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  1. All the posts that say more or less "some people just don't like change" are really missing the point.

    A rather large number of posters have pointed out specific features that have indeed gone missing; have pointed out new features that are utterly worthless and a waste of space; have pointed out new features that are not merely buggy, but ill-conceived and poorly planned.


    Yes, some posters have overlooked features, or not given new ones a fair chance. But a far larger number of posters have made very valid points, and nobody appears to be listening.


    To name one, I think it is entirely valid to mention that the scrolling list of recent caches, found in far-off countries, is not relevant for most users; and many users are simply saying that they personally don't find it useful.


    Missing features include the list stating the names, and total number of caches shown on the google maps for PQs. I and many other users found that very useful, and far quicker than using the map to navigate to one cache after another, and then using multiple clicks to open the individual caches. Other complaints mentioned by a large number of posters: the poor visual aspect of the beta maps; the large expanses of blank space on many pages, and the format changes that have destroyed the appearance of a great many cache listings.


    Those are just a few examples; and they are being discussed in other threads in more detail; but it is apparent that a great many users have thought about these changes, have honestly tried out the new features, and are not happy.

  2. The main thing I dislike about the beta maps is the lack of contrast between the cache icons and the background. The icons are very hard to see, at any zoom level, and with any choice of map type. The icons are light green and light yellow, against a map that is light yellow with light green areas.


    I simply can't distinguish the caches well enough to make the beta maps worth using. And no amount of added features, or fixing current issues with the features, has so far addressed the fact that the beta maps are visually unpleasant, and harder to use because of basic issues with their grapics. Seems like any competent graphic designer could fix this issue.

  3. I hate Beta maps.

    I find it much more difficult to see the icons against the background; the new green squares for traditional caches simply blend into the background, and are especially hard to see in parks. By contrast, the current map's icons with the white square and internal icon always stand out well from the colored backgrounds. If one cannot use the maps to easily view undiscovered caches, what is the point? Additional features might be great, but it looks to me like the basic functionality, easy visibilty of caches, is absent from beta maps. It would be a great improvement if the same icons were used as in the current maps.


    Further, beta maps simply do not show all caches. One example: the multi "Old Indian Trail Continues" does not show up on beta maps at all. There is no way to tell how many other caches are not displayed. Is this issue being addressed?

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