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  1. Likewise; I have email notifications set up for all traditional caches nearby.

    One was published 4 days ago, well within my notification area, and I got no email. Just stumbled across the listing while checking on a friend's activities.

    Judging from the other logs, several other cachers had the same problem.

    Cache in question is GC4JPFW.

    Is anybody working on this issue?

  2. Multiple map issues tonight. Map on the cache page loads very slowly or not at all; clicking to show larger map gives error message; eventually larger map did open, but no caches were shown on the map; zooming caused the map itself to vanish.

  3. Still a problem; GC40TNB published 11/05/12; no email notification. I did get notice of other newly-published caches both before and after Nov 5; not in spam folder; running IE8 on vista

  4. Caches are loading very slowly for me today; 30 seconds or more to display; and then the map does not display properly (it is overlaid on top of the logs). example: GC3YHZM or GC3FQ2V

  5. I did not get notifications for three caches published on August 28; I got notifications for other caches both before and after August 28, so it is not a problem on my end, but a site bug.

    The missing notifications were for: GC3VMQY, GC3VMQ0, and GC3VN03

  6. I failed to get notifications for a group of three new caches in my area recently; all three were published August 28. I got notifications for other caches both before and after August 28, so it was definitely a site bug, not a problem at my end. And they did not go to my spam folder or anywhere else. The missing notifications were for: GC3VMQY, GC3VMQ0, and GC3VN03.

    Don't know if the bug affected everyone, or just me

  7. The PQ preview maps used to be my most important caching tool.

    I find the new maps very difficult to use; the caches are difficult to see, streets are hard to see and not well-named.

    If as some have said, it would have cost $10 per year per member to keep the old maps, I'd have paid it.


    I find GSAK to be counter-intuitive, and loaded with features I don't need, so that is no solution.

    I wish there were a simple way to show unfound caches in a particular area.....like the old preview maps; something with good contrast, and useful icon shapes.

  8. Here's how to display the old-style map, showing only the PQ caches. Use this URL template:




    Replace "xxxxxxxxxxx" with the GUID of the PQ. Bookmark it for later use if desired. For example:




    To get the GUID, go to your list of PQs and click on the one you're interested in (takes you to the PQ edit page). The URL will be something like:




    And there's your GUID.

  9. Just my opinion; but I find the idea of these "Challenges" to be stupid, and a waste of Groundspeak's time and mine...


    I do not see that it has anything at all to do with geocaching, and I do not plan to ever visit any of the web pages dealing with it, nor do I have any plans to "accept" any of them.


    I'll just put them on ignore.....


    Meanwhile, beta maps are broken in about a dozen ways; the maps preview feature has been broken for months, and it seems none of these real issues are being addressed.

  10. The lightning bolts, and showing all the other caches in the world, are more than distracting; they kill the preview feature, in my opinion. The beta/PQ preview is so cluttered I can't make any use of it at all.

  11. PIT.... indeed.

    The PQ preview in beta maps is not usable; it does not work. Preview implies a view of the results; if the beta map shows ALL caches, with an overlay of the results, that is not the same, and does not meet my needs.

    I cannot use the beta version of PQ preview; during the times when that was the only preview available I simply was not able to use that feature.

  12. Those who hide geocaches, and those who are homeless are both looking for pretty much the same sort of places.....off the beaten path, but not too far off; hidden from the view of casual passers-by. And given that the homeless are pretty observant of their surroundings, I suspect most of them have noticed the hordes of well-fed and gps-armed visitors to those sorts of places.

    And I imagine by now, every homeless person in the world knows quite a bit about geo-caching, is familiar with most caches on their turf, and routinely checks likely cache locations in new areas.

    I imagine they don't actually muggle the caches, but take travel-coins and other valuables, carefully re-hide the containers, and then return later to recheck. Even though a pawn-shop wouldn't give much for a travel-coin, I bet a shiny bauble can be traded to others for food or drink.

    That would be my guess anyhow. I've certainly stumbled across a lot of their belongings in the woods, though never while the owner was there; and many times I've encountered obviously homeless pedestrians while I was out caching.

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