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  1. A previous thread has peaked my curiosity.

    If you are out caching and notice a cache that needs some tlc (ie a new lid for the container, or a new log book)

    do you simply do the fix without contacting the owner?

    I'm getting the feeling that lots take it upon themselves to look after other's caches, without so much as a note posted on the cache page. Am I wrong?


    Personally, if one of my caches (I have a couple waiting to be published) needed some help, I would very much expect to do it myself. However if another cacher really really wanted to bring out a new ziplock bag or the like, I would prefer that they email me to tell me about it first.



  2. seldom seen but usually appreciated is a traveler with a "passport" or short statement of what its objectives are. Allows me to determine weather I can further it on its mission or not.

    I will not pick up a tb unless it has one of these, and all of my gcs have one.

    I live on an island, where most of the tbs started here have some sort of a goal to leave, being that I travel to the mainland a fair bit, I try to take some tbs along to drop on the other side.

  3. I will usually make 3 attempts before I mark it DNF and add it to my watch list.


    The reason being that I want to be sure it's not just me, as I often do not search for a cache who's last log is a DNF, and I wouldn't want me not finding it to put people off a perfectly good cache.

    The main reson I DNF is because I'm caching on the way to an appontment, or before company come over or something, and I don't get it, due to insufficiant time for a propor search.

    If I go for a chache, spend a lot of time looking for it, can't find it, read the logs/pictures, and am sure it's gone, I'll log DNF on the first try.

  4. I often cache with a friend of mine. when we find a cache, we both sign the log. I make most of the actual finds, but that's because I'm quicker to volunteer to go into some of the more sketchy hidie-holes.

    But we both contributed to the find, even if it was only one of us who actually reached in and got it, because there are more steps to caching than the actual retrieval.

  5. I like to log my caches online, mostly because I like to go back and read the logs of other people that find it after me.

    I like to see if there are other cachers who often find the same caches as I do, and to see if anyone else that I passed on the trail was also a cacher.

    The numbers are also important to me, but only in a competing with myself sense, and to keep track of milestones. Let's face it, there are cachers out there who could kick my butt number wise any day! And that's fine by me.


    Also, untill reading this forum, I never knew it was a big deal to some people when all you put in your online log is "tftc" or the like.

    I admit I'm guilty of this. Some caches are just unremarkable. If i put my caching experience in every log, it would be just as boring to read, and take me longer. "Walked down the trail that I usually walk my dog on, found the cache" Don't get me wrong, I enjoy every single cache that I find, otherwise I wouldn't do it.

    If I had an interesting experience during the cache, or if it was a place that I hadn't been before, I mention that in my online log, but not the physical log. I always thought I was being courtious by only signing my name and date, to save room and make the log book last longer.


    This thread has been eye opening for me, I had no idea some people cared so much about these things. Geocaching to me has always been really casual, so long as nobody is stealing the caches, or their contents, I'd be happy.

  6. I'm starting to get pretty creative to subvert the suspicions of muggles while caching.

    I find myself pretending to send text messages on my e-trex legend hcx (not the most convincing up close...)

    and if caught perring into some tall grass or shrubs, I find I blurt out something like "I'm looking for snakes/spiders etc."


    So now that I've put my lack of creativity out there, what sorts of things do you say, or do to explain your strange actions.


    (should add that when caught with my pants down, so to speak, while obviously doing something strange to a muggle, I just explain about geocaching)

  7. I got a stock photo (a royalty free image) off the web, because I didn't wan't to simply "steal" someone elses art, as google makes it so easy to do (just right click and save the image)

    Then I added the text with MS paint.

    I did the same for my friend HunnyKitty, just a stock image with text added with paint.

  8. This is the username that I have used since I was a wee teenager of about 13, it has evolved a bit from dorqie_chick, to just dorqie. I use this username on nearly every web account that I create.

    When I started caching, I didn't realise that in geocaching land it's common to refer to yourself as your username, even when signing physical logs, had I known that, I would have chosen something closer to my actual name, but c'est la vie.

    I'm not one to dewll, and I've come to accept and love my new geocaching persona.

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