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  1. This topic has gown from a "What IS you bag" to whats in your bag. I for one would like to see the topic get back on track and see what bags you all use not whats in it. There are many other threads that discuss what you carry in your bag. thank you
  2. in my experience, logs are not permanent, so my pen will suffice. Very few COs around me keep the log books. I have replaced a few wet logs, took the wet ones home to dry and offered to return them to the co, all have said not to worry, i can just recycle the logs. Also, most caches out here die a painful death by muggling, or flood, or other such irreparable damage before the CO can salvage their container and contents. Sigs are lost anyway. My log definitely does not need to survive longer than usual.
  3. Oh THAT's what those are for? I thought they were made just for geocaching...
  4. I'm looking at a lock and lock that i just picked up last week, it says "open lid prior to use in microwave oven" why would anyone put a cache in the microwave?
  5. my bf, who also caches, uses an amo can to keep his pocket knife collection in. This also bothers me. "That should really be a geocache..." "but then where would my knives go?" "in something less watertight."
  6. The other day I was in a coffee shop, they had their brown sugar in a lock and lock. I muttered outloud "that should really be a geocache" and my bf replied "you know... you can actually keep food in those..." Anyone else find it a shame that people use things that would make a good cache container for other purposes? lol I also find myself absentmindedly checking bolts on lamp posts whenever i am at the bus stop, but that's another story.
  7. there are a couple of caches in my area that have not been updated to the new system, and still use that one. That's fine with me in most cases, but it doesn't help me with PQ's
  8. In that case they would be helpful in describing what isn't allowed (no quads, maybe there is a gate that closes at a certain time)
  9. While I agree that reading the description is very important, attributes are very useful in PQs and rough sorting. As I stated, when searching for a cache that's within my or my sons abilities, I can't search based on description.
  10. I have rated my hides on Handicaching, but it has not caught on enough in my area to be of a whole lot of assistance. I seem to be the only one that rates caches around here on it.
  11. So, my attributes thread got me thinking... To those of you with disabilities, or who regularly cache with those with disabilities (or differently abled, or whatever flowery term you like) how do you decide what caches to look for? I look at the attributes, d/t, and the cache description. I also look at google maps to make sure the cache has an escape route if I need to get out of there quickly.
  12. +1 The op is from Norway, and their name probably has nothing to do with the north american slang meaning of this term.
  13. Some things to consider... -the margin of error on your gps -the margin of error on the co's gps -tree cover or adverse weather -cache migration.
  14. I think I read that benchmarks in Canada are not loggable on geocaching, but are on benchmarking.com... *i think that's what I read* I didn't take enough time to understand that. In that case, no, not going to bother hunting or logging benchmarks. I really like all my gps activities to be on one website.
  15. I voted for your suggestion, I think it's a good one.
  16. I have a blind child, and I myself am disabled. I often need as much information as I can get! I like to hunt caches that include thorns, and and long hikes/climbes, but I am not always able to do so. If I were to assume the worst about every single cache, I just wouldn't be able to cache at all most days.
  17. The reason that I liked AbbieK's idea is that it could apply to caches that do already have attributes, but perhaps the co has overlooked one, or a new attribute has arisen. (such as blackberries have since sprung up near gz, or Groundspeak has added a new attribute that would be a better fit) but this is straying off topic.
  18. That is a really good idea that I hadn't thought of. Maybe you should bring that up in the feedback section It already is suggested when you submit a cache that doesn't have any attributes selected. The suggestion even provides a link to the attributes selection page. Attributes are nice, but they (obviously) are not required. It's been a while since i've submitted a new cache, but isn't there a note in bold letters about how important attributes are, and please take time to add them to your cache?
  19. I raised this with the UK reviewers, who said that they ask the CO to add Attributes. Do they ever add the Attributes... I think the system shouldn't allow you to submit the cache without at least one Attribute. Attributes are not spoilers? Local cache is a film tub hidden in a hollowed out log. Attributes listed include Penny didn't drop until I was logging the find! That's really cute.
  20. That is a really good idea that I hadn't thought of. Maybe you should bring that up in the feedback section
  21. I hate it when people don't bother to add attributes to their caches. I cache in so many different circumstances (with my kids, on a bad epilepsy day, with my dog, on my bike etc) and it's just so helpful to get an idea of what to expect so I can decide if I am up for that cache that day. Recently, I found a cache that required a field puzzle, but contained no attributes, so finders had no way of knowing that until they arrived at gz. (It also required a bushwack through poison ivy, a warning to wear appropriate clothes would have been nice) The cache of course had been tampered with. Nobody mentioned this in their logs, many finders just logged a TFTC in spite of the lick being broken and the amo can being literally stuck open. I was rather annoyed at this cache myself, but instead I just rescued the tb, and emailed the co to report the damage to the cache. I suggested that perhaps adding the "feild puzzle attribute" or changing the cache to a mystery would help avoid such destruction to his cache in the future. Well, he didn't take kindly to this, and accused us of being the ones who defaced his amo can. Please guys, attributes are rarely spoilers, they really help us finders.
  22. Where I live, clearing away a homeless camp would be considered a human rights violation (rightly or wrongly) So no organized effort to remove such would be undertaken. Tents are a part of the hazards of caching, perhaps someone should suggest to Groundspeak an attribute for them, like we have for ticks and thorns and such... First and foremost - Geocaching is supposed to be family and kid friendly. Do you feel comfortable with the idea of kids being near a known homeless encampment/drug den? No I don't, but I try to bring my kids to caches with kid friendly attributes. I don't take them to cahces with the "throns" "dangerous animals" etc. That's what the attributes are for. not all caches are meant to be kid friendly
  23. edit, you must have edited at the exact time I hit "reply" jynx!
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