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  1. I want to get my travel bug to be able to be selected for the post a new log page. they show it on the example page that it should be on the bottom of that page. what can I do? Treker
  2. I tried emailing at Groundspeak but they don't answer email. Did you find out how to get the activation code I am in the same boat right now. What did you find out? treker
  3. How does one find out the activation code to a travel bug when they did not mean to leave it in the cache. I tried email to Groundspeak and no one answered. Help!!!!!!!!!
  4. treker

    Vista bread crumbs

    Thanks Anders That worked fine. Treker
  5. treker

    Vista bread crumbs

    Does anyone know how to turn on and off bread crumbs with the vista. for some reason i can't turn on my bread crumbs to track the trail that i am on. Can anyone help? treker
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