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  1. Thanks Chis; I'll try that....
  2. Thank you all very much for your ins-site, I will try and use it to make an educated guess... However, I have found a nice ham radio training aid, and the best part is that I don't need a ham license to use it right away, I can communicate on a java scripted "radio", with a call sign assigned by hamsphere.com, or if you already have a ham license, they let you use it, any way it is basically virtual ham, but you treat it like the real thing, where you can gain experience, and knowledge to help aid in passing the real license test - However, on that note, I have noticed that getting my ham licence, is not like going down to the local licence office, where your in and out the same afternoon, what i a mean is you actually have to hunt for a test site that is close to where you live... SO, my big question is; IS there a way to request a testing station or certification exam area close to me? if so, How do i make such request, and filed with who? Thanks again..
  3. My uncle Roger Hawe was K2ITI - (I believe); He passed on a few years ago, he was my favorite uncle - and always he wanted me to get into ham, but I was just to wild, and stuck with the "child's band", as he referred to it as. But I now want to get into the ham scene, and incorporate in my family's horse riding & Geocaching activities. I remember my uncle telling me about a "No Code" test to get my license, but I do not know where to find info on getting a test, or the rest of the info – I also would like information on what is the best portable GPS unit; I was thinking the Garmin Astro 220 would be a good start for off road activities, like horseback riding, or Geocaching? Next Question; What rig should I run for a base, a mobile unit, and hand held?? The idea is to be in touch when out in the brush, currently we are using Motorola MR350 GMSR radios, but are some time unreliable due to the dense mountain area. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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