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  1. My mission is completed !


    1. Participating: 10/15/08

    2. Received Name: 10/30/08

    3. Mission Complete: YES by international registered airmail from Belgium to the States where it arrived well.

    4. Package Received!: Yes!! TODAY 11/21/08


    Hesitating to open it yet ... or to wait till Christmas.


    Anyway Lady, I am very glad that I replied to your message. I not only received a package full of gifts and sent one out to the States, but I also made some new friends!

    Thanks a lot for this wonderfull idea!

    Best regards


    (aka BARONTOO)

  2. 1. Participating: 10/15/08

    2. Received Name: 10/30/08

    3. Mission Complete: YES by international registered airmail from Belgium to ....

    4. Package Received!: Yes!! TODAY 11/21/08


    Should I open it or ... should I open it??

    Please advise ...


  3. Welcome In Oudenaarde!


    As you are not using the car, the only cache you can do is:

    V©ache l'Escaut


    The owner Lucky kesj is living in Oudenaarde and his cache gives us the possibility to visit the center of the beautiful town (I was born there) OR to make a walk in a new green area on the left bank of the river Scheldt. One can not do this cache on Mondays and Tuesdays!


    Good hunting


  4. Thanks Eartha for your intervention.

    I also wrote also a message to the person without any reply till now.

    In the meantime we know that he wrote his notes in the most popular caches in Belgium. All owners were contacted and most of the notes were deleted.

    I suppose that if it restarts again this ID (and his e-mail address) has to be banned of geocaching.com and Groundspeak.com.

    I will keep you posted.

    Thanks again.


    (aka BARONTOO)

  5. On May20, 2008 nick_moosems became a member of geocaching.com.

    The same day he logged 5 founds and in his logs he is giving away the tracking numbers of 10 geocoins (that doesn't belong to him!).

    The same day he wrote a note on one of my cache also in the same way: he gives in his note also the tracking numbers of 10 geocoins.

    I asked the Belgian geoacachers NOT to discover this TB's (as they did not see the coins) and to delete his logs and notes if they find one in their caches.

    I already did so with the note he wrote for my cache.

    What can we do to stop that??


    PS. I already contacted nick_moosems

  6. In the meantime we received already a lot of reactions on this concept:

    - "Great concept, we have really enjoyed it." (AusTrackers);

    - "Superb idea this PP-set up ! We enjoyed a lot, as far on." (Maegdt);

    - "Thanks for setting this up - a very novel cache." (Rodz)

    - "Thanks for the great series" (R0gue)

    - "We are having a super time participating in this series and really enjoy the contact with geocachers around the world." (Pip'n'Tif)

    - "Thank you for the fun and the chance to work with an international team." (GeoMistrz)

    - "I found this series to be very interesting and I would defiitely consider doing another one like this." (Boo Boo)

    - ...

  7. Jeremy,

    Thanks for the great job but may I remember you the post of DanPan who wrote:

    Hi Jeremy,


    You and your team did a great job tonight!


    But a small request from all cachers in Belgium:

    At the "Searching for..." page we can not longer select ALL geocaches in Belgium, only per Province.

    FYI Belgium is a small country...

    so can you re-add "All" in de State/Province" dropdown list, please.


    GeoGreetings from Belgium,



    One who wants to look up the geocaches in the Brussels Region will not find these as this region is not listed in the provinces. The only solution is by adding "All" in the "State/Province" list. Thanks a lot.


  8. So if the owner puts the question for a Question To Answer in the comment of an additional waypoint with hidden coords then the offline copy is incomplete and the paperless cacher is a bit stuck


    I am not working paperless! I still use the "Print PDF: No Logs" ... In that case I am missing in this print-out the waypoints AND the questions! I am stuck!

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