacher.be Best regards BARONTOO
  8. Barontoo

    Spanish Maps

    Dear All, As I am going to work in Figueres next month I really want to find some caches in that region. Can anybody help me with a map of the region between the French border and Figueres. Thanks a lot BARONTOO BELGIUM
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