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  1. I've always wanted to visit the Blatic nations. touche. fixed it. Blat!! There is no fixing. You have been quoted. BLAT!!!!!
  2. I've always wanted to visit the Blatic nations. touche. fixed it.
  3. Yes, but just because you wouldn't cache in a shady area of town doesn't mean it's not an enjoyable cache for some. To me the issue is adequate warning. Here is an example of a cache that is in crack central but still gets good logs and fav points My link
  4. I read a little further down the cache page. It seems like the poo is a more recent addition according to the logs.
  5. I actually wouldn't say that poo means the cache needs to be archived, but a warning on the cache page would be nice since I wouldn't want to look for that kind of cache! I've found caches near homeless camps before, and not had a problem, but then, I've never encountered anything quite like what you did, so I don't know.
  6. I'm betting large quatloos that it hasn't been 3 days since you submitted this one? Chill out dude. Yeah, but how long is that in Latvia? One Latvian day roughly equals 2.36 American days, depending on the position of the planet Venus in relation to the temperature in Stephen Colbert's living room of course. (Sorry, couldn't resist) Seriously though, I wouldn't be surprised if the same reviewer is covering more than one of the Baltic Nations, considering the relative low number of caches in Latvia. edited for untimely typo
  7. you do know that reviewers don't get paid right? They review caches in their spare time. They usually have day jobs, and families. There is a wait time because they are busy with lots of caches, and they don't review full time.
  8. your question has been answered in your last TWO threads. Please stop making threads to ask the same question.
  9. Orienteering When I was a girl guide I HATED Orienteering! We used a map and compass, as I don't know any troupe that could have afforded gprs in the late 80's/ early 90's I'm glad I stuck it out though, as I use those skills on many multi's and mystery caches especially. It also makes me appreciate my garmin.
  10. I would be frustrated too. Sometimes, we on the ground can see issues that the reviewers can't see from their position, this is one of those cases. As you said, it will be gone. A few more cachers will complain about issues, and perhaps the cache will be muggled by concerned community members. These things sort themselves out. Your log will prove helpful for future seekers, so your experience was not in vain, even though I'd be wishing more was done as well.
  11. I don't believe one should have to use GSAK to solve "problems" Not everyone uses it, I wish more CO's would think about that.
  12. I agree. We have a series here that I did called "Pacific Marine Circle Route Series Number 1(2, 3 etc)" They all look the same on my GPS, I wish the number was first, especially because the shape of the circle route means that the nearest cache as the crow flies isn't necessarily the next one you will approach on the road.
  13. what if you put something about the place next to the name of the team... for instance Blue Jays Big Rock, or Yankees Harbour View.
  14. If I find a full log, i leave the full one and put the fresh one in next to it. The only times I have removed logs have been when they were wet, in which cases I have taken them home, dried them out and offered to return them to the co. No CO has ever taken me up on that offer, so I have just added them to the box where I keep my own full log books.
  15. yes. If the cache isn't mine, I wouldn't replace a container, but I have replaced many logs that didn't belong to me.
  16. I also grew up loving scavenger hunts! My dad would take me hiking, 4x4ing, fishing, canoeing, rock climbing and all that jazz when I was growing up. Dad was my biggest source of knowledge on the skills I now use to cache including using a GPS, and waterproof containers even though we didn't know about caching then. I was also a girl guide (canadian version of girl scout) and a pilot rider for blind cyclists when i was a teen, both those taught me things I use today in my caching adventures.
  17. I often run into muggles that look like they are caching. This one stands out in memory... The bf and I were in a logging town, pop <200, no paved road in, in the middle of nowhere. There was a car with out of country licence plates stopped at a road sign where a geocache was hidden. A man was literally right in front of the cache "tying his shoe" as we approached. We said "hi" waited for him to leave, and then we grabbed the cache. There was a signature in the log from that day. Fast forward to a couple hours later, when we run into the same guy in a park about 45 mins from the last spot, also right at a gz. We figure this is too big a coincidence, so we flash our GPSr's and ask if he found it, and were met with a very confused stare. Turned out that it was just a strange coincidence. Share a story of a muggle you were sure was one of us?
  18. The office supply store carries many options for name tag making. They carry printable sheets so you can type it up in a word processor and print it for those less artistically inclined. They also carry plastic holders for them with either a pin, or a lanyard. You could also go the self adhesive, one time use route.
  19. forever! In my town people won't just nod and smile when they hear that, they want all the gory details
  20. That's another good point. It usually takes forever for me to explain what geocaching is to someone, most of the muggles I encounter don't even know what a handheld GPSr is. I usually end up frustrated, because when I finally successfully explain what the game is, they don't understand why I bother playing it.
  21. because the family member requested it, the co chose to archive it. It would be pretty bold to not archive it at the direct request of the family members. It's just a respect thing
  22. this was the first review on the page "Bottomline: I don't think these will stay watertight if left outdoors (e.g. when used as geocache containers). It won't take very long for the plastic to degrade under the sun, and anyway I'd bet the foam disc seal inside the cap will fail sooner. Adding a rubber gasket or silicone O-ring may help. Very nice to store tidbits at home though."
  23. I hitchhike all the time in Canada. The BF and I picked up some hitch hikers yesterday. I hitched once in AZ.
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