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  1. I'm a recycler for the most part. I like to recycle PB jars, etc. I have bought matchstick containers and ammo cans. I've also won a few ammo cans at events. I don't put much money into the containers.

    Do you find that the PB jars stay dry?

    I've only found two as caches, but they have both been very wet. (however, i've found wet lock and locks too)

  2. That totally defies explaination, IMO! We've all heard of, but rarely actually seen, the exceptions due to a geographical or other barrier, but these caches sure have nothing like that, unless the paved path is considered an extreme barrier! There's got to be a story here,& I'd sure love to hear it!

    ditto, if anyone knows, please share?

  3. Thus why it is a guideline and not a 'rule'.


    I know of one set in my area that defies any obvious explanation as to why they are only 310 feet apart.


    I just thought it was funny as I have fought with Reviewers in my area when I submitted a cache one time that was 3 feet to close to another and mine was denied, and there was no discussion.....end of story. I can practically see the other cache from the new one that was published.




    as far as I know, we have not yet perfected the robotic reviewer lol.



    This really goes to show that reviewers are all individuals, with different views on the flexibility of the guidelines. I've known some reviewers to be tougher than others.

  4. My understanding was that there are a few caches placed before the .1 mile recommendation, although I haven't looked to see how old those caches are.

    Also another possibility is that a cache was moved a few hundred feet after publication. Moving a cache doesn't put it back in the review pool.

  5. $20? Gag! We need to have a ammo can clearing house. Those things only cost the scrappers a buck or so. That is some awesome profit. Hmm......party0010.gif

    In my locality, I haven't been able to find an amo can for under $25.99

    However this has to to with the fact that I live in a city which is generally more expensive than everywhere else, so take that with a small grain of salt.


    I generally beg, borrow and steal supplies, so it's hard for me to get a figure for what caches actually cost.

    I just picked up 3 lock and locks for $5 at a wal-mart upisland, should have got more, but didn't want to take up too much trunk space in the car during the road trip.


    Log books come from the dollar store, where I got 2 for $1.

    Swag will come out of my moms house. We have just downsized her to a condo, and I have a storage locker full of trinkets that I think would be fun to find.


    I haven't thought of any camo yet, because I haven't decided on a location yet, but in the past I've used recycled and reclaimed materials for camo with success.

  6. Have you been to 4chan? Some of it's boards are not safe for work, but I think if you would check it out it would explain a lot.

    Some of the questionable responses I have seen here remind me very much of the culture on that forum.


    Take it as you will.


    Being more specific to the issue, I find that it's only one or two people who are repeatedly out of line. Should we project that on to everyone?

  7. I haven't noticed this, but then again, if the co-ords are going to be off, you're more likely to notice it on a newer cache because on an older cache they probably would have been corrected.

    Agreed. But do you think it may have something to do with the use of cell phones as GPSr's or Google Maps or Google Earth? I heard that it's easier to find a cache with a smart phone than it is to place accurate coordinates with one. Is that true?

    smart phone caching isn't "new" in technology land.

    I can find caches ok with my smartphone, but I've never hidden a cache with one, so I don't really know.

  8. This is a hypothetical...

    I know geocachers all over the world. If I find a tb that wants to go somewhere specific, and I know a cacher near that area, as a tb owner would you feel comfortable having someone mail your tb to another cacher?

    Obviously the answers would be different depending on the owner, and if the situation where I might want to mail a tb ever arose I would contact the owner and ask for their blessing first.

    Just curious how you would respond to such a proposal?

  9. I got 120 mm cans for about $7.50/can. The last 30 cal cans I got cost me $4/can, but I haven't put any of those out recently because the prices are outrageous. Otherwise, I put out Lock & Locks that I've gotten when JCPenney has a sale.

    I miss JC penny. As far as I know there aren't any in Canada. Things were cheaper in the states.

    The only place that has sales on lock n' locks is Wal-mart, the mere sight of the parking lot gives me nosebleeds, I can't stand the layout of that place...

  10. Some people's caches aren't to everyones taste. Lots of people on the forums don't like LPCs but yet, people place LPC's, so there must be some out there that enjoy them.


    Some people learn by doing. Making mistakes is a way to learn. Logging tb's is complicated for some, and it's not because they are being lazy, or cruel, it's because they don't understand. Maybe a friendly email about the tb you took that wasn't logged would be helpful.

  11. If I said, "hi, I'm dorqie.", most people would say, "you sure are!"

    most people would!

    I actually didn't realize I would have to use it in the real world so much when I first started geocaching. If I had known people would come to know my by this name I would have chosen something...cooler.

  12. When meeting other geocachers, do you first introduce yourself by your geocaching username, or by your given birth name?

    I always say, "hi, I'm dorqie." and most people recognize that as they've seen it in a log somewhere. My bf doesn't like to use his username in real life, and when meeting geocachers he's often met with blank stares.

    What do you introduce yourself by when you meet another geocacher?

  13. I can't tell which of you are serious and which of you are joking, but if the cachers did not sign the physical log, they shouldn't get credit for the find. Period. The guidelines are so simple a 2 year old can understand them. I'd rat them out.


    Here we go again. Same arguement over and over and over and over.

    But it's too easy to pass up. <_<


    Not really. I figure tozimbique will be by soon enough to straighten him out.


    Who is tozimbique?


    In response to the OP

    1) How do you know they didn't come back later and find it?


    2) How do you know they didn't find it? I know a lot of cachers who when they find a nano on bench don't bother to sign the log. After all we all know what a pain it is to get the scroll out and that it is even harder to put it back. And since there isn't much room most people don't even sign their whole name. I generally write TOZ in nano caches so you couldn't tell if it was me or tozimbique anyhow. Sure a cache owner could delete your log, but most people who are hiding P&G type nanos aren't checking logs and may not even care if the log is signed. I suppose a 2 year old could report to the cache owner what they saw and why they think the online log is bogus. Not that the cache owner has to do anything about it.

    Ya, who is this tozimbique guy?


    Anyway, you are correct that the CO has to do anything. I would tell the CO so that s/he could do something if s/he wanted to. However, I don't think this is a P&G cache. Did you check out the cache page that was posted by A & J Tooling? Looks like a lovely walk through the park cache.

    It was a beautiful spot for a cache. The CO is an active one in the community. I won't bother her with it though. People being inconsiderate while finding caches isn't her issue to deal with.

  14. One thing to keep in mind is that geocaching is not an acceptable reason to trespass. We often see these problems discussed and the CO is blamed for a bad placement. Yup, they should not have hidden it there. But often times it is a finder being spotted at the location that triggers the event. In some places it may be reasonable to assume that permission has been obtained. Other times you need to think "Am I really allowed to be here?". Some times you need to be willing to walk away from a cache hunt without getting the smiley.

    I have walked away from caches that appeared to be unintentionally hidden on private property.

    It can be hard to tell though, as since caches are supposed to be placed with permission, *theoretically* a cacher can assume that the CO has permission from the land manager to place the cache there. More experienced cachers know that this is seldom the case for such hides, but misunderstandings are bound to happen.

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