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  1. I recently purchased the magnetic travel bug for the car. It looked a fun idea (and I needed to make up some extra money to get free postage on the website). It has all the neighbours asking me what it is I activated the code, stuck the bug on the back and have thought nothing more of it. Hopefully it will be spotted at some point. Look out for us in the Oxon/Berks/Wilts area!
  2. The other day, whilst purchasing a small fortune of Geocaching goodies, I added a Magnetic Travel Bug (for my car) to my cart. I really don't have a clue how this works though! I have activated the bug, stuck it on my car and now I'm sitting back waiting. If someone spots my car, they can register the TB find...but what do they out as the cache and where they discovered it? Is it treated in the same way as a normal TB? Please tell me more about them! Thank you
  3. Today we found 10 caches and our cat- he's been missing for 6 months! We were on our way home from a great day of 6 FTFs and a few other caches, when we thought we'd try a localish (less than 10 miles away) one. After a 20 minute search for the cache, we found it, logged our visit, the little one (BabyDippy) swapped some treasure and then we headed back to the car. After 100 yards we heard a 'meow meow meow' and out of the bushes leapt a cat...our cat! We haven't seen him since October! We had a mile to walk back to our car so we let him follow us, we carried him, put him on TinyDippy's pushchair (stroller) and eventually we made it back to the car. He's now asleep on the couch. He is covered in fleas and ticks, but he does not look too thin. What are the chances of finding your cat 6 months after he has gone missing, many miles from home, whilst Geocaching?! We shall rename him the GeoCacheCat- our best cache of the day.
  4. I wold love to have a full statistics chart/table on my profile. How do I go about getting on added to my profile? There seem to be several different charts and table s showing a whole variety of info- any tips, please! I have full membership. Many thanks.
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